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The D.D.D. is a device given to MC in Lesson 1-1, and functions in a similar manner to cell phones of the Human World. It was developed by the company Three-Legged Crow Group.


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RAD News extra 2.png

As covered in the mini issues of the Rad Newspaper, the D.D.D.'s full name is "Diavolo's Devildom Device." It includes its own messaging app with custom stickers, including the mascots "Red Devil" (left), "Blacjak" (middle), and "Nancy" (right). Blacjak - being a three-legged crow - has traits inspired by the company's name, and is considered very popular in the Devildom.


Karasu is the D.D.D.'s virtual assistant. In the game, they act as the tutorial, teaching the player how to use all the apps on the Home Screen. There are also some helpful tips from Karasu in the Mail app on the Home Screen.

Karasu describes themselves as "the cute, always and ever helpful Karasu." They mention that they cannot be activated with the phrase "Hey Karasu" and describe voice-activated assistants as "mindless tools with their smarty-pants act." They also mention that the What Sort of Cake? photo is their favorite Devilgram photo.

Karasu also sometimes makes announcements on the official Obey Me! Twitter account.

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