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About Spoilers[edit]

The Obey Me! Wiki considers "spoiler" content to be:

1. Any and all story content from Season 4 (Lessons 61-80) that has not been available in-game for at least one full week.

2. Any story content from the Obey Me Anime episodes that have not yet been released to Funimation.

3. Any information related to cards/events/lessons/etc. that is not yet available either in-game or from an official tweet. This includes but is not limited to:

If you can't find the information somewhere publicly within the game itself or in an official tweet, it is considered a SPOILER (and in the case of data mining, a violation of Obey Me's TOS).

4. All major plot points in the entirety of the Main Story/Lessons. Major plot points are defined as:

  • Any information that only gets revealed fully or truthfully in the story later on
  • Any story twists or reveals that change a character's status or the story's direction

See examples below.

5. Any in-game information regarding Lilith.

Please note that users who do not adhere to the following rules will receive a warning. If the user continues to break the rules after a warning, it will result in a ban.

Should you come across spoiler content on the wiki that does not adhere to the following rules, please contact an administrator.

Spoiler Locations[edit]

Spoilers are only allowed within articles in specific, limited locations. The following pages may contain spoilers in the correct sections:

Anywhere within the page
Great Celestial War page
Lesson Summaries
Lilith's Character page
MC's Character page
Story and Relationships sections only
All other Character pages
Story Items pages
History sections only
All Locations pages
All other pages
Spoilers not allowed

Help Deciding if Content is a Spoiler[edit]

If you have read through the guidelines but still aren't certain if something you want to add and/or comment here on the wiki is a spoiler or not, ask for help! You can post either on the Wiki's Subreddit or directly contact an administrator.


Note that this is not a complete list of all spoilers, but a limited number of examples to give users a better idea of what does or not quality for the term.

Please note that the collapsed sections include spoilers.

Lessons 1-20 Spoilers

  • Leviathan attacks MC during a TSL trivia contest when they reveal information about the series he didn't yet know.
  • Satan was "born" from Lucifer's wrath after he tore off his own wings.
  • Lucifer and Satan spend several lessons with swapped bodies.
  • MC has pacts with all seven demon brothers.
    • Because it happens so early in-game, MC's pact with Mammon is not considered a spoiler.
  • Lilith is the demon brother's youngest sister who died after the Great Celestial War.
  • MC is a distant descendant of Lilith.
  • Belphegor attempts to kill MC.

Lessons 21-40 Spoilers

  • The demon brothers consume Gold Hellfire Newt Syrup, which causes demons to experience powerful desire towards humans.
  • Christopher Peugeot is actually the pen name of Simeon.
  • Asmodeus wins first place in the annual Bloody Moon Competition.
  • Lucifer suffers from an extended period of amnesia.
  • MC is given the Ring of Light to control their powers, which once belonged to Lucifer.
  • MC is given something dear to each of the brothers so that they will be able to summon them to the human world.

Lessons 41-60 Spoilers

  • MC gains a tattoo on the back of their hand that symbolizes the Sorcerer's Society.
  • Lucifer is shrunk down by a spell cast by Solomon.
  • Solomon claims to have posession of Barbatos's grimoire, but it turns out the book was a fake.
  • Mammon and Leviathan unleash a powerful bogeymean and send it to Hotel Corvo.

Lessons 61-80 Spoilers


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