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Angel's First Horror Game Devilgram.png
Angel's First Horror Game
Intimacy: Simeon Lv. 5
Card: Angel's First Horror Game
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Use it as an opportunity to..."

MC is in Purgatory Hall with Luke who thanks them for coming over. He planned a lecture to help Simeon master the D.D.D.'s functions. Luke invites MC to choose something for them to focus on first. MC can then suggest several apps such as the camera, which the three try out together. Suddenly Simeon gets a message from an unknown sender. There is a mysterious laugh as the room is thrown into confusion. Luke spots a small demon on the screen of Simeon's device, startling the two angels.

"A very intriguing message..."

Luke asks Simeon if he's alright. Simeon replies he is but points out his D.D.D. is frozen, and fails to respond to taps. MC asks if the little demon is a curse and Luke responds that a cyber devil virus has been going around lately, infecting electronics like D.D.D.s. MC guesses it spreads through messages and Luke thinks that's how Simeon's D.D.D. got infected. Simeon realizes the D.D.D. is moving by itself typing out a message to Diavolo.

"A cyber devil? Hahaha!"

Luke is shocked the device sent "I love you" but MC points out Diavolo seems pleased and Simeon laughingly agrees. Luke tells them it's no laughing matter they have to stop it but the device writes loving messages to Lucifer, Solomon, Luke, and MC. Simeon is amused until Lucifer calls him about his "love confession" to Diavolo, believing it's a prank. Simeon corrects him, explaining it's a cyber devil virus.

"Don't get me involved!"

The three go to RAD where Diavolo thanks Simeon, to Lucifer's chagrin. Leviathan, misunderstanding matters, asks Simeon if Diavolo is his type, so MC and Luke explains the virus. Leviathan was asked to help because of his electronics expertise. Within seconds he seems to have fixed it to Luke's shock. Leviathan explained he updated the security software but also reveals he installed an anisong streaming app. When he realizes Lucifer is furious he grabs Luke and rushes away under the pretext of wanting to play Mononoke Land with him. MC and Simeon take a walk through Devildom after leaving RAD. Simeon thanks them and MC can choose to take a selfie with him. Simeon tells MC he will send a round of messages to explain about all the flirty messages and will tell them how he feels about them in his own words. He asks MC to look forward to it.

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