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Let's Settle This! Devilgram.png
Let's Settle This!
Intimacy: Mammon Lv. 5
Card: Let's Settle This!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Scumbag. Need I say more?"

Mammon asks MC to be quiet while he sneaks around in Leviathan's room to search for something to steal. He spots an airsoft gun and goes over to take a closer look but an alarm rings out, shocking him. Leviathan appears, laughing at having caught them red-handed. He comments on how they were trying to steal his AK-47, and Mammon responds by asking what an AK-47 is. That makes Levi exasperated that Mammon didn't even know what he was trying to steal. Mammon then asks Leviathan why he has the AK-47, and Leviathan explains that it's used for Hell Games. Mammon then suggests playing a round of the game.

"With that reward, anyone..."

Leviathan states that more people are needed to play, and Mammon suggests bringing the other brothers into the game. However, Leviathan is not in the mood to play, so Mammon suggests a bet. Leviathan proposes the prize to be a date with MC and Mammon instantly refuses the idea. MC can then agree or want to win something too - in this case Levi promises free lunch for them. Mammon adds on that if he wins, he gets not only the date, but also the gun. He tells Leviathan to get the other brothers, and Levi grumbles that Mammon should go, but finally leaves to ask everyone. Mammon stays alone with MC. He tells them to team up with him so he can protect them. Leviathan then returns with the news that everyone's on board, and the game starts.

"This isn't the time to rest!"

Mammon is breathless from running and complains that everyone is serious about winning because the date with MC is on the table. He wants to sit down and take a breather in the dining room and asks MC if they're tired too. He wants to lean on their shoulder, and declares that he won't let anyone else go on a date with MC. They then decide to move out of position. However, they are caught by Leviathan, who is pumped up by the competition, and states that it's time to settle their score. Mammon is exasperated at his unusual behavior.

"He really looked cool!"

Mammon asks about the others, but Leviathan explains that he took them all out, and claims that no one stands a chance against him. Mammon is baffled by his uncharacteristic behavior again, while Levi expresses jealousy at how Mammon has MC with him. He resolves to win so that he can go on a date with MC. Mammon objects to this, and tells MC to hide behind him so he can protect them. MC either accepts his protection, or takes his gun to protect him instead. Mammon suggests a fair quick-draw shootout to end this. However, it's MC who faces Levi. MC wins, and Mammon is happy to receive both a date with MC and the airsoft gun. After the game ends, Mammon tells MC he wants to go on a date with them right now, alone, and spend it in his room.

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