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This page lists all chats in Obey Me! sent to MC by Mammon. For phone calls from Mammon, see Mammon's Calls.

Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Hello (Mammon) Lesson 1-10
I'm Not Afraid! Lesson 1-15
Beelzebub, Avatar of Gluttony Lesson 4-19
Romance is for Normies Lesson 22-15
You Never Forget Your First 1 Lesson 22-18
My Awesome Idea Lesson 27-19
Things Take a Turn for the Weird Lesson 70-9
The First Summoning Lesson 70-19
Happy Birthday to the Great Mammon 1-2 Happy Birthday! Dear Mammon 1-7

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Better Get Your Story Straight Day 3
Lemme See Your Homework! Day 4
Can't Catch Any ZZZs Day 5
Where is Lucifer? Day 6
The Single Life 1-5 Day 10-13
My Savior Has Arrived 1-2 Day 14
So, Ya Wanna Be a Model? Day 16
Wake-Up Caller Wanted Day 19
Mammon's Agony Day 34
A Chance to Repent? Day 46
The Demon at My Door Day 66
Sunglasses Day 94
Invitation (NOT) Day 141
Scent 1 Day 144
Midnight Snack Day 149
Report Day 158
Jackpot? Day 170
Mammon's Best Qualities Day 176
Where's the Necklace? 2 Day 184
Mammon's Transformation Day 190
Venturing Into the Unknown Day 200
Lonely Nights Day 207
The 666 Mysteries of RAD 1 Day 215
Mammon's Words of Love Day 221
The Search for Mammon 2 Day 235
Movie Night 2 Day 253
New Goldie Day 267
Mammon's Magic Medicine Day 274
Let's Take a Pop Quiz 2 Day 281
When It's Pouring Rain Day 283
Mammon's Treat Day 316
Waiting Impatiently Day 319
Updating My Look Day 339
Last Resort Day 348
Your Favorite Color 1-2 Day 356-357
Delivery Service Day 362
Your Account Has Been Suspended Day 372
The Day I've Been Waiting For Day 382
A Special Present Day 392
Rendezvous Day 424
Hell Poison Honey Flavor Day 443
Up for Hookie? Day 454
Gold Axe or Silver Axe? Day 482
SOS Day 486
Something's Fishy Day 495
Unreasonable Day 511
Treasure Map Day 515
They Had It Coming Day 521
Mammon's Scheming Day 530
Accidental Text Day 544
ABC Word Chain 11 Day 571
Ways to Spend Extra Cash Day 590
Treasure Hunt Day 616
Seriously Serious Day 618
Shopping for Who? Day 634
Flower Speculation Day 642
Mammon's Proposition 1 Day 677
The Lost Sock 3 Day 698
Drawing Psychological Test Day 719
Just Not Into It Day 735
Mammon Takes the Stage Day 744
The Bestseller 2 Day 763
Outdoor Stalls Day 778
Our Little Secret 2 Day 788
An Amazing Perk Day 810
Eyes on Me Only Day 835
Mammon's One-of-a-Kind Perspective Day 850
After-School Soap Opera Day 853
Devitton Day 888
Who Left the Hickey? Day 912
Just Missed You Day 932
Poor Great Mammon Day 935
Mammon's New Look Day 948
Flower Meanings 2 Day 975
The Cursed Room 1 Day 987
Who Is It? 2 Day 1,010
Mammon Goes Viral 1 Day 1,040
Atrocious Chocolate Pudding Day 1,057
The Paper Plane Tournament 3 Day 1,086
Power Spot Day 1,106
Room Switch 5 Day 1,130
All-New Cup Cuties Capsule Toys 8 Day 1,156
Afternoon Nap Day 1,164
How Do I Look?CG 1 Day 1,186
Gooey Cheese Chips Day 1,199
After School Promise Day 1,209
Killing More Time Day 1,222

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
To See Mammon Smile Illusion Birthday
Killing Time The Guardian Demon
A Lesson on Frugality One Too Many Insults
Nightmares The Mammon Way
Let's Get Something Straight Seven Rulers of Hell (Mammon)
Unbelievable! Join Me for a Cup of Tea
It's Gone! Belphie in Wonderland
Levi S*cks Pandas Mean Profit!
All Acordin' to My Plan! Valentine Party for Two
About Us Idol Mammon
What's Up? Even If You're Far Away
Between Us Let's Go on a Date!
Next Time at the Sea Beach Flag Race!
A Letter From Mammon Special Day
Our Little Secret Lemon Parfait Lovers
Your Turn to Choose Fired-Up Fashion Battle!
No Gifts for the Naughty? Christmas Tree
All Your Time Belongs to Me! Staying Home Together
A Specially-Made Omelet Race for the Golden Egg!
Put on a Suit for Me! Mammon at the Office
Where to Next? You Always Ride Shotgun
Give Us a Longer Break! A Private Beach for Two
Twinning Mammon's Shades
Let's Make Something Else Abundant Accessories
The Perfect Power Mammon's Ears...
What's the Celebration? Movie Date
Cuisine and Punishment Double Hide-and-Seek
Money Talks A Maskless Masquerade?
Mammon's Date Plan The Perfect Date
Treasure Musings Go Get That Gold!
Better Than Ever! A Chaotic Refrain
Gambling Instincts? Let's Hit the Casino!
Just Got Paid Part-Time Job Plan
Romantic Plants With You, Always
Everyone's Yokai Costumes Trying On Yokai
The Golden Petal Mammon Becomes King
Nothin' to Fear I've Got Your Back
Greed Knows No Bounds A New Contract
Non-Believers Mammon's Fortune
Can't Hold These Feelings Back! Whispered Sweet Nothings
Overflowing Greed Best Seat in the House
Runaway Love Fashion Hot Shot
Scarcity Value Money Honey
So, Who Won? The Barber of Horroville
The Best Dance In Sync
A Future of Cooperation The Fallen Prince
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