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Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Dear Stupid Mammon Lesson 12-6

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Memo Day 77
RAD Times 2 Day 165
Levi's Interest Day 169
Watch for Viral Stories Day 294
Midnight Snack Research 1 Day 342
Nightmare Day 549
Give It Back, Now! Day 575
Debt Settlement 1 Day 620
Not My Fault Day 646
A Friend for Henry Day 699
Model Kit Challenge Day 709
Sweets and Circles 4 Day 734
Who Would Come Out on Top? Day 782
Fruitless LaborCG Day 808
Talk Show Day 818
Picking Favorites 1 Day 872
You Never Forget Your First Day 896
With My Big Bro Day 922
Hear My Cry Day 960
A Provocative Outfit 1 Day 971
Slumber Exchange (Castle Edition) 17 Day 1,009
Levi's Earnest Desire 2 Day 1,048
Voodoo-Chan 7 Day 1,061
Cheer Screening 2 Day 1,096
Daily Gratitude 3 Day 1,138
Sheeptchi 3 Day 1,187
Give it Back! Day 1,215
Barbatos Version 2 Day 1,221

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
The DreamCG My Cursed Friend
I Want to Ask You Something The Magic Lamp
What Happened to the Bunny? Where Did the Rabbit Go?
When Did You Take It?! A Pic With Just Us Two
You Said Tenfold Too Sweet to Be True
Worthless Promises Emergency Date Mission
You Can't Borrow It! A Virtual Drive
I'm the Number One Fan! Movie Date
Coasters Are to Admire Karaoke After-Party!
A Walk in the Park Mephisto's Turn
Corrupt Managers Can Take a Hike! Levi the Superstar!
Punishment! Fandom Ambassador
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