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Story Chats[edit source]

Title Media Requirements
Thank You Again for Coming Lesson 61-1
Curious About Something Lesson 65-A
Not My Place, But... Lesson 77-7

Daily Chats[edit source]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Tough-Guy Act Day 597
Devildom Delights 2 Day 603
Curing Fatigue Day 657
Mind-Reading Magic 1 Day 686
A Summoning Mistake Day 696
Sweets and Circles 3 Day 733
Searching for the Right Souvenir Day 780
The Eraser Charm Day 810
Naughty, Naughty Day 820
The Cat's Out of the Bag Day 851
A Long Time Day 862
Extra Lessons 2 Day 902
Too Much Information? Day 909
Pneumatic Tube Day 947
Mammon's Talent Day 959
Attention, Please Day 968
A Mysterious Plant 4 Day 981
Mammon Goes Viral 3 Day 1,044
Tiny Pillows, Big Dreams Day 1,049
Close CallCG 1 Day 1,056
Is This Your Pen? Day 1,074
What's in the box?! 1CG 1 Day 1,098
Irresistible to All 6 Day 1,110
Reading Habits 9 Day 1,122
Noise Complaint 2 Day 1,136
Sheeptchi 9 Day 1,190

Card Chats[edit source]

Title Media Requirements
Magic Debate All Because of That
I Just Want to Help The Best Present Ever
Between the Leaders The Ultimate Duo
After the Banquet The Secret Dames
A Secret Acomplice A Gift for a Special Day
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