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Daily Chats[[ edit ]]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Earphones Day 93
Satan's Thoughtfulness Day 204
My Favorite Subscription Day 293
Cranesanity's Trap Day 333
A New Target 1 Day 378
Endless Recommendations Day 468
The Next Volume Day 564
I Gotta Know! Day 673
Crossword Fanatic Day 701
The Mysterious Sticker 3 Day 727
Same Old, Same Old Day 751
A Trip to the Movies Day 775
Lights, Camera, Action! 3 Day 792
Something for Your TroubleCG 1 Day 794
A Cat Maid Café 1 Day 799
A Customized Squirt Gun Day 814
A Wet Accident 2 Day 817
A New Plan Day 981
Room Switch 4 Day 1,130
Daily Gratitude 2 Day 1,138
Daily Gratitude 4 Day 1,139
Animation Supervisor Day 1,183

Card Chats[[ edit ]]

Title Media Requirements
A Tacit Inquiry 2 Beel's Boot Camp
Walk a Mile in Each Other's Shoes A Moment of Quiet
Did I Catch It Too? The Clingy Bunny Boy
Not Interested Romance for You!
Paw Pads Granting Wishes
Satan's Resolve Irreplaceable Memories
Pumpkin Thievery Extreme Pumpkin Picking
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