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The Road to Marriage Devilgram.png
The Road to Marriage
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 5
Beelzebub Lv. 3
Card: The Road to Marriage
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"You'd be no match for me."

Leviathan, MC, and Beelzebub all meet up in Leviathan's room. Beel is unsure why he's there but Levi tells him the new game he wants to play is meant for 3 players. The new game is a Choose Your Own Adventure where players fall in love with the main character and the first to marry them wins. If MC points out it sounds difficult Levi is quick to assure them its a pick and choose your answers game. You need to choose the answer that you think will make the MC happiest.

"Everyone has their tastes."

The 3 start playing. The first choice comes during the first date. The players meet their date who asks how their clothes look. Leviathan asks MC what they say and MC can choose an opinion. If MC chooses "they look great", Levi reveals he chose similarly. Beelzebub chooses the other option and Levi thinks he doesn't understand romance. Surprisingly, the game character likes Beel's response best while Levi got a negative reaction. Levi realises the character did not like their outfit and complains they should have just worn what they liked and that even pros like himself can mess up... They go on to the next scenario: after watching a horror movie, what would they say to their date? If MC chooses to reassure the game character, Levi reveals he chose similarly while Beel states he chose the opposite. It turns out only Beel got a positive reaction! Levi's reaction was "too overbearing", thus he wonders if trying to be cool leaves a bad impression instead. He hopes to make a comeback...

"What a gloomy personality."

Levi complains the game is difficult. They go to next scenario: what would you say after first fight? If MC picks "I refuse to apologise", Beel is pleased, saying if he's at fault he will apologise but that here, the main character is at fault. Levi scoffs asking when will they ever learn, you apologise whether wrong or right. He turns out to be right and tells them it's important to apologise first and see how things play out. After some time, Levi admits he's exhausted -- this game is more difficult than normal dating games. They have finally hit the proposal stage but Levi realises that they have different parameters and thus the main has a hard time choosing. If MC declares they don't think they will win, Beel comforts them and hopes they can make it to the end without cheating.

"In reality, there's no right way."

Leviathan announces they are at the final scene and whoever has the best proposal wins. The end is a bit different from other dating games as the 3 cannot choose the same answers – there's only 1 correct option. Going in order of points, MC starts first. They can choose "Wanna get married?", "I'll make you happy forever.", or "Let's find happiness together." The story ending changes depending on the option picked. If MC picks the unromantic option, MC wins to Levi's unhappiness. He will then switch off the game and threaten to leave a 1 star review as he does not want to share MC with anyone! If MC picks the romantic option, Beel gets his turn next and Leviathan complains as he is left with the least romantic option and he knows it's "not the correct answer". When he goes to find out the winner, there are no winners! Levi is left confused as Beel asks if it's a glitch. After checking, it seems no one got it right. Levi asks if they are that unpopular and Beel tells him not to say that as it's too sad.

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