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This page lists all dialogues spoken by Barbatos in Obey Me! during Surprise Guest interactions, on the Home Screen, and more! For all dialogues with associated voice clips in Majolish, titles and links to Barbatos's Majolish Voice Clips page are provided.

Title Screen[edit]

Translation of Barbatos's Title Screen dialogue.

  • please add

Dance Battles[edit]

Dialogues said during battles.

Battle Skills[edit]

  • "Pardon me." (Skill 1)
  • "As you wish." (Skill 2)
  • "We shall be victorious." (Skill 3)
  • "How about this?" (Skill 5)
  • "I shall give it my all." (Skill 8)
  • "First come, first attack served."
  • "How is this to your liking?"
  • "I humbly return your blow."
  • "I'm next."
  • "It is time for a counterattack."
  • "It's not over yet."
  • "My turn."
  • "Pardon my retort."
  • "Playtime is over."
  • "Shall we call it payback?"
  • "The finale is mine."
  • "There is still more tidying to be done."
  • "With all due respect, I..."
  • "Ready to apologize?"
  • "Is it my turn next?"

Surprise Guest[edit]

Dialogues said during Surprise Guest interactions when not using Items.

Three-Star Wins[edit]

  • "High five? Is this sufficient?"
  • "Please continue as you are now, striving to do your best."

Two-Star/One-Star Wins[edit]

  • "I am simply glad I could be of service."

Home Screen[edit]

  • "The Young Master will be glad to see you are progressing with your lessons."
  • "Staying up until dawn is like poison to the body. No matter how busy you are, you must always get proper sleep."
  • "Is there some way I may be of service?"

Gifting the Player[edit]

  • "I got these for you."
  • "This is for you. Please feel free to use it in the future to meet the Young Master's expectations."


Heart Reactions[edit]

  • "Are you perhaps interested in me?"
  • "Beg my pardon, but I seem to have found an interest in you myself. Would you kindly tell me more about yourself?"
  • "I become rather pleased when I see you enjoying yourself."
  • "If I believe I can be of service to you, I will do anything."
  • "Looks like fun."
  • "Shall I prepare some tea for you as well?"
  • "You are free to touch me if you so wish."
  • "You have quite the touch, do you not?"
  • "Just like the Young Master, I too have my expectations of you."

Sparkle Reactions[edit]

  • "Has everything been to your satisfaction?"
  • "It is almost time for the Young Master's tea."
  • "It is the wish of the Young Master for us to increase our interactions with humans."
  • "Shall I stay for a little bit longer?"
  • "You feel this strongly about me?"
  • "You will have to do more to surprise me."

Sweat Reactions[edit]

  • "Be careful what you wish for with an attitude like that."
  • "I have business to attend to so would you kindly make this brief?"
  • "I too am a demon, you know? I believe it would be best if you did not get upset."
  • "I was not aware that you had such expectations of me."
  • "I will not forgive anyone disappointing the Young Master. Even you are not safe from my scorn."
  • "If I may speak frankly, this is quite unsettling."
  • "It is not wise to speak to other demons."
  • "You are not playing such games with the Young Master, are you?"
  • "You are truly the embodiment of fearlessness, are you not? Naturally, these are not words of praise."


Perfect Sequence[edit]

  • "I feel as if I now know why everyone is so captivated by you."
  • "I hope that you will get some rest soon. Farewell until tomorrow."
  • "The more time that passes, the more I find myself unable to take my eyes off you. It is a mystery as to when you became so important to me."
  • "This has been a splendidly rewarding time. I hope we will be able to spend more time together sometime."

Good Sequence[edit]

  • "Because of you I have gained a deeper understanding of humans."
  • "I shall look forward to next time."
  • "I very much enjoyed myself. I guess this is what it feels like to be satisfied."

Normal Sequence[edit]

  • "How nice it is to see you. I hope you have been well."
  • "Now, I shall be returning to the Young Master."
  • "You may find it to your benefit to learn more about how to interact with demons."

