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This page lists all chats in Obey Me! sent to MC by Barbatos. For phone calls from Barbatos, see Barbatos's Calls.

Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Lost at the Theme Park 1 Lesson 55-15
Smile in Bloom Devilgram Smile in Bloom

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Bath Salt Day 99
An Invitation from Barbatos Day 181
CATastrophe 3 Day 183
It's Been Half a Year Day 183
A Simple Reason Day 193
Barbatos's Research Day 270
Barbatos's Garden Day 280
A Patissier's Suffering? Day 287
A Good Match for Afternoon Tea Day 323
Shopping Bag Craze Day 335
Dealing with a Drunk Day 360
The Fragrance of Tea Day 366
Foresight 1 Day 389
Junk Food Day 396
A Whim Day 427
TSL Quiz Day 447
Barbatos's Ulterior Motive Day 457
With Gratitude Day 468
Care to Join Me? Day 500
How to Get Rid of Rats Day 507
A Guilty Secret Day 526
A Request Day 537
Sticker Challenge Day 551
ABC Word Chain 4 Day 568
A Tea-Tasting Contest Day 580
Diavolo's Tea Party Proposal 2 Day 606
An Irresistible Tail 2 Day 653
Guess Who? 2 Day 667
The RAD Cleanup Plan 2 Day 720
The Mysterious Container Day 722
One Hell of a Butler 3 Day 746
A Novel Sort of Tea Party 3 Day 773
A Gift From Barbatos Day 779
Devildom-Style Cooking Day 789
Tea Time with Barbatos Day 798
Barbatos's Herb Garden 2 Day 802
A Special Tea Set Day 818
Claying Around With Pottery Day 849
The Big SecretCG 1 Day 857
The Necktie Day 882
Asmo's Treasure 2 Day 919
Demonus Sabers Day 925
I Wish You Luck Day 942
Tea Time 3CG 1 Day 955
Picture Postcard Day 968
Who Is It? 9 Day 1,014
A Thank You for Earlier Day 1,031
Before I Drift Off Day 1,064
Matcha Fad Day 1,069
Nature Cameras Day 1,111
All-New Cup Cuties Capsule Toys 3CG 1 Day 1,147
Original Blend Day 1,196

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
His Gaze Idol Beel
I Apologize for the Scene Tea Served by a Butler
Back from the Book A Butler's Private Lesson
A Tea Party to Bury the Hatchet A Butler's Day Off
A Performance for You Skating and Sentiments
Under the Weather A Kind Demon's Care
How Was It? A Gift From Diavolo
Show Me More Barbatos the Mechanic
Next Time... Immortalized on Canvas
Revenge All Because of That
Raphael's Spears Mammon vs. Raphael?
Our Next Date A Party Just for Two
What I Wish For... New Year's With You
A True Leader Bunny Barbatos's Big Day
Care to Deal Again? The Perfect Poker Face
The All-Hearing Butler The Furry-Eared Butler
From a Happy Butler My Master
When Peace Returns The Ultimate Duo
Rave Reviews An Amazing Outfit for You
When Spring Arrives Our Private Wonderland
Honey Treats for All Honey's Sweet Allure
Update on the Brothers Satan Versus Sandwich!
What's With the Apples Too Much of a Good Thing
A Very Grave Situation A Foodie's Dream Tour
Finder's Fee The Elusive Flute
The Perfect Butler's Weakness? Field Goal Tag Team
Protective Charms A Special Illumination
Date Reservation Uncontrollable Feelings
All Kinds of Spirits Wind Spirits & Surprises
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