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The Devildom is one of the three worlds of Obey Me! and Nightbringer, alongside the Human World and the Celestial Realm. As mentioned in Obey Me!'s Main Story, the Demon KingLord Diavolo's father — lies willingly dormant at the very bottom. Due to this, Lord Diavolo acts as the realm's de facto ruler.

As stated in Lesson 11-4 (OM), the Devildom has eight different layers. It is a separate realm from the Underworld, though both are known to have multiple layers. The Devildom in many ways is the opposite to the Celestial Realm, such as the Devildom always being dark, whereas the Celestial Realm is always light.

According to the Cosmo&Devil headline for Diavolo's birthday nightmare, the Devildom's timezone is DST, presumably meaning "Devildom Standard Time."

While not Devildom residents, it is possible for lost souls of the departed to end up in the Devildom, as mentioned in the Devilgram Surprise Gift. It is the job of reapers to collect these souls.

Eternal Night[edit]

The Devildom has no sun, and so there is no sunlight. The world exists in a constant state of darkness, as mentioned by Mammon in Lesson 12-14 Hard (OM). However, according to Diavolo in the chat Regular Check-in, the Devildom has different degrees of darkness depending on the time.

Despite this lack of daylight, demons still adhere to a "day/night" schedule where they sleep and are expected to awaken in the "morning" as evidenced by the fact that the demon brothers often sit down together for breakfast and dinner, as well as go to sleep and attend school/work at specific times.

As told by Solomon in the Devilgram Solomon Takes the Train, there is a legend about why the Devildom is always dark, and why the sun stopped rising there. The legend says long ago, the sun used to shine equally on all three worlds. However, the Devildom and Celestial Realm went to war over an accusation that one side was giving the humans guidance. The war lasted hundreds of years, until both sides decided to settle things by dividing the sun and moon. When the sun illuminated the Human World in the day, angels would watch over it. When the moon illuminated the Human World at night, demons would watch over it. This is supposedly why the sun no longer rises in the Devildom.


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Banshees are spirits and harbingers of death that appears as a black mist, as seen in Lesson 16 (NB). When someone is nearing death, a banshee may appear to those close to the dying person and cry and scream. If a banshee's cry is heard, it is too late to change the future the banshee foretells.

To be able to hear a banshee's scream, you have to either be connected in some way to the person nearing death, or have heard a banshee's cry before. Only those who have heard a banshee before will be able to hear its cries in the latter situation.


As seen in Lessons 57 and 58 (OM), a bogeyman is an evil spirit that has the ability to appear as whatever someone fears the most.


See the Demons category page.


Fairies are magical beings with wings that are known to live in areas populated by flowers, such as Aurora Hill. When they dance in a circle, they create fairy ring flowers, as seen in the event Happy Birthday! Dear Solomon '22. Simeon mentioned in Lesson 52-12 (OM) that fairies are fond of hawthorn berries. As implied by the Devilgram Our Own Little World, only some fairies are smaller-sized.


See the Ghosts page.


While most Humans reside in the Human World, some human sorcerers are known to reside in, or at least work in, in the Devildom as well. For example, as mentioned in the Devilgram Bubbly Blue Soda, Oh My!, a considerably powerful sorcerer owns a flower shop and runs a café.


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Wind Spirits[edit]

Wind spirits are capable of controlling wind, and they live in a valley together, as seen in the Devilgram Wind Spirits & Surprises. This valley can be difficult to reach, as the path is narrow in places, and there are often sudden, strong gusts of wind. These spirits are fond of sweet treats, and if asking the spirits for a favor, it is recommended to bring some as an offering.


While most Humans reside in the Human World, some human witches are known to reside in the Devildom as well. One such witch lives on top of a mountain protected by traps, as is mentioned in the Devilgram Special Demonus. According to the Devilgram To Dreamland, another witch lives in the western forest. She lost her voice a long time ago due to a spell misfiring. This witch makes "Sleeping Sweet" which is an aroma oil that can be used to cancel out the effects of the Sleepless March, a magical item that can keep demons awake for 500 years. Both Satan and Solomon are acquainted with her but Solomon doesn't get along with her.


