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Beel's Interests
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 7
Card: Beel's Interests
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8
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Story Summary

"Pretty cute, I guess?"

The demon brothers and MC are visiting Devil's Coast. All the brothers choose their entertainment, while Beelzebub proposes that MC join him to buy some popcorn. After getting it, Beel asks them if they would like to have some of the popcorn. If MC agrees, he feeds it to them. Then he notices something.

"Still buying merch..."

Beelzebub ushers MC along, grateful for their company. They approach a hoard of people, and MC can either tell Beel they will follow him, or hold his hand. Beel noticed the Devilcat merch; a mascot of Devil's Coast. Beel likes cute stuff, but he also explains that he can relate to Devilcat, as they both always eat and both protect their friends. MC can call Beel cute, though he will get shy, and say he would rather be cool than cute. MC can then tell Beel he can be more than cute, or change their mind and tell him he is cool. Beel notices a shirt that he likes, and MC can propose they buy matching ones. After that, Beel wants to get some hellhound hot dogs, but something distracts him again.

"BOTH of them? 4REAL?!"

It's Devilcat! MC can either comment that Devilcat is very cute, or that Beelzebub rarely gets this excited over anything. Beel agrees with both options, and if the first option was chosen, asks MC if they're starting to like Devilcat also. Beel wants to wait in line to meet Devilcat, and MC decides to wait with him. When it's finally Beel's turn, they ask a ghost to take a photo with all of them. Beel is very happy about it, saying that he always wanted a photo like this. MC can either ask "a photo with me?" or "a photo with Devilcat?". Beel just says that he wanted both: his favorite human and his favorite mascot in one photo. Beel tells MC that there's a parade where they can dance with the Devilcat later, so he wants to go together.

"It's easy."

They join the parade where Beelzebub can teach MC how to do a Devilcat dance. When it's time to strike a pose, MC can hug Beel, to which Beel comments the hugging pose is his new favorite. Then the Devilcat approaches them, and all three of them dance. Later, Beel and MC get spicy Hell's Inferno dogs and take a break. Beel tells MC he doesn't want anyone seeing him getting excited over anything other than food, but MC is the exception, because they accept him no matter what. He then apologizes for being too excited, but says that it's good to express that side of himself. He admits that there's something he likes even more than Devilcat: MC. MC can either turn it into a joke, or kiss him on the cheek. If they kiss him, Beel complains that it wasn't on the lips, and they kiss again.

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