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My Wish is the tenth character song that was released alongside the audio drama Luke and the Troll on March 25th, 2022. The song's cover art was revealed on March 18th, and a teaser of both the song and audio drama was released on March 19th.


Unofficial English Lyrics[edit]

Translated by: Maon_ObeyMe on twitter

Although we already said goodbye[1]
I want to play with you for longer
Just stay before the sun sets
Help me to carry on with the puzzle

I’ve baked some cookies too
I want to try making more
I’ll specially give you a chance to taste
So be my company, I’ll brew some tea too

Cakes are good
But parfaits are not bad too

This special feeling of mine
If I mix it in the sweets
And use an eyeful of pure white cream
To illustrate our bond
See, it’s the best recipe

It’s already so late
I want to see your smile for longer
I want to make more memories with you
These are all my treasure

Time goes by so fast
I want to stay with you for longer
It’s good that I can see you again soon
But I miss you, I’m waiting for you

Staying with you like this
Is very calming
I want to comfort you more
We’ll always be together, you promise

Holding your hands
Gives me courage

This special sentiment of mine
Squeeze and fit it in
On the illuminated stage of light
To sing the praise of our bond
See, it’s the best melody

Translator Notes[edit]

  1. I used more natural speaking and "children" wordings instead of poetic words, because this song gives me a feeling of an innocent child asking you for company aww

Romanized Lyrics[edit]

Jaana te itta kedo
Motto motto isho ni asobitai
Hi ga kureru made de ī kara tetsudatte
Puzzle no tsuzuki

Cookie mo yaita nda
Motto motto tsukutte mitai nda
Tokubetsu ni ajimi shite ī kara tsukiatte
Ocha mo ire nai to

Cake mo ī kedo
Parfait mo ī na

Boku dake no kimochi sweets ni kometara
Me ippai masshiro no cream de sa
Bokutachi no kizuna egakou yo
Hora saikō no recipe

Mō konna jikan ka
Motto motto egao ga mitai na
Omae to no omoide fuyashi tai
Zenbu zenbu takaramono na nda

Atto iu ma da
Motto motto soba ni itai nda
Mata sugu ni aeru kara ī kedo samishī na
Matteru kara na

Omae to kō shite issho ni iru to sugoku ochitsuku
Motto motto iyashite agetai nda zutto issho da zo yakusoku!

Te o tsunaida ra
Yūki ga deru nda
Boku dake no omoi gyutto tsumekonde
Tomoshita hikari no stage de sa
Boku tachi no kizuna utaou yo
Hora saikō no melody

Kanji Lyrics[edit]

もっともっと 一緒に遊びたい
手伝って パズルの続き

もっともっと 作ってみたいんだ
付き合って お茶も淹れないと


ぼくたちの絆 描こうよ
ほら 最高のレシピ

もっともっと 笑顔が見たいな
お前との思い出 増やしたい
全部全部 宝物なんだ

もっともっと 傍に居たいんだ
淋しいな 待ってるからな

ずっと一緒だぞ 約束


ぼくたちの絆 歌おうよ
ほら 最高のメロディ

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