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Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
The Spell Wore Off Lesson 64-19

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
After School Day 161
Levi's "What If" Segment Day 180
The Cans 1 Day 236
Seeing and Being SeenCG 1 Day 258
Separate Your Trash Day 297
What Type of Glasses? Day 303
Surprise Attack Day 308
Gamer Levi's Incurable Illness Day 343
How to Keep a Pure Heart 1 Day 377
Addictive? Day 417
Picking up Litter Day 447
The Time Has Come Day 493
Not What I Signed Up For Day 496
What's Their Motive? Day 542
First Thing in the Morning Day 563
Festival Memories 2 Day 600
Loser Says What Day 613
The Unusual Find Revealed Day 641
Offline Day 2 Day 654
The Cause of the Fight Day 657
Presenting Our Special Menu Day 685
The Great Cake Battle 2 Day 713
Recording Anime Day 722
Celebratory Meal Day 735
What's Old Is New Again Day 755
Fan Service 2 Day 802
A Big Brother's Dignity Day 823
The Sketchbook 1 Day 855
Portrait Rights Day 890
Livestream 2 Day 939
About That Pen Day 980
The Way I Look at My IdolsCG 1 Day 1,076
Custom Cake 2 Day 1,091
Daily Gratitude 1 Day 1,137

Card Chats[edit]

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Title Media Requirements
If You Had 10 Billion Grimm... 1 What Sort of Cake?
To Our Dear Older Brother In Pursuit of Presents
A Proposal Meet Me After School
Beel the Phantom Thief Thief vs. Detective
Nostalgic Timbre Piano Timbre for You
Recommended Romance Royale
The Plot Thickens Our Secret Time
There's Nothing I Can't Do The Lord of Fools
Smooth and Shiny Beauty Trip for Two
Where Did Everyone Go? Fun With Gemstones
Mammon Needs to Talk Bright like a Diamond
Where'd You Buy That? Lead On, Mephisto!
WHERE'S MY INVITE?! Return of Beauty Tag
Completion Bonus Get That Devildom Merch
Side Effects of Happiness With You, Always
Aye, Aye Captain! Deck Brush Battle
Behind the Scenes Our Big Surprise
Tokimeki ♡ Lucifer?! Tokimeki ♡ Leviathan
Destroy the Evidence Photo Shoot for Two
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