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The Guardian Demon Devilgram.png
The Guardian Demon
Intimacy: Mammon Lv. 5
Card: The Guardian Demon
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"What's going on?"

Solomon runs into MC and shows them a picture he received from a witch. The picture involves Mammon being tied up by one of his witch friends, since Mammon didn't have the money to pay her back. Solomon finds the explanation strange, and says that while Mammon is a scumbag, he's still from the demon elite, one of the few there is, yet a human witch managed to force him into that situation. Solomon sends MC the picture, and he asks them to tell him if they find out anything.

"Why is he doing what..."

MC summons Mammon to their room, who yells that he went through the trouble of hiding so they won't find him. MC shows him the picture and he freaks out. He tries denying that the witches grabbed him, boasting that a human witch can never manage that. MC questions further, and so he claims that he was pretending to be scared so they'd lower their guards, to which he'll take their money and leave. He denies that he had to give them money. MC isn't having any of it, and he begs them to stop looking at him weirdly. MC says there must have been a reason for the situation, and Mammon asks if they think he'd never let witches mess with him for no reason. He laughs and says that if MC keeps looking at him, they'll fall in love. After some more staring, he caves in.

"Looks like they h..."

Mammon says that it started about a year beforehand in the human world, where he saw a little girl, getting harassed by a bad guy. Mammon explains that the man started threatening her, while the girl trembled in fear. Here, he gets the idea to scare the guy and take his money, which didn't need much effort. MC concludes that he rescued the girl, which Mammon denies. He gave the money to the girl when he saw how little it was, insisting that it wasn't out of kindness, except the girl started following him. He tried scaring away, yet the girl hugged him in return. He began talking to the girl, who told him her parents died, leaving her alone, and that she was out looking for food. Mammon says he couldn't just leave after that, nor could he take her with him, so he asked Lucifer for advice.

"So he's a scumbag..."

Lucifer messes around with Mammon, before abruptly disappearing. Returning, Lucifer bargains with Mammon and says he'll get in touch with 3 witches he knew. Mammon comments that Lucifer is a good brother, helping him out in tough scenarios, and that he clearly worked hard to find a plan, which Mammon says makes him tear up. After handing the girl over to the witches, Mammon dedicates his time to make sure she grows up well, to keep her happy and to repay Lucifer. This is why he gives money to the witches and serves them, saying he wants to continue this until she's an adult. He says the girl apparently cries at night, wishing to see him. Mammon then demands MC not tell anyone. MC tells Solomon, who wonders whether the girl is love with the hero Mammon. Mammon decides to be less amazing around her, before going to meet the witches.

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