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Focus on Me
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 5
Asmodeus Lv. 3
Card: Focus on Me
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Are they hun..."

Lucifer is in his room when he is abruptly texted by a distressed Asmodeus. Asmo urges that it's an emergency, and Lucifer is left with no choice other than helping him.

"I figured that was t..."

Before Lucifer can knock, Asmodeus comes out to greet him, expressing his appreciation. Lucifer comments that Asmo's in a good mood for someone suffering from an emergency, but Asmo laughs it off. Asmo explains that he was invited to a party by some banshees but can't find any jewelry to wear, which is why he asked for Lucifer's help.

"Why don't you just we..."

Lucifer is dismayed that he was called up for this reason, but isn't surprised. Asmodeus emphasizes that it's a big deal, as jewelry can change the impression one gives off. Lucifer suggests he just look in the mirror and choose his favourite look, but Asmo counters that he tried it all day. Lucifer suggests a big, flashy pair, but Asmo says that they don't complement his face shape, since he got a face-lift. Lucifer proposes star motif earrings; flashy yet refined, but Asmo believes they're too high class for a banshee party. Lucifer is surprised to hear that banshees go wild at parties, and Asmo agrees before offering to introduce him to some.

"Some people just..."

Lucifer asks when Asmodeus's party will begin, since he'll be late, to which Asmo explains that as the guest of honor, it's fine to be late. Asmo picks up a combination of jewelry, and Lucifer believes the matter is over. Asmo then realizes that they don't work well, and Lucifer suggests a matching set, frightening Asmo. After some more suggestions, Lucifer says that if Asmo wants to make up his mind, it may be better if he asks someone else. Asmo shuts down the idea, as Mammon would recommend something repulsive, Levi would throw a fit, Beelzebub has fashion standards based on comfort, and Satan is out. Asmo concludes that Lucifer is the only one he can depend on, before Lucifer tells Asmo that he can simply admit that he wants them to spend time together. Asmo becomes flustered and tries to deny it, and Lucifer pets his head.

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