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Members: Satan, Belphegor, MC PurpleTOCCircle.png


Story Chats[edit]

Title CG Requirements
Welcome to the Formerly Anti-Lucifer League! Lesson 17-20
Plan F Lesson 31-9

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title CG Day Number
Making You Lazy Day 148
Ultimate Vampire Day 168
DevilTuber Debut? 3 Day 203
The Secret to Stress Relief: Satan Day 227
A Kind Brother Day 263
Potato Chip Party 1 Day 277
Helldown Day 3 Day 301
A Prank on Lucifer Day 303
A Third Eye? Day 317
Not a Morning Person Day 376
An Unexpected Prank 1 Day 391
Identity Day 408
Unexplained Dreams 1 Day 416
The Latest Prank Day 428
Test Subject Day 436
Next to Me Day 440
Recollection of Class Day 480
Existential Crisis Day 502
Time to Unite Day 523
They Never Learn Day 554
Swapping Records 1 Day 582
Satan's Reading Method 1 Day 591
Hiding Spots Day 614
An Irresistible Tail 1(1) Day 653
A Difficult Mission Day 672
Mammon's Training 4 Day 715
Life With Pets Day 736
If I Had a Castle 2 Day 752
United and Committed to the Cause Day 756
Belphie's Pride Day 765
Back to Square One 1 Day 801
A Hell-Raising Energy Drink Day 823
Difficulty Level Z Day 831
Apprenticeship? 3 Day 834
Cat and Mouse Day 839
Asmo Is All the Rage 3 Day 866
Lucifer's Just Deserts 1 Day 894
Sketchbooks and Master Artists 2 Day 913
A Friendly Wager Day 1,034
A Productive Walk 1 Day 1,074
What's in the box?! 3 Day 1,099
Our Daily Fun Day 1,103

Card Chats[edit]

Title CG Requirements
Lucifer's Bane: The Bringers of Pain What Goes Around Comes Around
Can I Ask You Something? Colorful Panic
He's at Our Mercy You, Me and Devil's Coast
We'll Get 'Em This Time Make a Blueberry Pie!
What's With Lucifer? Before the Big Day
Lucifer's Power Not Taking It Off
Next Time, for Sure! The Devil Wears Makeup
Get the Lucifer Folder! Bunny Boy Transformation!
About Last Night Leave It to Me!
Making Everyone Hate Him About the Interview
Valuable Magic Solomon the Researcher
Anti-Lucifer League Meeting Braids and Purple Flowers
Be Careful of Sleep Deprivation! To Dreamland
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