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You may be looking for the "Nightbringer" chatroom, see 34 (Nightbringer)

Members: Leviathan, Satan PurpleTOCCircle.png


Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Earphones Day 93
Satan's Thoughtfulness Day 204
My Favorite Subscription Day 293
Cranesanity's Trap Day 333
A New Target 1 Day 378
Endless Recommendations Day 468
The Next Volume Day 564
I Gotta Know! Day 673
Crossword Fanatic Day 701
The Mysterious Sticker 3 Day 727
Same Old, Same Old Day 751
A Trip to the Movies Day 775
Lights, Camera, Action! 3 Day 792
Something for Your TroubleCG 1 Day 794
A Cat Maid Café 1 Day 799
A Customized Squirt Gun Day 814
A Wet Accident 2 Day 817
A New Plan Day 981
Room Switch 4 Day 1,130
Daily Gratitude 2 Day 1,138
Daily Gratitude 4 Day 1,139
Animation Supervisor Day 1,183

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
A Tacit Inquiry 2 Beel's Boot Camp
Walk a Mile in Each Other's Shoes A Moment of Quiet
Did I Catch It Too? The Clingy Bunny Boy
Not Interested Romance for You!
Paw Pads Granting Wishes
Satan's Resolve Irreplaceable Memories
Pumpkin Thievery Extreme Pumpkin Picking
Melancholy Wingman Valentine for Two
Gather 'Round, Bookworms An Afternoon for Bonding
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