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Human World

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The Human World is one of the three worlds, and the realm in which humans originate from, including MC and Solomon. It is assumed that the human world in-game functions and exists in close proximity to its real-world counterpart.


Humans at large do not appear to be aware of the existence of angels nor demons. During the normal story-mode, angels do not make themselves known as angels, and affecting any celestial change on a human and their life results in major repercussions. Such interference is considered taboo even among demons. MC can also react with shock at the existence of demons when they first appear in the Devildom.

Witches and sorcerers are the only humans who tend to be aware of angels and demons, often through their contracts and summoning of the former.

Known Locations[edit]

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As explained in Lesson 38 (NB), if an individual commits a crime and is thought to pose a threat to all three worlds, the Celestial Realm, the Devildom, and the Human World have an agreement that such a person may be sealed inside Cocytus, the ninth circle of the Underworld. This imprisonment requires the consent of at least two representatives from each of the three worlds.


This section covers any culture-related information that is unique to the games' universe.


5000 Ways to Achieve Eternal Beauty

A book purchased as a gift for Asmodeus by Satan.

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A book purchased as a gift for Belphegor by Satan.

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Black de Butler

A manga owned by Leviathan and used as study material for his time acting as a butler. Described as heart skipping romance story. A pre-release edition is also owned by Leviathan.

Devilgram Butler Room Service

Food Around the World: (Potentially) Feel Full Just By Looking at Them

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Technology in the human world is highly advanced compared to the technology in the Devildom. The brothers were unfamiliar with a slow cooker, a Roomba, and a virtual assistant similar to "Alexa" or "Siri." They were, however, familiar with appliances such as ovens, blenders, and washing machines. The reason the human world has more advanced technology than either the Devildom or the Celestial Realm is that demons and angels use magic for almost everything. In contrast, humans need technology as a way to compensate.


Human World cats are a common sight in the Devildom. Satan told MC in Lesson 17-6 (NB) that he was "only repeating what I was told," but apparently cats are the only animals with the power to travel between the Devildom and the Human World at will.

They also seem to have no issues in adapting to and living in the Devildom, unlike at least some other Human World flora and fauna.


  • Many of the backgrounds used in the Human World came from the Shall We Date game Guard Me, Sherlock.
    • This game and Guard Me, Sherlock seem to share the same universe, for Satan is a fan of the TV series "The Mid-Fall Murders" and the character Irene Adler.
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