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Story Chats[edit]

Title CG Requirements
A Missive for Satan Lesson 2-12
Maintaining the Facade Lesson 22-A
Did You Make It There Safely? Lesson 23-7
A New Side to Lucifer Lesson 37-18
Party on the Balcony Lesson 41-17
Lost at the Theme Park 2 Lesson 55-15
Barbatos's Holiday 3 Happy Birthday! Dear Barbatos '21 2-6
Mammon's Amazing Birthday Vacation 3 Happy Birthday! Dear Mammon '22 1-17
For Our Dear Diavolo! 3 Happy Birthday! Dear Diavolo '22 1-19

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title CG Day Number
Hello (Lucifer) Day 1
Where Are You? Day 5
Mammon's Whereabouts Day 6
RAD Virtual School Day 10
Secret Between Brothers Day 11
How Have You Been Doing? Day 13
Call of Cooking Duty Day 14
A Gift for Beel Day 16
Breakfast is Ready Day 18
Family Day 23
Chess Partner Day 25
Do I Terrify You? Day 26
Solicitation Day 30
About the SNS Ban Day 33
Mysterious Letters Day 47
The Envelope Day 52
Delivery Day 86
In the Mood Day 105
Bittersweet Day 159
Lucifer's Best Qualities Day 179
Lucifer's Favor Day 189
Walking Cerberus 1 Day 200
The Secret to Good Sleep Day 206
Lucifer's Melancholy Day 244
A Secret Invite Day 265
Before Bed Day 282
Where Is Belphie? Day 292
All-Night Movie Marathon 2 Day 311
A Lunch Invitation Day 319
Help! 3 Day 337
A Sneaky Prank? Day 345
Body Measurements 2 Day 358
Greetings From Afar Day 362
A Delicious Job Day 382
Intense Craving Day 392
Pretty Please Day 413
Happy Rumors Day 431
Time With a Special Someone Day 453
Let's Go for a Drive! 2 Day 475
Suspicious Day 495
The Sorcerer's Record 2 Day 504
Care for a Drink? Day 512
Vacation Plans Day 522
The Aftermath Day 531
Homework Day 543
ABC Word Chain 12 Day 572
A Thoughtful Meal Day 573
Swapping Records 2 Day 582
Listening to Cursed Records Together Day 611
Carrot and Stick Day 617
Flower Viewing Invitation 2 Day 643
Suspicious Weather Day 675
The Beauty of Glasses 1 Day 682
Hell Soy Sauce Flavor Cup Ramen Day 706
A Plan For Leisure Day 712
The Mysterious Sticker 4 Day 728
Faith in His Brother Day 760
What Makes a Beautiful Garden? Day 778
How to Enjoy Soba Day 797
A Day of Laughter Day 821
Meow-Staken for Someone Else Day 854
My Phone's Wallpaper Day 889
Balance is Important Day 933
About Dinner Day 934
Asmo Night Location Day 947
Message on a Cup Day 979
Who Is It? 1 Day 1,010
The Serenate Seeds Day 1,046
The Same Old Issue 3 Day 1,102
Change of Plans Day 1,183
Sheeptchi 11 Day 1,191

Card Chats[edit]

Title CG Requirements
Invitation from the Oldest Brother The Glory Days
Would You Like to Join Me? 1-2 Lucifer's Private Life / Being the Oldest
What Did You Think? Seven Rulers of Hell (Lucifer)
A Report Lucifer the Butler
What's Wrong with Levi? The Joker's Curse
Regarding Mammon Pandas Mean Profit!
Help Please Levi Dreams of Sleep
The Hickey Idol Lucifer
Welcome Back Chronicles of an Otaku
To Be a Werewolf Full Moon
Birthday Dinner Quality Time for Two
All Thanks to You Presents for Lucifer
London Was... A Misty Town
My Interests You, Me and Devil's Coast
Rock Isn't Half Bad Lucifer the Demon of Rock
About Mammon Greed and Pride
My Dream Wedding Before the Big Day
A Christmas for Two Big Brother Santa Claus
The Photos That I Want The Devil Wears Makeup
Piano for Two Full of Surprises
Beyond Me Lucifer's Color Night
Precautionary Measures Emergency Date Mission
Project Results Spray Paint!
Vacation Memories A Brief Respite
The End of Summer A Night to Remember
Next Year's Halloween Happy Haunted Houses?
Letting Your Hair Down Braids and Purple Flowers
A Persistent Droning A Fly-by Scoop!
Lucifer's Insight Luke's Shortcomings
Baking Craze? Lucifer, the Pâtissier
Beneath the Facade The Night of the Party
After the Pandas Panda-Monium!
The Pictures Diavolo Took Lucifer's Rough Day
First Encounters Skeleton Ship Skirmish!
The Best Security a Casino Could Ask For A Roll of the Dice
An Intriguing Record Birthday Promises
I Wanted to Say Thank You The Forbidden Door
The Fate of the Macarons An Adorable Hound
Not Ideal Conditions! Soaring Fish
A Pool Party for Two Night Pool Party!
And the Vote Goes to... To the Exhibition
Touchy-Feely Lucifer Date on the Range
Demons Love a Good Festival Wish Upon a Soul Flower
Cheers to Secrecy A Private Celebration
The Next Date? Sweet Valentine Honesty

Phone Calls[edit]

Title Requirements
Happy Birthday (Lucifer) Player's First Birthday
Happy Birthday2 (Lucifer) Player's Second Birthday
Happy Birthday3 (Lucifer) Player's Third Birthday
Anniversary 1 Half Year of Playing
Happy Holidays (Big Brothers) Player's First Christmas
Happy New Year (Big Brothers) Player's First New Year's
Lucifer Overload Lv. 5 Intimacy
Your Voice Lv. 10 Intimacy
Teacher Lucifer Lv. 15 Intimacy
Shopping Lv. 20 Intimacy
Urgent Business Lv. 25 Intimacy
Meeting Place Lv. 30 Intimacy
Lost Lv. 35 Intimacy
From Far Away (Lucifer) Lv. 40 Intimacy
Daily 1 Lv. 40 Intimacy
Daily 2 Lv. 45 Intimacy
Daily 3 Lv. 50 Intimacy
Daily 4 Lv. 55 Intimacy
please add Lv. 60 Intimacy
please add Lv. 65 Intimacy
please add Lv. 70 Intimacy
please add Lv. 75 Intimacy
please add Lv. 80 Intimacy
please add Lv. 85 Intimacy
please add Lv. 90 Intimacy
please add Lv. 95 Intimacy
please add Lv. 99 Intimacy
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