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Overview[edit source]

Mammon and the Cat is the second solo audio drama released alongside Mammon's character song Are You Ready? on September 25th, 2020.

Dialogue[edit source]

English Translation[edit source]

Cat: Meow... Meow, meow... Meow...

Satan: (I can't believe this. I touched the "Forbidden Book of Cat Transfiguration" and turned into a cat!)

Mammon: Hm? A cat? What's a cat doin' in the dining room?

Cat-Satan: Meow... Meow!

Satan: (It's Mammon!)

Mammon: There, there.

Cat-Satan: Meow, meow, meooow!

Satan: (Wha! He just picked me up from my scruff! ...Oh, no, what's he going to do to me now?!)

Mammon: Who's a cutesy wootsy little puddy tat?

Satan: (What...?)

Mammon: Where did you come from I wonder?

Satan: (Wow, he really likes me...)

Mammon: Are you lost?

Satan: (This is beyond surprising, it's now just plain gross.)

Mammon: Paw-some! You feline like playin' with the ball?

Satan: (Oh no, he's making cat puns...)

Mammon: Purr-fect, let's play a game to see if the ball lands on red or black?

Satan: (That's just roulette! That's not the kind of ball game you play with a cat!)

Cat-Satan: Meow, meow, meow, meow, meoooow!

Mammon: Oh, you don't li-cat, Nekozaburo?

Satan: (Nekozaburo? What a weird thing to call a cat!)

Mammon: What's with the cat-titude? Here, let me pet mew.

Satan: (H-Hey, he's brushing me with his credit card! Stop that! Don't use your card as a brush!)

Cat-Satan: Meow, meow, meow!

Mammon: Hm? No need to act so hiss-terical, Nekozaemon.

Satan: (That's not even the same name!)

Mammon: This is a-paw-ling, little kitty. I fur-got to feed mew! Meow, Mew want some paw-k?

Satan: (He's making more and more cat puns by the minute!)

Mammon: Meow, meow? Meow, meow! Meow, meooow, meow?

Satan: (He's gone full cat!)

Mammon: Hiss! Hiss! Hiss, hiss!

Satan: (Wha! He's hissing now! He...he's a cat. He's actually just a cat now.)

Mammon: Grr! Raw! Quack! Ee aw!

Satan: (What?! I don't even know what animal that was?!)

Mammon: Bzzzz! Zzzz, za! Grrr, grrr...

Satan: Ah, the effects of the book wore off and I'm back to normal.

Mammon: Satan... what're you doin'?

Satan: I should be asking you the same...

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