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Return My Glow
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 5
Card: Return My Glow
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Don't see anything different here."

After the spell from Angelic Demons is over, Asmodeus asks MC to return the skin care products he gave them under the influence of the spell. He feels bad about asking for them back, and promises to buy them new as a gift for MC if they liked them. Asmo complains about the condition of his skin and decides it's a self-care day. He invites MC to join him and prepares a bath first.

"Make sure not to skip leg day."

In Asmodeus's bathroom, the bath is set up with aroma candles and flower petals. He and MC take a bath in their swimsuits. If MC wants to move closer to him, he makes a flower crown for each of them. Asmo's convinced that the bath seems much more luxurious if taken in a flower crown. After the bath he feels much better about his skin, but the skincare regimen isn't over - it's time to moisturise. Asmo offers MC to help them put the cosmetics onto their arms, which they can reject or accept. If they accept, he adds a massage to improve circulation and help their skin to absorb the lotion.

"A nice smell is coming from Asm..."

As hair care is next on Asmo's list, he applies some hair oil onto MC's hair and combs it. If MC tells him it feels nice, he expresses that letting someone touch one's hair is a sign of trust and he wouldn't let any of his brothers close to his hair. After he's done, MC has a choice to thank him or return the favour, which makes him want to be taken care of by MC forever. Once the hair regimen is finished, Asmo feels like his glow has returned, so it's time for final touches.

"This is...acceptable."

The final touches that Asmo needs to return to his previous self are compliments from MC. Since he stopped loving himself under the spell, he's now starving for praise. And so, MC showers him with compliments. If MC runs out of compliments, Asmo runs off to look for some appreciation elsewhere. However if they say that there are so many wonderful things about him that they can't choose, Asmo claims it's the nicest thing he's ever heard and tells them he loves them, which leads to a kiss option.

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