Bad Sequence[edit]

  • "I hope that you will be able to meet my expectations next time."
  • "The Young Master will be very disappointed."

Using Items[edit]

Dialogues said during Surprise Guest interactions when Items are used.

Standard Items[edit]

Heart Reactions[edit]

  • "As this is such a rare occasion, shall we enjoy it together? I shall prepare tea as a thank you."
  • "Haha, this will likely attract the envy of the Young Master."
  • "I shall enjoy these later."
  • "You have my thanks for presenting me with such a splendid gift."
  • "You knew exactly what I wanted. I shall cherish it with all my heart."
  • "You know just what piques my interest."

Sparkle Reactions[edit]

  • "Thank you for going out of your way to prepare this for me."

Sweat Reactions[edit]

  • "Are you sure you have not got the wrong person?"
  • "If I can speak the truth, I don't really like this sort of thing..."
  • "Just the though is enough to make me want to give thanks."

Whip of Love[edit]

  • "It appears you have achieved a passing grade."
  • "What a wonderful whip. The time finally came for me too to see it in my sights."
  • "You certainly have a unique way of using that."

Limited Items[edit]

For Limited Item dialogues of all characters, see the Limited Items Dialogues page.

Fall Fair Part 2[edit]

Note: all earlier released Limited Items have identical dialogues

  • "I did not think I would receive a present from you. This fills me with joy."
    • "I chose this because I thought it may be to your liking. Will you be so kind as to accept it?"

Christmas Fair[edit]

  • "These look very cute. They don't seem anything peculiar. I'm relieved."
    • "The Young Master tried to bring a Christmas tree into the castle, but I stopped him. It would be bothersome if a 300-foot Christmas tree was to be carried about all over the place."
    • "There is a small Christmas tree in the castle. Why don't we decorate it together?" (Demon Voucher)

Winter Fair[edit]

  • "You are giving this... to me? I thought I would give you one of these also, but you beat me to it."
    • "Satan was carrying around this strange scarf... I wonder what he plans on doing with it?"
    • "When I think that we will match, it gives me this warm, fuzzy feeling. I am very pleased. Thank you." (Demon Voucher)

Valentine's Fair[edit]

  • "You made these especially for me? I'll savor them and eat one a day. Hehe, how exciting."
    • "The Young Lord said he wishes to throw a Valentine's Day party in the castle. Make sure you join in."
    • "Here is something to express my gratitude. I hope we can spend Valentine's Day together next year as well." (Demon Voucher)

Dango Over Flowers Fair[edit]

  • "How lovely, this purple one is meant to represent demons, is it not? Are these by chance homemade? Eating them would almost be a waste."
    • "Be careful during the beginning of spring in the Devildom. You might get sent to the eighth-layer if you are not."
    • "I was going to make a packed lunch. But I can't decide what to put inside. Of course, I mean a lunch for our picnic under the cherry trees later." (Demon Voucher)

Talkative Music Note Fair[edit]

  • "Is this an Otama Tony by chance? I have to say, that is quite the amusing gift."
    • "The Young Lord appears to want to go to a Dogma Street karaoke competition. I had things to attend to, however, I fear he might jump in and take part."
    • "A thanks, from me. Also, would you mind clearing your schedule for the weekend? I would very much like to take you to a music festival at the Hell Dome." (Demon Voucher)

Tiny Flytrap Fair[edit]

  • "Thank you. This size could only mean... It truly adores you, doesn't it?"
    • "While it is small and cute, I would still not recommend hugging it. It's only a little, but it absorbs your magic. Be careful."
    • "If you are interested, would you like to go to the Hell's Garden market? There is a herb you can only get there. It goes well with both food and tea, so I would love to show it to you." (Demon Voucher)

Horror's Horror Cherry Pie[edit]