Yetis are large, burly creatures with their own language and are also capable of using magic, as seen in the Pop Quiz Conjuring of a White Christmas!. They are known to live on the Mountain of Boundless Permafrost, and set traps there to protect their territory.


See the Yokai page.

Known Locations[edit]

See the Devildom Known Locations page.


Note: this section may include spoilers.

In Lesson 30-1 (OM), it was explained by Satan that the Devildom came into existence alongside the Celestial Realm, and exists in tandem with it. Shortly after its creation, a primeval forest covered the entirety of the Devildom.

It is stated in Season 3 that the Devildom once went to war with the Celestial Realm. It is unclear what the outcome of this war was, but this war ended long before the Great Celestial War.



Note: this section may include spoilers.

The Devildom is currently ruled by Lord Diavolo, but was previously ruled by his father, the Demon King. Diavolo stated in Lesson 7-10 (OM) that he had not seen his father in several hundred years, due to him "slumbering at the bottom of the Devildom." It is known that the Demon King was not yet sleeping when the brothers originally fell, as Satan told MC in Lesson 9 (OM) that the Demon King was the one who assigned their titles from "oldest" to "youngest" of the brothers determined by their power.

In Lesson 7-10 (OM), the previous Demon King who ruled prior to Diavolo's father was mentioned. His crown is either physically present or represented in a portrait of the Demon King housed in the Demon Lord's Castle.

As mentioned in the Fab Snap Satan's Curse, the Demon King Gardonus was a Devildom ruler from the Eighth Dynasty. This was an important period in Devildom history because Gardonus established a set of policies known as the "Wings of Darmius." These policies put political pressure on the Celestial Realm and caused the balance between the two realms to shift in the Devildom's favor.


As explained in Lesson 38 (NB), if an individual commits a crime and is thought to pose a threat to all three worlds, the Celestial Realm, the Devildom, and the Human World have an agreement that such a person may be sealed inside Cocytus, the ninth circle of the Underworld. This imprisonment requires the consent of at least two representatives from each of the three worlds.



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In Lesson 47-9 (OM), Belphegor mentions "Devildom script", meaning the Devildom likely has their own language.

Holidays, Events, and Festivals[edit]

See the Devildom Dates and Holidays page.


See the Devildom Entertainment page.

Food and Drink[edit]

See the Devildom Food and Drink page.


Demon's Cross-Country Race[edit]

During one of these cross-country races, available paths covered the maze in the Jet-Black Forest and the ice floes of the Frozen Wasteland Mountain, as mentioned in the Pop Quiz Dust Storm Panic.


According to Issue 3 of the RAD Newspaper, this sport is similar to American football, which means it is presumably a full-contact team sport. Beelzebub is part of RAD's Fangol team.

There is also a Fangol Ultra Bowl where professional teams such as the "Steel Falcons" and "Destroyer Sharks" compete for the championship.

Shadow Race[edit]

Shadow races are the Devildom's variation of horse races. Mammon regularly makes bets on the horses. In the chat Picking Favorites, Mammon places a bet on "Darkness Falcon" and Leviathan places a bet on "Golden Sucre" who is also considered "the daughter of Sucre Frenzy." The species of these horses are unknown but in the chat An Amazing Perk, Mammon mentions that abyssbred horses are bred to run in the dark, so it is possible that Shadow Races can take place at night with this species of horse.

Misc. Culture[edit]

According to the chat Damage Control, tipping does not seem to be an expected behavior in the Devildom. Beelzebub apparently never tips, and while certain demons, such as Lucifer, may tip the manager to compensate a restaurant for unpleasant customer, others may consider this as unusual behavior.

In the chat Despair, Asmodeus mentioned that it's considered good luck in the Devildom when a mirror is broken.

