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A Virtual Drive Devilgram.png
A Virtual Drive
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 7
Card: A Virtual Drive
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"Isn't a real drive more fun?"

Leviathan invited MC over to play his new VR game. The newest Devil Theft Auto game was just released, and Leviathan gushes over how realistic it feels. The main reason he asked MC to join was so they could have a driving date.

"You packin' your own bags?"

Leviathan spent the past day grinding to buy a cute car. Before they can go, they have to pack, because equipment and hunger now have a huge impact on stats. One of the bags is too heavy, and falls back on him. MC can either help him load it, or post his accident on Devilgram, which Leviathan allows them to do so when he sees how happy it makes MC. Leviathan drives just like how he would if they were in the real world, before asking MC a favor.

"Driving games look fun."

Leviathan asks if MC can hold his hand while they're at a red light. Accepting makes him incredibly elated, but if the light is green, he'll focus on driving with a couple of sniffles for missing out. They then stop at a gas stop so he can calm down. He's been extremely careful while driving with such an important passenger. MC can take over behind the wheel and be a natural at it, otherwise Levi will be the one to back out of the lot. When reversing, he puts his arm around the back of MC's seat, which he learned from videos about swooning tactics.

"Why's it in VR?"

As the date continues, Leviathan thinks about how he had never considered dating before MC came along. They can tell him either that this is just the start of his journey, or firmly state that he has changed. He brings them to the spot with the best view, which thanks to the designers efforts and his top-of-the-line equipment makes the water and night sky look magnificent. He buys a parfait that, while beautiful, doesn't have any taste. Leviathan then wants to try out a line he's heard on MC. Saying it to him first will make him say "I love you" and promise a real world date in the future. Letting him say it can lead to either him getting flustered, or becoming more assertive.

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