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Bayside Bonanza Worlds of Wonder is a theme park in the Human World first visited by MC in Lesson 55-7 (OM). The park has a number of rides and attractions, and sells merchandise such as character-themed headbands, such as headbands with droopy dog ears, light-up heart antennae, or a unicorn horn.


  • Circus performances (Lesson 56-3 (OM))
  • Ferris Wheel (Lesson 55-10 (OM))
  • Go-Kart Track (Birthday Event Happy Birthday! Dear Diavolo '22)
    • A limited time attraction that was set up with a track made entirely of ice.
  • Merry-Go-Round (Birthday Event Happy Birthday! Dear Diavolo '22)
  • Nature-themed area (Lesson 55-10 (OM))
    • This area includes a lake where visitors can take boat rides.
  • Twisting Freefall of Death II (Lesson 55-12 (OM))
    • A thrill ride designed to be "the single most terrifying experience in the world."
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