Lucifer explained in Lesson 35-10 (NB) that steam locomotives were once viewed negatively in the Devildom, because they were seen as "transportation for demons who lacked the ability to fly." However, now that more convenient travel methods exist and are more commonplace, a trend developed of demons taking trips via train for fun. This is especially true for noble demons, who according to Diavolo often use luxury trains to go on holidays.

Mephistopheles corroborated Lucifer in Lesson 36-3 (NB), and stated that trains were once considered "transportation meant for demon commoners."



Demons have access to the Internet via computers or their D.D.D.s. According to the chat The Truth Behind the Jackpot, websites in the Devildom seem to start with "httpdevil." As seen in the chat Phantom Lyric 1, the subdomain of some websites is "vvv."

As mentioned in a few chats, for example The Things Humans Come Up With, demons also have access to Human World websites.

According to the chat Lifestyle Improvement, data is measured in "hell megabtyes."

In the chat Beware of Sales, some service providers and Internet plans of the Devildom are mentioned.

  • Dead Devil Lite - service provider
  • 666 Demon Mobile - service provider
  • Hell's Faster Plan - internet plan
  • Special RAD Student Plan - internet plan

Misc. Technology[edit]

According to Satan, in the chat The Allure of Paper, books of magic don't come as e-books and many technical books are only released in physical form. In Lesson 6-4 (OM), it is mentioned that Nightmare is a trial version of a grimoire, and that the app is run by the Royal Library of the Devildom. This could imply that app developers are testing the possibility of making magical books available as e-books.

In the Devilgram A Slice of Paradise, it is implied that the Devildom (and the Celestial Realm) does not have metered parking lots. When Luke, Satan, and MC are making a model garden, MC can suggest adding a metered parking lot. Luke has never heard of them and Satan explains that they're "a place in the human world where you park your car."

Despite possibly not having parking meters, the Devildom does have cars. Mammon owns a Demonio 666 Lexura and it's stated in the chat Let's Go for a Drive! 1 that he sometimes takes it out for drives. In the chat Let's Go for a Drive! 2, Lucifer mentions that he also knows how to drive. In the chat Satan's Ride, it is implied that Satan can also drive and that he also knows how to ride a motorcycle.

As mentioned in Issue 3 of the RAD Newspaper, there are also other forms of transportation. As mentioned in the phone call Lost Child (Belphegor), one such form of transportation are public busses.

In the Devilgram What Luke Really Wants, Mammon explains that crane games were invented in the human world, although the Devildom can receive shipments of them.


Grimm coin


The currency used in the Devildom is called Grimm. Grimm exists in the form of gold coins with a skull relief or brown banknotes (as seen on the card Chibi Mammon II (Gluttony)). The player also uses this currency for various in-game expenses such as upgrading cards or unlocking spaces in Devil's Tree. Players can obtain Grimm by clearing battle stages or sending characters to work at :D JOBS. Tasks and Pop Quiz events also often include Grimm as rewards.

Devil Point

Devil Points[edit]

Devil Points are the digital currency of the Devildom. Although Lucifer can be seen holding a physical version in the card Greed and Pride. The player uses this currency to buy items or perform summons in Nightmare. Pop Quiz events also often include Devil Points as rewards.



In the text Summer's a Comin' from Asmodeus, it's alluded that there are four seasons in the Devildom despite the lack of a true day/night cycle. From this text, it can be assumed that the seasons function the same or at least similar to the four Human World seasons, although currently there is no canon evidence of this aside from the text from Asmodeus.

As seen in the Devilgram Shelter From the Rain, it rains in Devildom similar to the Human World. According to the Devilgram Cooking on a Rainy Day, sometimes the rain can appear black depending on the weather conditions. However, in the chat Suspicious Weather, there was mention of acidic rain, which Lucifer warned that humans should avoid.

In the chat Plant Dad Troubles, it was implied that it rains regularly in the Devildom. As such, Barbatos does not use a sprinkler system to water the plants at the Demon Lord's Castle.

As mentioned in the chat Hellmouth 2, a hellmouth is a Devildom phenomenon described as a "horrible chasm." Presumably, this means that a hellmouth is similar to a sinkhole. RAD is known to hold emergency drills so that students are prepared for such an event.

