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Time for the Main Event! Devilgram.png
Time for the Main Event!
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 7
Card: Time for the Main Event!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"A makeover?"

Asmodeus enters MC's room and offers to give them a makeover, just like a fairy godmother fitting them in glass slippers. He says he wants to make MC even more beautiful than they already are. When MC agrees, he calls an "assistant" to help him with the first part.

"Perhaps I should join them."

In the planetarium, Asmodeus and MC meet Beelzebub. Asmodeus called him to help with MC's workout, the same way Beelzebub helps Asmodeus sometimes. As MC does sit-ups, Asmodeus helps by holding their feet. As their lips almost met when MC does sit-ups, he offers to kiss MC as a reward.

"Anything would suit you."

After the workout, Asmodeus takes MC out for shopping. He quizzes MC in what colours would fit them and how to make a casual yet formal look, before whipping an outfit for them to try on. When MC shows Asmo the outfit he picked, Mammon finds them, and acts flustered to see MC in such clothing, saying it looks good on them. If MC says that Asmo chose it, however, he will backpedal on his commentary.

"Hey, show me as well!"

Back in Asmodeus room, he offers MC to either do their nails or give them a hand massage. After that, comes hair styling. MC can choose for Asmodeus to do their hair, or to do it themselves. Finally, he chooses a parfum for MC. He takes MC to look at the mirror, and blushes when he sees how beautiful MC looks like. If MC wants to show everyone their new look, Asmodeus feels jealous because then all the other brothers would fall for MC. If MC chooses to stay, Asmodeus is relieved and offers MC to stay until morning.

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