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Story Chats[edit]

Title CG Requirements
Request for Investigation Lesson 13-10
Angel's First Horror Game 1 Angel's First Horror Game Devilgram

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title CG Day Number
The Past Day 104
Skills 1 Day 155
Unusual Tastes Day 389
Slippery Lord Diavolo Day 401
Bandage Day 430
New Clothes Day 440
The Little Things Day 472
Just Like a Puppy(1) Day 485
The Devildom Travel Guide Day 539
Where to Go? Day 548
Mammon's Good Deed 1 Day 598
School Survey 1-2 Day 638, 640
Dream Within a Dream Day 707
The Mysterious Sticker 5 Day 730
Tales of Heroism Day 761
The Royal Errand Boy Day 788
The Royal Book Club 1 Day 793
Cleaning 1 Day 824
Easy to Get Into, Hard to Get Out 1 Day 858
It's Party Time! Day 900
Don't Press Those Buttons 4 Day 1,073
All-New Cup Cuties Capsule Toys 2 Day 1,145
Leaking Roof Day 1,195

Card Chats[edit]

Title CG Requirements
What Should I Do? Lucifer's Lover
How to Take Care of a Pet The Doting Demon Lord
Have You Been Hacked? Offline Ruri-Chan Meetup!
A Tiny Artist Luke's New Hobby
Harmony Between the Three Worlds A Slice of Paradise
Solomon, the Party Animal? Dancing With the Petals
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