During certain months of the year in the late winter/early spring season, a natural phenomena knows as "Devil Dusters" commonly form. As seen in the Pop Quiz Dust Storm Panic, these Devil Dusters are gigantic sandstorms that in addition to being naturally occurring, can also be created by Giant Dust Devil Birds.

As seen in the Pop Quiz Cold Snap, the Devildom has a legendary and magical cold snap that is very rare, and has little documentation on the subject. In past occurrences that were recorded, this cold front was powerful enough to have frozen "all demons in its wake." However, this freezing effect was not permanent, and the demons thawed once the front had passed. The cold snap takes longer to effect humans than it does demons or angels. According to a website found by Leviathan, "the best way to counter the cold snap is to get fired up."


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This section contains records of The Devildom's unique rocks, minerals, sands, and soils, both magical and non-magical.

Abyssal Sand

A type of glistening sand that packs very easily when wet, making it good for creating sand sculptures.

Pop Quiz Happy ☆ Holidays!


A Devildom gemstone.

Devilgram Troublemaker

Blue Rose Crystals

Edible Devildom crystals. See the Devildom Food and Drink page.

Cat's Night

A large, green gemstone that is very valuable. The gemstone is from an alternate universe version of the Devildom.

Devilgram The Detective's Assistant

Dark Sugar Drop

A milky-white gemstone that emits a faint warmth, and means "sweetness." While not edible itself, it adds sweetness to things it's placed in, such as tea. It is one of the gemstones that can rain from the sky during Thanksgiving.

Pop Quiz You're a Gem

Diavolo's Jewel

A gemstone the same golden color as Diavolo's eyes that means "order." It is one of the gemstones that can rain from the sky during Thanksgiving. However, it only does so near especially powerful demons, and for superstitious reasons isn't generally considered popular by most demons.

Pop Quiz You're a Gem

Galaxy Stone

A glowing stone that is very rare, and only appears on the same day as the Phantom Galaxy. It has a special meaning of "lucky encounter."

Birthday Event Happy Birthday! Dear Beel and Belphie '23

Iskios Stone

A magic stone that can be used to project realistic, three-dimensional holograms inside whatever space they are placed in. They are also capable of creating objects that can be handled, despite these also being holograms.

Birthday Event Happy Birthday! Dear Simeon '22

Sand Gold

A type of gold that can be found in the desert.

Devilgram Sand Gold Rush!

Shadow Lava Rock

A type of mineral that camouflages itself to look like a normal rock, but radiates light when reacting to a demon's scream. It can be found at the bottom of riverbeds, and fragments of this rock can be used as an ingredient when making Verbum Drops.

Lesson 75-16 Hard (OM)

Unnamed Gemstone 1

A crimson-colored gemstone that means "eternity." It is one of the gemstones that can rain from the sky during Thanksgiving.

Pop Quiz You're a Gem

Unnamed Gemstone 2

A golden yellow gemstone that emits a faint warmth, and means "kindness." It is one of the gemstones that can rain from the sky during Thanksgiving.

Pop Quiz You're a Gem

Unnamed Gemstone 3

A bright orange gemstone with a shape similar to a sword, and means "strength." It is one of the gemstones that can rain from the sky during Thanksgiving.

Pop Quiz You're a Gem

Unnamed Gemstone 4

A cat-shaped gemstone that means "freedom." It is one of the gemstones that can rain from the sky during Thanksgiving, and until the stone is given away by those who find it, causes the holder to make cat puns.

Pop Quiz You're a Gem

Unnamed Gemstone 5

An pink and red gemstone that means "passion." It is one of the gemstones that can rain from the sky during Thanksgiving.

Pop Quiz You're a Gem

Unnamed Gemstone 6

An edible, transparent gemstone that means "honesty." It is one of the gemstones that can rain from the sky during Thanksgiving.

