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Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
FYI Lesson 39-10
Now Hiring Lesson 51-1

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
The Popularity Contest (345) Day 4
Strategy Meeting 1-2 Day 41, 43
Front-Page NewsCG 1 Day 61
Down Day 97
Spoilers 1 Day 149
Views on Beauty Day 170
The Mysterious Notebook 1 Day 187
The Perfect Gentleman Day 219
Please Record My Show Day 237
Satan's Latte Art 3 Day 296
Pie-Throwing Party Day 313
Book Jacket Debate Day 344
The Balloon Story 1CG 1 Day 367
A New Target 2 Day 378
Alternative Solution Day 413
Jelly Flavoring 2 Day 479
Quitting While Ahead? Day 517
Which Are You? Day 551
A Scene One MorningCG 1 Day 562
Hang Out With Me! Day 593
Show Some Interest! Day 599
Turning Over a New Leaf Day 602
A Test Shoot Day 665
Different Colored Bags Day 693
Asmo's Secret to Seduction Day 748
Luke's Challenge 2 Day 756
A Novel Tea Party 2 Day 770
Lights, Camera, Action! 2 Day 791
Black Cyber Sale Day 830
The Intellectuals Day 874
Asmo Stan Day 973
The Cursed Room 2 Day 988
That's Not What I Asked Forǃ Day 993
A What Stand? Day 1,055
The Anger-Melting Eye MaskCG 1 Day 1,067
Bedheads Day 1,103
Show-and-Tell 1CG 1 Day 1,165

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Giga Shark vs. Ultra Shark Popular with the Ladies
Where's Mammon's Money? Mammon the Bunny
Duty Fulfilled A Very Special Café
A Lecture on Snorkeling Under the Sea
Sinfully Cute Having Oh So Much Fun
Follow in Their Steps! Marching Band, March!
Asmo-Chan's Big Important Mission! Beel Goes to C.S.!
New YA Novels at the Library Forbidden Magic
Normies Ruin Everything Princess Asmo's Escape
Asmo's Eye for Quality Abundant Accessories
Tailor-Made Suits! Suit Up!
What an Otaku Wants Asmos and the Fox Mask?
Mammon's Acting Sketchy The Perfect Date
Welcome to the World of Cosplay! A Seaside Stroll for Two
The Model Revealed A Present Made to Order
Business is Tough Asmo the Alluring Hero
Levi at Your Service A Devilish Christmas Fair
Satan Camp ♡ Camping Under the Stars
Tempting Satan Your Personal Venus
Why Didn't You Tell Us?! A Sweet Promise of Love
Soldier's Secret Meeting The Fallen Prince
An Absolute Headbanger Written With You in Mind
What If... A Slight Miscalculation
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