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4/25/22 Update: The wiki is fully moved and the links are all live! All future wiki updates will now take place here.

For anyone looking to reclaim their old edits and combine their new account with the old Fandom account, here are the steps:

  • Make a new account here on the new wiki (your username can be the same as the old or something different, up to you).
  • Send me a message from your Fandom account to my Fandom Message Wall telling me your new username.
  • That's it! And feel free to edit with your new account while waiting for your accounts to merge; once your new and old accounts are combined, all edits from either account will also be combined together.
4/17/22 Update: The poll for voting on the wiki having its own subreddit has closed and The Obey Me Wiki Reddit is now open!
4/14/22 Update: The voting results are in and the Obey Me Wiki is moving! The process has already begun, but will take some time to complete. A final announcement will be made once the new wiki is ready, and in the meantime updates will continue on the old wiki as per usual.

The Discussions page is still open for anyone that wishes to discuss the wiki moving. Also, the poll asking about creating a subreddit for the wiki is still open for voting.

Greetings and Salutations contributors and users of the Obey Me Wiki. Your opinion is needed on a very important issue: the wiki is considering moving to a new host!

A link to the poll is at the bottom of this page, and you are encouraged both to leave a vote yourself and get the word out to others so that everyone's opinion can be heard. The more votes we have, the more confident the Obey Me Wiki can be in making a future decision.

~ Clarasiir, an Obey Me Wiki admin
  • Please note that virtually all site links (with the exception of Page Navigation and links to Surprise Guest pages) are for example only and will instead return to this page.

Why Move?[edit source]

  • No ads!
    • No video ads, no banner ads, nothing! The proposed new host, Miraheze, is a registered non-profit and thus does not force their hosted wikis to display ads.
  • Update the wiki to the most recent version of MediaWiki.
    • Fandom currently runs a very outdated version of MediaWiki, which not only limits the Obey Me Wiki's potential but also makes the wiki more liable to run into errors/bugs/etc. that the current version of MediaWiki has fixed.
    • Moving over to Miraheze ensures the Obey Me Wiki both gets updated and stays up-to-date.
  • Actually functioning CSS for mobile users.
    • Fandom blocks/disables virtually all CSS on mobile, among other things.
    • Moving means having a well-designed, nice-looking wiki for everyone, not just desktop users.
  • Editing pages will be formatted the exact same.
    • Despite the visual changes, card templates, page templates, and general content would function the same and use the same wikicode format.
  • Anonymous users can edit!
    • While having a wiki account has its advantages, with access to new moderation abilities it would be possible to allow anonymous users to contribute to the wiki while still protecting it from spam/trolling.
  • A custom domain name for the wiki.
    • As you can see, the domain name could be the wiki's new home.
      • It was purchased on sale for barely half a month's in-game VIP cost, too ♡
  • HTTPS everywhere by default.
    • Moving can give users of the Obey Me Wiki added security by having all pages use HTTPS.

Prototype Pages[edit source]

To give users more than just words and let them see for themselves what the new wiki could look like, several prototype pages were created. Feel free to browse around!

As mentioned above, virtually all links (with the exception of Page Navigation and links to Surprise Guest Pages) are for example only, and will instead return to this page.

Surprise Guests[edit source]

Events[edit source]

Gameplay[edit source]

Characters[edit source]

FAQ[edit source]

What happens to the old wiki?[edit source]

If both contributors and visitors of the old wiki vote to move on, the old wiki will remain as is. Meaning that very quickly the abandoned wiki will become outdated and obsolete.

Do I Keep My Account?[edit source]

The short answer to this is yes, you can re-connect a new account to your original account here on the moved wiki.

The long answer is that re-connecting to your user page and all of your editing history would take a few steps. This is the full response given by Miraheze interwiki administrator Agent Isai when asked the same question:

"Anyone can register an account on the new wiki with their old username but doing so will not automatically claim any old edits. No one automatically claims the imported edits of a user, even if a new user exists under the name of a user from the old wiki. Imported edits, by default, show up as "imported>Username" or "wikia>Username" (as you're migrating from Fandom). To request that imported edits be assigned to a user, [the wiki's creator needs] to ask that a systems administrator assign the edits via a maintenance script."

While user pages will be copied over to the new wiki like all other pages, by default none of those accounts are connected to any user. This is due to it not being possible to gain the consent of every single user to have their accounts moved if the wiki moves, and we don't want people claiming editing history that isn't theirs. However, it is possible for imported edits to be connected to new user accounts, and should the move take place, the instructions for re-connecting to your original account will be made available.

A user's new account here on the moved wiki doesn't need the same username as the original if you'd like to change it, but be aware if you do sign up with a different username here, that will be the username displayed on all of your past edits when you re-connect to your original account.

What about all the page edits and history?[edit source]

Every page that would move from the Fandom wiki to here would still retain its full history. This means every edit and every username of the people that made those edits would still be attached to every page, ensuring everyone that contributed to the wiki in the past still get their proper credit. Images and other files will need to be uploaded anew, but they also will retain their file history.

How would the Obey Me Wiki move so many pages?[edit source]

Luckily, wiki admins are able to request data dumps of all the info needed to backup - or in this case relocate - a wiki. That file can then be handed over to the admins of Miraheze, who would take care of the moving process for the wiki.

What about SEO and traffic?[edit source]

This is indeed a hurdle for moving the wiki, but in time it can be overcome. The benefits of SEO features and extensions made available to the moved Obey Me Wiki, a custom domain name, and a more user-friendly site will all be boosts to our SEO.

What about the wiki discussion boards?[edit source]

While it is possible to create new wiki discussion boards, much like the current wiki's discussion boards, they would be very basic with only the bare bones of user features. Instead of this, there is a separate proposal for the Obey Me Wiki to have its own subreddit, where users can discuss subjects related to the wiki itself as well as the Obey Me game in general.

A second poll link is listed in the Poll section below that will allow users to weigh in on this idea as well.

Poll Links[edit source]

Discussion Page[edit source]

Still have more to say than just casing a vote in our poll? Have questions or comments about the proposed move? Please visit our Discussion Page!

* Portions of this page were adapted from the Runescape wiki's original moving proposal.

Disclaimer: The Obey Me! Wiki is contributed to by a voluntary association of individuals (a.k.a. fans). All rights are reserved and attributed to NTT Solmare Corporation.

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