Pop Quiz You're a Gem

Unnamed Gemstone 7

A gemstone that looks like it has stars floating inside it, and means "obsession." It is one of the gemstones that can rain from the sky during Thanksgiving.

Pop Quiz You're a Gem

Unnamed Gemstone 8

A pale blue gemstone that means "soothing." It is one of the gemstones that can rain from the sky during Thanksgiving.

Pop Quiz You're a Gem

Unnamed Gemstone 9

An emerald green gemstone that means "admiration." It is one of the gemstones that can rain from the sky during Thanksgiving.

Pop Quiz You're a Gem

Unnamed Gemstone 10

An royal blue gemstone that means "trust." It is likely one of the gemstones that can rain from the sky during Thanksgiving.

Pop Quiz You're a Gem

Flora and Fauna[edit]

See the Devildom Flora and Fauna page.

Celestial Bodies[edit]


The moon in the Devildom is much larger than the Human World's moon. At times the moon gains a reddish appearance for a short period, known as a "bloody moon." According to Satan in Lesson 31-2 (OM), demons have worshipped this moon since ancient times. There is no way to predict a bloody moon until shortly before it happens. On the night of a bloody moon, a bloody moon competition is held at RAD.

As seen in the Pop Quiz Happy ☆ Holidays!, a book called "Secrets of the Devildom's Moon" details times when the Devildom moon's orbit varied, and the effects caused by this.

According to Barbatos in the same Pop Quiz, some believe that certain lunar phases of the Devildom's moon can cause erratic behavior in people, similar to beliefs in the Human World.


The Devildom sky contains many stars and constellations. In the Star-Crossed Lovers Devilgram, an autumn sky constellation is mentioned — the Pool of the Abyss — along with the myth associated with it. One star represents a beast, and another the maiden that was carried off by it. The nebula below the two stars symbolizes the pool created by her tears as she yearned to see her beloved.

Other known Devildom constellations include the Black Lizard, and the Serpent's Scales (also known as the Snake's Scales), which represent "favoritism" and "attachment" according to Belphegor in the Devilgram Secret Password for Two.

In the Devilgram Secret Dream Study Sesh, Belphegor mentions that the constellation "Fountain of the Abyss" can only be seen in the fall.

After the Great Celestial War when the seven brothers fell into the Devildom, two small stars appeared next to each other in the Devildom's sky. Belphegor told MC in Lesson 30-9 (OM) that these twin stars are his and Beelzebub's. He also mentioned in Lesson 39-20 (OM) that the rest of the brothers have their own stars, too.

There is a part of the Devildom sky that can only be seen from limited locations that looks like a group of stars are all clustered together, as if "someone tore a hole in the night sky and let the stars pour out." According to Solomon in the Devilgram Solomon Takes the Train, rumors say that the starry sky of the Human World comes through that tear in the sky.

Phantom Galaxy[edit]

There is an entire galaxy known as the Phantom Galaxy that is only visible at certain times in the Devildom sky. As Belphegor explained in the Birthday Pop Quiz Happy Birthday! Dear Beel and Belphie '23, the galaxy's visibility is unpredictable, in that it can appear multiple times in one year, or sometimes won't appear for centuries. No one can predict when it will appear until days before it shows up in the sky. It is also only ever visible for 24 hours at a time. This galaxy is called the "Phantom Galaxy" because it's impossible to record video or take pictures of it, and can only be seen by the naked eye.

Leaving the Devildom[edit]

There are several ways to leave the Devildom, as explained in Lesson 11-4 (OM). One way is making use of one of several "external magic seals" that work as passages between worlds. All demons - aside from Diavolo, Barbatos, and Lucifer - must receive "permission in advance" before they can use the seals. This is due to the previous misuse of their free availability. It is strongly implied that Mammon was the perpetrator.

Another method, considered the "classic route", involves an individual walking through all eight layers of the Devildom on foot. However, it is considered "too long" and, as Lucifer mentions, would destroy MC's psyche.

Witches or sorcerers can also summon individuals out of the Devildom, though there are alluded consequences to this method.

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