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Story Chats[edit source]

Title Media Requirements
Reporting In Lesson 32-16 Hard
Have You Made It Yet? Lesson 50-18
Enough Secrets Lesson 75-7
The Guardian Demon 1-2 The Guardian Demon Devilgram
Horror Night Horror Night Devilgram

Daily Chats[edit source]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Food Theft Prevention 2 Day 196
Fire Hazard Day 435
Something Useful Day 473
Brotherly Love? Day 561
Mammon's Good Deed 2 Day 598
Intruder Alert! Day 619
A Daunting Invoice Day 648
No Telepathic Understanding Yet Day 665
Mammon's Specialty Day 708
Fate's Many Choices Day 804
Get Some Rest Day 837
Survival Rock, Paper, Scissors 1 Day 876
The Rare Vinyl Record 2 Day 923
Mammon's Kindness Day 955
Just This Once Day 1,041
Now You Tell Me! Day 1,062
Reading Habits 4 Day 1,119
Learning Through Comics 1 Day 1,145

Card Chats[edit source]

Title Media Requirements
I'm Sorry The Guardian Demon
I Will Win Against Him 2 Manga Delicacies
A Tacit Inquiry Partners
The Feeling's Mutual Greed and Pride
Mammon Picks up on Something Simeon's Hidden Side
One Step Ahead A Roll of the Dice
Next Time for Sure! A Gorgeous Phantom Thief
Lucifer's Behind the Scenes Money Honey
Lucifer's Pick The Barber of Horroville
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