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Celestial Rewards 1.png
Celestial Rewards 1.png

Celestial Blessing is a reward system used for select Pop Quizzes in both Obey Me! and Nightbringer. Pop Quiz collection items are used to claim rewards within a set or sets of tiered reward boxes.

In Obey Me!, the cost of claiming one reward from a box is 400 points. The exception to this is the first Celestial Blessing event - A Surprise for You - where the cost is 500 points.

In Nightbringer, the cost of claiming one reward from a box is 500 points. The exception to this is events with Multiple Box Sets, where the cost is 400 points.

In both games, each box contains 250 possible rewards. The more rewards you claim, the less rewards there will be left inside the box.

* The final box of each set resets once all rewards inside are claimed.

After tapping "Claim x1" or "Claim x2~10", received rewards are automatically added to your inventory.


Celestial Rewards 2.png
Celestial Rewards 2.png

You do not have to claim all rewards within a box before moving to the next one. Once you have claimed the "most blessed" items, you get the option to skip to the next box. The "most blessed" items will be marked with an exclamation point.

Once you go to a new box, you can no longer return to the previous box within a set. This remains true even when a Celestial Blessing Pop Quiz is added to Lonely Devil. Make sure you have claimed all desired rewards before you skip to the next box.

Multiple Box Sets[edit]

In some special Celestial Blessing events — such as The Three Worlds Festival or Trick or Treat! — multiple box sets will be available as rewards. Cheat card points in both Obey Me! and Nightbringer are cumulative, and in the case of multiple Nightmare events associated with one Pop Quiz, all cheat card points will be totaled together.

It is possible to alternate between using reward points in Set A boxes and Set B boxes. Typically, the Set B boxes will be made available at a later date than Set A boxes. Points collected before Set B boxes are made available can be saved and used in these boxes once they are released.

Celestial Blessing Screen[edit]

Celestial Blessing Screen.png
Celestial Blessing Screen.png

1. When multiple sets are available, you can check the set of boxes available.

2. Shows until what date and time you can open boxes and claim rewards.

3. Shows the current box.

4. Shows the box details of the current box.

5. Takes you to the next box.

6. Claim x1

Use Pop Quiz collection items to claim a reward.

7. Claim x2~10

Use Pop Quiz collection items to claim from 2 to 10 rewards at once. The number shown will change depending on how many Pop Quiz collection items you currently have in your possession.

8. Shows the amount of Pop Quiz collection items needed to claim 1 reward.

9. Shows the amount of Pop Quiz collection items needed to claim 2 up to 10 rewards.

10. Shows the rules for Celestial Blessing.

Celestial Blessing Events[edit]

Obey Me! Events[edit]

Nightbringer Events[edit]

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