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Animal Tea Party Devilgram.png
Animal Tea Party
Intimacy: Simeon Lv. 7
Card: Animal Tea Party
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Looking forward to cupc..."

Simeon is under a curse that causes him to regress in age where is back to being a child. He says he's bored of playing house and would rather cook for real. He says he wants to make cupcakes with animal faces on them and MC is going to help make bake them. Since Simeon is now a child he lacks stability and grace and keeps messing up while he makes the cupcake's batter. But MC keeps encouraging him or helps along to process. Then as a final ingredient, Simeon sings a "yummy song" which is a "spell" to make the cupcakes tastier.

"It looks quite delicious."

They pour the batter into cups and then into the oven. While they are waiting Simeon sings another song, "The Cupcake Song," written by himc and invites MC to sing along with him, claiming it will make the cupcakes even yummier. At last, the cupcakes are done and, after they cooled off, the two of them decorate the cupcakes with animal faces. Simeon wants to dig in, but eventually decides the cupcakes would taste better if they ate them with lots of friends, so now he is going to throw a tea party.

"Make sure to clean up pro..."

Together they decorate the living room, either with a zoo or a flower theme.

"How stylish!"

Despite the decorations, Simeon claims there is still something missing, and MC can decide to suggest bubbles or a disco ball. Once it was set up, Simeon was going to call everyone to start the tea party, but before he could, the spell wore off and he transformed back into his real self again. He decides to wait a little longer before starting the tea party so he can do things only the adult him can do.

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