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Adventures in Voice Chat is the eighth solo audio drama that was released alongside Diavolo's character song No. 1 on January 25th, 2022.


English Translation[edit]

Leviathan: Kill stealer! Damn, he got you.

Diavolo: My apologies, Leviathan, I messed up.

Leviathan: Nah, it was my bad. Plus, the controls are objectively hard for someone just starting out.

Diavolo: True... But I've got the h-*ugh*

Leviathan: Did you get motion sick?! FPS's are fu-*ugh* Y-Yeah...

Diavolo: By the way, what kind of controller are you using? Can I try it?

Leviathan: What? No?

Diavolo: Why not?

Leviathan: Because I'm talking to you through a headset from my room?

Diavolo: Oh, right you indeed. We were conversing so naturally that I forgot you weren't right next to me.

Leviathan: It's getting late, so how about we call it a day?

Diavolo: R-Right. Be careful getting home.

Leviathan: I'm still in my room... See ya. Oh, I almost forgot to feed Henry. Henry. All right, time for bed. Ah, I forgot to log out of the voice chat.

Diavolo: That was so much fun. But I do need to work on my aim.

Leviathan: Don't tell me Lord Diavolo forgot to log out too?!

Diavolo: That's it, I'm practicing every day now!

Leviathan: Why's he talking to himself so loudly?

Diavolo: Ah! Darn it! I've done it now.

Leviathan: Did he notice?

Diavolo: No... Crap! I did all I could, but I have been taken out! The first part was a bit long... I've fallen!

Leviathan: Is he practicing saying he's downed?

Diavolo: Communication is key in team games after all.

Leviathan: I guess so... Wait, did he just reply?!

Diavolo: Practice makes perfect you know?

Leviathan: Nope, still hasn't noticed...

Diavolo: I've been killed! On my X! I've been downed! I'm being shot!

Leviathan: Why's he always the one dying?!

Diavolo: I will die soon! I am nearing my demise! Barbatos, I didn't die once today! I didn't want to, but I died!

Leviathan: Why was one aimed at Barbatos? Was it wish fulfillment? I ain't goin' down! Or so I thought until I was killed!

Leviathan: It'd be better to practice ways not to die.

Diavolo: I should revise what Leviathan told me too. Leviathan... I won't drag you down anymore, so don't leave me behind!

Leviathan: Is that what it's like to play with me?!

Diavolo: It's like I can hear him in here now.

Leviathan: Yeah, I wonder why...?

Lucifer: Diavolo, I'm coming in.

Diavolo: Oh, Lucifer!

Leviathan: Lucifer's at the Demon Lord's Castle?

Lucifer: I need to talk to you. So... Could you stop that handstand?

Leviathan: He was doing a handstand?!

Diavolo: Ah, right, sorry. I was getting carried away. Is you-know-what... all okay?

Leviathan: You-know-what?

Diavolo: Of course. Trust me, would you?

Lucifer: This information absolutely must not get out.

Diavolo: Don't you worry about that.

Leviathan: Your headset is literally still on.

Lucifer: Good. This absolutely, most definitely, must not be heard by anyone.

Diavolo: Naturally. And if it was?

Lucifer: We'd have to get "rid" of them.

Leviathan: Wha...

Lucifer: But that would never happen, right?

Diavolo: As if someone could be listening in to us right now...

Lucifer: Right... Leviathan?

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