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Story Chats[edit source]

Title Media Requirements
Added to Friend List Lesson 49-1

Daily Chats[edit source]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
One Good Deed a Day Day 519
A Message for Barbatos Day 537
Teacher and Student Day 558
Down the Rabbit Hole 1 Day 573
Why My Stomach Hurts 2 Day 592
Learning a New Tune 1 Day 609
Farming in the Devildom 1 Day 663
An Adorable Plushie 2 Day 702
What's up With the TV? 4 Day 740
A Task Meant for Levi Day 758
Ways to Improve my Efficiency Day 770
Asmo Is All the Rage 2 Day 863
Your Help Is Greatly Appreciated! 1 Day 903
The Source of the Smell Day 910
Get Those Bonuses Day 929
The Seven Lords Quiz Tournament 1 Day 934
Phantom Lyric 2 Day 956
Can't Log In Day 966
Hook, Line, and Sinker! Day 1,027
The Concert Ticket Day 1,051
Voodoo-Chan 3 Day 1,056
Cheer Screening 1 Day 1,096
Cheer Screening 4 Day 1,105
Reading Habits 15 Day 1,125
Difficulty Level Day 1,151
Everyone's Favorite Guy Day 1,167
A Little Wish Day 1,170
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