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Goldfish and Sparklers Devilgram.png
Goldfish and Sparklers
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 5
Asmodeus Lv. 3
Card: Goldfish and Sparklers
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"I'm exhausted."

After the Summer Festival fireworks, Lucifer, Asmo and MC find themselves separated from the others. Asmo is not done partying yet, and pulls Lucifer and MC along with him. Asmo is gushing over how beautiful he looks in his yukata and makes a lot of selfies, asking if Lucifer and MC want to join too, Lucifer only agrees if MC does.

"It won't fit in my fish tank."

The three of them find a goldfish scooping game and Asmo wants to play. Only it doesn't contain goldfish but devil sharks, who are apparently very vicious, carnivorous little fish. While Asmo is trying to scoop them up, Lucifer notices that they seem to rip through the net. Asmo doesn't give up however and tries again, managing to catch two. He then tells MC to try it too. If MC says yes, he helps them catch one.

"It is indeed cute."

In the end they leave with three fish. Lucifer has serious doubts about bringing them home, but Asmo plans to take good care of them. MC can offer to help him. While Asmo is chatting on about what else he wants to do at the festival, Lucifer pulls MC away, sneaking off with them. MC can choose to like it or to feel sorry for Asmo. When Asmo discovers they have disappeared, he gets a little angry, saying Lucifer is a sly old devil.

"No gettin' all lovey-do..."

In the meantime, Lucifer is proud of himself that he and MC managed to slip away from Asmo. Here MC can choose to flirt with Lucifer, leading to a kiss, or asking for a snack. But then Asmo finds them already, feeling offended he was left alone. Asmo scolds Lucifer for running off with MC and MC for going along with it. He forgives them anyway. Then Asmo tells them about the sparklers he found for everybody. They go ahead and find a spot to light them up. When the sparklers are all burned up, the three go find the rest of the brothers.

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