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Story Chats[edit source]

Title Media Requirements
A Private Conversation Lesson 8-10

Daily Chats[edit source]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Rerun Day 157
Barbatos's Weakness Day 167
A Suspicious Job Day 172
The Mysterious Notebook 2 Day 187
Cat Person or Dog Person? Day 201
DevilTuber Debut? 1 Day 202
Mammon's Ulterior Motive Day 210
The 666 Mysteries of RAD 3 Day 216
The Book Satan Was Reading 1 Day 230
A Good Part-Time Job Day 233
Securing the New Game Console Day 239
Collars for Cerberus Day 260
Funny FungiCG 1 Day 262
How to Build Muscle 2CG 1 Day 272
Devilcraft Day 290
The Cursed Doll 1 Day 302
All-Night Movie Marathon 1 Day 310
Help! 1 Day 336
Beel's Bad Habit 1 Day 347
Going Viral Day 356
Chess Tournament 1 Day 368
Quest for Fresh Bread 2 Day 379
The Fate of the Abandoned Bicycle Day 405
Brotherly Love Day 561
Who's Number One? Day 577
Cat Café SnapshotsCG 1 Day 613
Let's Get Ready to Ruuuumble! Day 623
The Search for the Black Phantom Diamond 1 Day 629
Detective on the Case 2 Day 639
DIY Shelf Day 688
Mammon's Training 1CG 1 Day 704
Prize at the End of the Line 3 Day 717
Let's Play NCF! Day 780
Teamwork 1 Day 842
The PDA Police Day 893
Where Did They Go?! 4 Day 1,094
Roar of the Beast 1 Day 1,116
Roar of the Beast 2 Day 1,117

Card Chats[edit source]

Title Media Requirements
Time to Confess Quality Time for Two
Just Us Halloween After-Party!
The One Best Suited for Love The Road to Marriage
Solved! Belphie's Results
Where Was Mammon? Part-Time Job Plan
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