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New maps and stories will be unlocked based on your progress in the Your Tasks app. There are Normal and Hard Lessons to complete. Do your tasks to obtain a variety of items and unlock more story plotline!

About Your Tasks[[ edit ]]

Icon Description
Eye-con icon.png Eye-con
Shows your current location.
Battle lesson icon.png Battle Space
Consume AP to enter into a battle. You can obtain a wide variety of items and increase your Player level and Card Level.
  • If you obtain 2 ★ or more, you will be able to use Quick Clear on that space.
Story icon.png Story Space
Read through the main story here. Does not consume AP.
Battle lesson locked icon.png Locked Space
Locked Spaces require ★ to proceed. These can be earned by performing well in dance battles.
Boss Battle icon.png Boss Battle Space
Engage in a battle with a powerful boss.
Next icon.png Back/Next Space
Proceed to the next lesson with the Next Space.
Return to the previous lesson with the Back Space.

Hard Lessons[[ edit ]]

Hard Lessons are more difficult versions of Normal Lessons. The harder version of a Lesson is unlocked by completing the corresponding Normal Lesson.

  • Hard Lesson chapters must be completed in order, similar to Normal Lessons.

Battles Left[[ edit ]]

Battle Spaces in Hard Lessons can only be attempted three times in one day. The number of battles left is shown to the right of the AP cost.

The number of battles left is reset every day at 7 am PST / 12 am JST. You can use Devil Points, D-Energy, or viewing ads to get more battles.

Trivia[[ edit ]]

  • In the game's tutorial, it was mentioned that Lucifer chose the name for this app so it'd be easy to understand.
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