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Strongest of Them All Devilgram.png
Strongest of Them All
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 3
Beelzebub Lv. 3
Card: Strongest of Them All
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"See? It's just a..."

Leviathan is reading in the music room when Asmodeus and Satan enter and he realizes they're watching him. He grows suspicious and attempts to leave but then Asmo pinches him in his side. They explain they've been discussing who is more out of shape. Satan was teasing Asmo about it. So Asmo wanted to prove him wrong and they confirmed that Levi has definitely a flabbier body than Asmo.


Mammon joins the discussion and says that it's no wonder that Leviathan is the most out of shape with his lifestyle. Satan agrees - he's actually surprised that Levi isn't in much worse shape. Levi however claims that he does work out with exercise videos in his room, but Mammon doesn't believe those are any good. He'd believe if Beelzebub, the most athletic of them and the champion of RAD's arm wrestling tournament, would use exercise videos. They all say that they'd beat Levi in arm wrestling with no problem and Mammon calls him the Lord of Weaklings. Levi finally explodes and claims he could lift and throw Beel through the room.

"That was worth it."

Satan, Mammon, Asmodeus, and Leviathan head to the sports club where Beelzebub is practicing. They come during a match that decides which players get to represent the club and which get only the bench, so all players are serious about winning, but Beel is in a different league. Levi is getting cold feet but doesn't want to admit that when others remind him that he claimed that he can fling Beel through the air and taunt him to show them what he's got.

"He brought it upo..."

Leviathan is aware that he has no chance winning with Beelzebub fair and square so he tries to catch him off guard. He though asks if he can pick him up for a moment, but Beel doesn't agree. Levi tries to convince him by claiming that it's for celebration of his great performance and tells him that he told others that he was going to raise Beel into the air like the champion he is. Beel finally agrees, but as Levi tries to pick him up, Mammon slips that Levi was going to fling Beel through the air. As Beel gets alarmed, stressed Levi finally manages to pick him up, but hurts his back when doing so. Beel feels bad about it and reassures Levi that he doesn't have to pick him up to celebrate and that the thought counts.

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