  • "Oh, why if it isn't a Horror's Horror Cherry Pie. You must have had to line up for quite a while to get this. Thank you for this very seasonally appropriate gift."
    • "Did you know cherry devil crush helps you focus and helps the body recover? I think Beelzebub has a match coming up soon. Maybe keep that in mind?"
    • "While I was shopping, I purchased some limited-time-only cherry devil crush. Let me invite you to the Castle Gazebo. Occasionally, it would be nice if we could sit down for tea just the two of us." (Demon Voucher)

A Summer Fireworks Frenzy[edit]

  • "These are the fireworks the Night Lantern People sell for a limited time, am I correct? Thank you. I do not much enjoy summer, but I do find fireworks fascinating. They are simply beautiful."
    • "I wonder why 'Mouse Fireworks' exist in the Devildom. Could it not have been squirrel or frog fireworks?"
    • "Before I forget, please don't tell the brothers about the fireworks. I don't want this chance to enjoy them alone with you to be spoiled." (Demon Voucher)

Juicy Revelation Tomatoes[edit]

  • "Revelation Tomatoes? They are quite delicious this time of year. I will graciously accept. But I have to reveal something to make them taste good, right?"
    • "Did you know each of the student council members have a fan club? We can't have them doing anything funny, so I sometimes go to the meetings to supervise them."
    • "When I was visiting the House of Lamentation, I heard you talking in your sleep. You were calling my name again and again. You were saying other things that made me smile too. But they shall remain my secret." (Demon Voucher)

Beware of Ghost Balloons?![edit]

  • "I dare say, are these Ghost Balloons? And you are giving it to me?...What kind of reaction were you expecting? Should I not be asking?"
    • "Ghost Balloons remind me of Lucifer. Lucifer was once startled by a Ghost Balloon, and knocked over one of the castle's va...never mind."
    • "Ghost Balloons are said to be popular because of their splendid popping sound and the thrill that they give...but for me, they are splendid because they give us a special experience we can have together." (Demon Voucher)

Give Your Heart to Candy![edit]

  • "This is that candy that tastes like the emotions of the sender, yes? Thank you. Are you trying to relax me? This is a very soothing flavor."
    • "I have actually received this candy from the Young Lord before. It was a perplexing, gentle flavor that got better with every lick."
    • "Please do come to the Demon Lord's Castle. I shall prepare some herbal tea for us. Making you feel relaxed is my, and no one else's, job." (Demon Voucher)

Jovial Gingerbread Men?![edit]

  • "A Jovial Gingerbread Man, yes? How delightful. You can only get them this time of year. Would you eat it with me? They have their quirks, but they can be quite good."
    • "Were you there when Asmodeus was being squashed by a Giant Jovial Gingerbread Man? He kept saying, 'you're a very, very bad boy!♡' so I let him be."
    • "I have a confession. I have been growing a black poinsettia to give you. These flowers represent the bond between two people. I hope our bond will continue to grow just like the flower." (Demon Voucher)

Zombie Iguana[edit]

  • "Oh, it's a Zombie Iguana. Thank you. Sometimes cursed Zombie Iguana get mixed in with the others. Might this one be cursed?"
    • "There, not a problem. That cat doll curse of Satan's was really quite a brother. The curse made everything appear as cats, but Satan didn't seem bothered by it at all."
    • "It's not as if you wished to suddenly hold my hand, correct? I see, this is the work of a curse. I would be unable to pour some special tea for you in this state. Allow me to break the curse...but hold hands again with you later." (Demon Voucher)

Relaxing Devil Bath Bombs[edit]

  • "A Devil Bath Bomb? The fact you noticed my fatigue means I have failed as a butler. However, these are well-known for their healing and relaxing properties. I will gladly use it."
    • "I'd like to give one of these to My Lord as well, but I have to be careful as the fragrance is random. I wouldn't want to imagine what would happen if it would end up being a fragrance he dislikes."
    • "Oh, so you used one as well? How did I know? It is the first time I can sense a hint of bloody bergamot around you." (Demon Voucher)

