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Trick Quest
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 7
Card: Trick Quest
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"Levi's pranks are so ba..."

Leviathan drops by MC's room and wants them to go with him to the town to join the Halloween celebration. He doesn't plan to go to any party as it's a normie thing, but wants to play trick or treat. He explains that he's not like everyone - others trick when they don't get candy, but he tricks people regardless of whether or not he gets sweets. He claims it's okay because it's Halloween and they can just laugh it off and run.

"No weird ingredients."

Leviathan and MC choose the first target - Beel, who's sweet-hearted enough to not get angry at their prank. They find Beel in the hallway on his trick or treat quest and Levi gives him a treat - an extremely spicy pie with ghost peppers. Beel doesn't notice the spice and leaves after having eaten the pie. MC can then state that it just didn't work or taunt Levi to try the pie - if they taunt him, he gets his tongue burned by the spice and they have an emergency run to the kitchen so he can drink water.

"How lax."

Levi's next target is Satan - Levi exchanged all the books in his room for manga as he doesn't want to piss Satan off too much with a more serious prank. Levi and MC try to hide in the closet but Levi gets embarrassed at how close they are. Soon, Satan comes and finds the manga and starts reading - he's having fun and looks for another volume. Another prank failed - Satan not only changes his opinion about manga, but wants to thank Levi for the "gift." Levi panics that he's not going to retrieve his collection - but fortunately still has sealed untouched copies of all the volumes as he used only copies he was keeping for reading for the prank.

"It's too obvious."

Leviathan is heartbroken that all his pranks failed - it was his first time to try and he just wanted to do something fun on Halloween. But there's still the last prank he planned for Mammon - he replaced all the expensive-looking goods that Mammon wanted to sell with cheap replicas. But as Mammon checks on the goods, he has second thoughts as he stole the goods from Lucifer. He takes the items back to Lucifer's room. Levi and MC run after him but Lucifer catches Mammon and notices that the item he is holding is a replica. Mammon points out that Levi has been sneaking around his room. He notices and scolds Levi as Levi should think through his pranks more carefully. Lucifer starts a lecture as well, but Levi runs away. Depending on MC's choices, he's either caught by Lucifer or locks himself in his room.

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