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Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Bathing Essentials Day 96
Imminent Debut? Day 166
The Legendary Treasure? Day 175
Food Theft Prevention 1 Day 196
Auctioned Items 1 Day 220
Satan's Latte Art 2 Day 295
A Difference of Opinion Day 315
Bad News Day 331
Beauty Drink by Solomon Day 344
What's That Sound? 1 Day 370
Demonus Tasting Day 381
The Ultimate SacrificeCG 1 Day 412
Russian Roulette Pie Day 415
Hellfire 1-2 Day 451
An Unexpected Twist Day 464
New Hairdo! Day 467
How to Snap Another Pic Day 538
A Grave Concern? Day 550
Deserted Island Life Day 625
Prize at the End of the Line 2 Day 716
Rent-A-Brand Day 742
The Robotic Pet 2 Day 774
Avoiding the Repo Man Day 829
Noise Complaint Day 845
The Jet-Black Firefly - Epilogue Day 852
Reincarnations Day 927
Corporate Lucifer Day 954
A Rare PunishmentCG 1 Day 991
Levi's Rise to Popularity Day 1,028
Help Wanted Day 1,035
The Paper Plane Tournament 5 Day 1,087

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
What If Popular with the Ladies
The Brothers Saw It All Pieces of a Puzzle
Cool Brother The Mysterious Box
After the Concert Series End, Love Does Not
Unity Star-Crossed Lovers
A Wonderful Feeling The Future and You
Enter Lucifer! Let's Make a New Menu!
Who'll Make Him Laugh? Crack a Smile, Belphie!
No Desperate Need for Approval Saddle Up, Cowboy!
24-Hour Surveillance A Private Celebration
Didn't You Need Help? A Vacation to Remember
Lucifer's Perfect Defense A Prideful Partnership
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