Hell Pancake Festival[edit]

  • "Madam Devian's Hell Pancakes? Thank you very much. I have been making nothing but pancakes recently, so it has been a while since I have eaten one myself."
    • "The Young Master entered the Skyscraper Challenge to stack Hell Pancakes. I am trying to do what I can as a butler, so I am baking 1,000 pancakes a day for practice."
    • "Would you like some of the pancakes I baked? I plan on making many more. I believe I can improve even further if you taste my pancakes." (Demon Voucher)

Cursed Candy Apples?![edit]

  • "Thank you very much. Cursed Candy Apples taste really good this time of year, so this is a nice choice. Ah, please do not worry about the curse. As you already know, this type of thing is commonplace in the Devildom."
    • "By the way, do you know the trick to spot a sweet Cursed Candy Apple? All you have to do is pick one that has crater-like spots on its surface. The manager of the Hell Greengrocer said that ones with bumps had more juice in them than round and pretty ones."
    • "Let me give you this as thanks. I might have already been beaten to it, but I am actually planning on making a gâteau invisible. If you are interested, would you like to make it with me in the Demon Lord's Castle the next time you are free? You can taste it freshly made, and we can spend some time together. We would kill two birds with one stone." (Demon Voucher)

Multifaced Eye Masks[edit]

  • "Oh,these Multifaced Eye Masks are quite pleasant. I am not too thrilled with the expression I am making,but I suppose it is okay if you are happy with it."
    • "Just please don't go overboard with these masks. Mammon and Solomon would tease me for least 100 years if they saw this face."
    • "These eye masks provide superior benefits, don't they? They are also not uncomfortable to wear. I wouldn't mind showing you a special face when the two of us are alone." (Demon Voucher)

Siren Sea Globe[edit]

  • "A Siren Sea Globe? I've been informed that even Majolish doesn't carry such items. It's an honor to receive such an indispensable relic. Thank you."
    • "You my be already aware, but the seas of the Devildom pose many dangers. Take care not to go alone. In particular, hell sun starglazers are attracted to the human scent. They could swallow a whole human in an instant."
    • "Located on the banks of the Siren Sea are these rare botanical specimens known as hellsnake gourds, which only bloom at night. If it pleases you, shall we go to observe them? It's not a particularly dangerous spot but I'll make sure to bring you back safely." (Demon Voucher)

Snow Ice Cream[edit]

  • "Thank you very much. This is the popular Demon Dazs Snow Ice Cream, correct? Rumor has it that snow falls when you eat some. This will be the first time trying some, so I am quite excited."
    • "Oh my. Snow really has begun falling. I think I'll bring some of this to the Young Master for his snack tomorrow. He's not performing as well as he usually does at work lately due to the heat. I think this would be quite refreshing for him."
    • "Oh? Snow really is falling. It's refreshing and delicious. Quite innovative, indeed. By the way, would you like to go to the Night Lantern People's summer festival with me? I would be honored if you would wear the yukata I made for you." (Demon Voucher)

Cursed Music Box[edit]

  • "Ah, a famous Cursed Music Box. I had better listen intently until the very end. Hehe. Are you telling me to relax and listen to the melody?"
    • "Did you know that Cursed Music Boxes resonate with each other when more than one is lined up? Listening to its own timbre must make it louder, doesn't it? That would be prefect to wake Belphegor up.
    • "Then, I shall take you up on your offer and take my time listening to this. You'll join me too, won't you? After all, your existence is the thing that helps me relax the most." (Demon Voucher)

Opposite Biscuit?![edit]

  • "An Opposite Biscuit? These were the ones where you say the opposite thing of what you are feeling if you eat them, correct? I see you are quite the trickster yourself if you wish for me to eat this."
    • "That's right. Solomon gave this biscuit to Lucifer once before asking for him to form a pact. Hehe, what do you think happened? Of course Lucifer had the upper hand. He simply did not speak during the whole thing."
    • "I really love you. Hehe, this is for your prank. Now, what do you think of me saying the opposite thing? I used the biscuit's effects against it to say what I truly meant. Rest assured, I dislike you immensely. That does feel strange..." (Demon Voucher)

Catastrophic Illumination[edit]

  • "A Catastrophic Candle, for me? You shouldn't have. It is an excellent way to relax, despite the variety of strange magic that may be instilled within."
    • "Looking at this green flame makes me want to coddle someone. Hmm, how strange... I'm off to see Lucifer on an errand on behalf of the Young Master. It will be quite uncomfortable if I end up petting his head. I suppose it can't be helped."
    • "Hm.. This blue flame makes my eyelids feel so heavy... a strong sedative spell has been cast upon it... or so... it seems... Would you lend me your lap for a moment...? Being in your presence is so... comfortable..." (Demon Voucher)

Super Soda Water[edit]

  • "Thank you for preparing this for me. Super Soda Water is very useful as an ingredient in many recipes, so I never let it go to waste."
    • "This is excellent for helping with fatigue, so I can put some of this in some jelly for the Young Master. I hope he will enjoy it. One must be careful not to cool it too much, though. In extreme cases, one's hair an stand on its end."
    • "It's particularly useful when preparing recipes with eggs. They help keep them fluffy, so I highly recommend it. Heh, I didn't think I would be so excited to show off my skills." (Demon Voucher)

A Beckoning Black Cat Brings Good Fortune[edit]

  • "Thank you kindly for this Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain. It is truly adorable. The rumors that these bring good fortune have been circulating around RAD. How puzzling... It seems to have disappeared."
    • "Where in the Devildom did this bench press come from? I have been meaning to do some more exercise but it's a bit too bulky. This is certainly from the House of Lamentation... Beelzebub is coming around later for some sweets so he can take it back with him."
    • "Are you all right? You were wobbling around a lot. Oh...? The cat is hiding behind you. Perhaps it was aiming to bring you closer to my side as to fulfill my dreams. Hehe, good kitty." (Demon Voucher)

Mont Blancs Full of Feelings[edit]

  • "A Mont Blanc of Desire filled with your wishes? I would have never imagined receiving one from you. Of course I'll eat it to understand your desires better. Thank you."
    • "You'd like to know what made me laugh the most? Well, there was one time Lucifer did something without thinking. I don't know if I had influenced him but once he called the Young Lord, 'the Baby Lord.' It was rather amusing."
    • "You have many desires. Of which the most remarkable is to spend a relaxing time in my room? Well, for you, my room is always open. Why not come and spend the night?" (Demon Voucher)

Bring Forth Good Luck with a Hell's Gate Rose Wreath[edit]

  • "I'm more than happy to accept this gift, but is your hand all right? After all, the thorns on the Hell's Gate Roses are quite sharp. It must be hard work weaving them into a wreath."
    • "I once put up a wreath in the Demon Lord's Castle before at the order of the Young Master. However, he took it down before long. I wonder what happened...?"
    • "Oh my. I certainly wasn't expecting a bundle of Hell's Gate Roses to come out. Would you like to make a wreath with me? You don't have to worry about getting injured since you would be with me." (Demon Voucher)

Play the Soul's Song Record![edit]

  • "I see, you'd like to present me with a Soul's Song Record. Well then, I graciously accept. Even should you come to regret it, there's no going back. Are you prepared for that?"
    • "Why not try this record out on someone naturally honest like Beelzebub? Suppose he was secretly picky despite eating everything? You might find a surprising hidden side to him."
    • "Humans are such strange creatures. And yet, you still stand out among them. Although I find myself subject to your whims, I can't leave you be. That's just how special you are to me, I suppose." (Demon Voucher)

Overcome Those Yucky Foods with Cursed Cutlery![edit]

  • "Oh? I see you have brought me some Cursed Cutlery to get me to eat something I dislike. My apologies, but such a thing does not exist. Although, it would not be a good influence on the Young Master if I had one."
    • "Satan also appears as though he has nothing he dislikes, but there was one time at a banquet when I saw him hesitate to eat for a brief moment. It was green pea soup. He may be trying to hide it, but I do believe he dislikes green peas."
    • "Though...I did have one in the past. Would you like to know? Hehe, it's a secret. But, I'll tell you if you eat something you dislike. Good luck." (Demon Voucher)

In-game Apps[edit]

Dialogues said within various In-game Apps.


Selected for Home Screen[edit]

  • "Understood."

Changing Outfits [edit]

  • "Anything you pick is sure to be great."
  • "How do you like it?"
  • "What do you think? Does it suit me?"


Excellent Order[edit]

  • "This is wonderful. Would you be able to teach me the recipe?"

Very Good Order[edit]

  • "This looks wonderful. I can't wait to try it."

Good Order[edit]

  • "Thank you. I will be sure to order from you again."

Failed Order[edit]

  • "This is, uh... I mean to say, a little more practice may be needed."

Player's Birthday[edit]

Dialogues said on the Player's Birthday. All Surprise Guest interactions result in Perfect Sequences during birthdays.

Birthday App Screen[edit]

  • "I wish you a happy birthday. I shall bake a birthday cake that is as special as you are."

Surprise Guest[edit]

Battle Wins/Home Screen[edit]

  • "Happy birthday."

Gifting the Player (said when gifting 30 Devil Points)[edit]

  • please add

Perfect Sequence[edit]

  • "I hope this is not too presumptuous of me but I prepared you a birthday cake. Please, enjoy."

Home Screen[edit]

Dialogues said on the Home Screen, both standard dialogues and those with unlocking requirements.

Standard Dialogues[edit]


  • "Sorry for keeping you waiting. Welcome!"
  • "Thank you for blessing us with your presence." (Login 2)
  • "I was looking forward to your visit." (Login 3)
  • "Welcome home, Master... Did I catch you off-guard?" (Login 4)

Player Returns[edit]

  • "Welcome home. Did you have a productive day?" (You're back 2)
  • "Welcome home."
  • "Do you mind if I join you?"
  • "I had been awaiting your return."

He Returns[edit]

  • "Oh, I beg your pardon for making you wait." (I'm back 2)
  • "Hehe, to be greeted by you, I feel blessed." (I'm back 4)
  • "I have returned."
  • "Lord Diavolo is currently out on business."

Touched by Player[edit]

  • "Give me orders as you please. I am here to serve." (Touch 2)
  • "Are you not tired?" (Touch 3)
  • "Is there anything I can do for you?" (Touch 5)
  • "Would you accompany me for some tea?" (On the Clouds)
  • "Yes, what may it be?"
  • "What shall I do next?"

Idle Screen[edit]

  • "Do not worry. Standing quietly by your side is my job."
  • "I see you are busy. Is there anything I can help with?"
  • "If you need my services, please call." (Inactive 2)
  • "Hehehe... Oh, you heard me?" (Inactive 4)

Time of Day Interactions[edit]


(Dialogues between 5:00 - 12:00 local time.)

  • "Good morning. I am pleased to see you again today." (Morning)
  • "Did you make sure to have a breakfast this morning?" (AM Talk)

(Dialogues between 12:00 - 18:00 local time.)

  • "Good day. I was just thinking about you." (Afternoon)
  • "It is almost lunch time."

(Dialogues between 18:00 - 0:00 local time.)

  • "Good evening. How was your day today?"
  • "What a long day it has surely been for you." (PM Talk)

(Dialogues between 0:00 - 5:00 local time.)

  • "An all-nighter, you say? Shall I keep you company then?"
  • "Oh, is it in order that you be up this late?"

Character Intros[edit]

  • "Lucifer is like family to Lord Diavolo." (Intro 1)
  • "Mammon was an adorable fresh-faced demon once too."
  • "Lucifer is actually the reason behind Leviathan's love for anime." (Intro 3)
  • "Satan loves books, and often visits the archives in the Demon Lord's Castle." (Intro 4)
  • "That Asmodeus and his partying, whatever shall we do."
  • "I wish Beelzebub would stop eating the plate with his food..."
  • "Belphegor is truly able to sleep whenever, wherever, isn't he?"
  • "It appears that recently Lord Diavolo has found an affinity for video games."
  • "Luke is truly an adorable little angel."
  • "Simeon and I often find ourselves on outings together."
  • "Solomon... Well, I would advise watching out for that one."

Game Tips[edit]

  • "A present addressed to you has arrived in Mail."
  • "A present addressed to you has arrived in To Do."
  • "An event has begun. Shall we go together?"
  • "If you are in need for Grimm, how about a part-time job?"
  • "You have an unread message. Would you like to check it?"
  • "You have a missed call. Would you like to check it?"
  • "There is a new post on Devilgram."
  • "How is your progress in Devil's Tree coming along?"
  • "Lessons will be easier if you can get new cards in Nightmare."
  • "Akuzon has everything, so even I make use of it quite often."
  • "How are your lessons from Lucifer coming along?"
  • "Majolish is the perfect thing for when you desire a little change."

App Deleted[edit]

  • "Ah."
  • "I shall reinstall it for you."
  • "Oh, you seemed to have removed it."

His Birthday[edit]

  • "Today is my birthday in fact." (Birthday)

Game Anniversary[edit]

  • "Nobody is more important than the Young Lord. are indeed quite special." (Anniversary)

VIP-Only Dialogues[edit]

  • "I am glad that you feel pleased with my presence."
  • "I am pleased to be of your service."
  • "Seeing you every day is like a dream."

Unlockable Dialogues[edit]

Moving Pictures[edit]

A Kind Demon's Care[edit]

Standard Art[edit]
  • "No matter where you are, I shall use my powers to rush to your side."
  • "I am a little flattered that I was the first person he came to for help."
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • "Sorry it took me so long."
  • "I brought apples and some medicine."
  • "Hm? What's the matter?"
  • "Hehe, it looks like you're hungry."
  • "Allow me to feed you instead."
  • "Hehe, how is it? Are they delicious?"
  • "You have worry etched all over your face... You truly are a caring friend."
  • "This medicine works best when taken before eating."
  • "Once he eats and has some medicine, he'll be back to normal in no time."
  • "I hope he has a swift recovery."

The Perfect Poker Face[edit]

Standard Art[edit]
  • “So, would you like to raise or call?”
  • “Now, this is when the real thrill of poker begins.”
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • please add

An Amazing Outfit for You[edit]

Standard Art[edit]
  • "Hold still, please. This will only take a moment."
  • "Hm, I'll start with the length of your arms, I think."
  • "...!"
  • "M-My apologies. I should not have approached you like that without warning."
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • "You are no less brilliant than the stars shining above."
  • "Your gentle light softly illuminates everything around you, bathing it in warmth."
  • "...I can assure you, it is a most wonderful sensation."
  • "...Hm? Wasn't that one just now?"
  • "It's almost as if the night sky is listening to our conversation."
  • "*chuckle* Upon my word, I had nothing to do with that."
  • "I am certain the stars themselves wanted to grant your wish."
  • "Ah, I know. What about this?"
  • "*chuckle* Your joy brings me happiness."
  • "Should you wish to see it again, you need only ask."
  • "I'll show you the stars as often as you would like. ...As a special treat, just for you."

A Special Illumination[edit]

Standard Art[edit]
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Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
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