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This page lists voice clips for Mammon that are available to unlock in Majolish.

Mammon[[ edit ]]

Voice Dialogue Card
upload "Mammon Anniversary.ogg"
"Do you really need me to be by your side? I'm your first after all! Don't ya forget that either!" Movie Date Mini.png
Movie Date
Skill 1
"Ya picked the WRONG guy!" Survival Picnic Mini.png
Survival Picnic
Skill 2
"Ready to face THE Mammon?" About the Interview Mini.png
About the Interview
Skill 3
"Ready for what's comin'?" Seven Rulers of Hell (Mammon) Mini.png
Seven Rulers of Hell (Mammon)
Skill 4
upload "Mammon Skill 4.ogg"
please add A Chaotic Refrain Mini.png
A Chaotic Refrain
Skill 5
"Haha! That's all ya got?!" Let's Settle This! Mini.png
Let's Settle This!
Skill 6
"Now it's MY turn!" Join Me for a Cup of Tea Mini.png
Join Me for a Cup of Tea
Skill 7
"You shoulda let ME go first!" Mammon Becomes King Mini.png
Mammon Becomes King
Skill 8
upload "Mammon Skill 8.ogg"
please add upload "The Perfect Date Mini.png"
The Perfect Date
Skill 9
"Stop hoggin' all the fun!" Lemon Parfait Lovers Mini.png
Lemon Parfait Lovers
Skill 10
"THE Mammon's here to end it!" You Always Ride Shotgun Mini.png
You Always Ride Shotgun
Skill 11
"It's an honor to be fightin' ME!" VR Spy Games Mini.png
VR Spy Games
Skill 12
"I'll finish this up for ya!" Mammon the Gambler Mini.png
Mammon the Gambler
Login 1
"Yo. So ya dropped in to pay Mammon a visit, eh? Good on ya!" One Too Many Insults Mini.png
One Too Many Insults
Login 2
"It's not like I've been waitin' around for ya or anything... Seriously, I wasn't!" Pandas Mean Profit! Mini.png
Pandas Mean Profit!
Login 3
"Hey, uh...think I could borrow some cash? I promise I'll never ask again!" Devil Crossing Rare Item Mini.png
Devil Crossing Rare Item
Login 4
"You've got some nerve makin' THE Mammon wait around for ya!" Water Panic -! Mini.png
Water Panic?!
"*yaaaaawn* Mornin'" Part-Time Job Plan Mini.png
Part-Time Job Plan
"Oh, it's you." I've Got Your Back Mini.png
I've Got Your Back
"Heya." Let's Party Mini.png
Let's Party
"Whoa, you're still up?" Christmas Tree Mini.png
Christmas Tree
You're back 1
please add File:Illusion Birthday Mini.png
Illusion Birthday
You're back 2
"Took ya long enough! Never keep Mammon waitin'!" Beach Flag Race! Mini.png
Beach Flag Race!
You're back 3
"Ya know, you're the only human that keeps me waitin' like this!" Too Sweet to Be True Mini.png
Too Sweet to Be True
You're back 4
"Where were you, huh? Been lookin' all over for ya!" Once Upon a Time Mini.png
Once Upon a Time
You're back 5
"Missin' the Great Mammon, were ya? Heh, welcome home." Whispered Sweet Nothings Mini.png
Whispered Sweet Nothings
I'm back 1
"Oh, didn't realize you were here." The Barber of Horroville Mini.png
The Barber of Horroville
I'm back 2
"Were you waitin' on the Great Mammon? That's a good human!" A Sacrifice for Mammon Mini.png
A Sacrifice for Mammon
I'm back 3
"I went outta my way to come see you. You should feel honored!" Special Day Mini.png
Special Day
I'm back 4
"Good news! Mammon's back!" Mammon at the Office Mini.png
Mammon at the Office
Touch 1
"Need somethin'?" I'm a Business, Man! Mini.png
I'm a Business, Man!
Touch 2
"Hey! No touchin'! Grrr...!" Race for the Golden Egg! Mini.png
Race for the Golden Egg!
Touch 3
"Hey, not there! That tickles!" Mammon the Bunny Mini.png
Mammon the Bunny
Touch 4
"Listen, you do know I'm a DEMON, right?" Fired-Up Fashion Battle! Mini.png
Fired-Up Fashion Battle!
Touch 5
"What are ya, a spoiled brat?" Let's Go on a Date! Mini.png
Let's Go on a Date!
Intro 1
"I'm one of the seven rulers of the Devildom! Mammon, the Avatar of Greed!" The Guardian Demon Mini.png
The Guardian Demon
Intro 3
"Oh man, this is bad! I broke Levi's figurine..." Umbrella-Twirling Mammon Mini.png
Umbrella-Twirling Mammon
Intro 4
please add File:Legendary Power Couple Mini.png
Legendary Power Couple
Intro 7
"You never can tell what Belphie's thinkin'. Hate that about him." Go Get That Gold! Mini.png
Go Get That Gold!
Intro 9
"When it comes to bein' devious, Solomon could give Lucifer a run for his money!" Let's Hit the Casino! Mini.png
Let's Hit the Casino!
Intro 10
"Oh Goldie, my sweet credit card!♥ I promise to use you lots again this month!" Idol Mammon Mini.png
Idol Mammon
On the Clouds
"Moneeey♪ Moneeey♪ Moneeeeeey♪" Abundant Accessories Mini.png
Abundant Accessories
AM Talk
upload "Mammon AM Talk.ogg"
please add The Fallen Prince Mini.png
The Fallen Prince
Daytime Talk
"Man, I'm hungry. What should I have for lunch...? Wait, do I have any money?" Staying Home Together Mini.png
Staying Home Together
PM Talk
"Nighttime's when I kick into gear! Let's go out on the town! Your treat!" A Costume Party Mini.png
A Costume Party
Night Talk
"What, can't sleep? If ya gotta go to the bathroom, go by yourself." We Still Got a Ways to Go Mini.png
We Still Got a Ways to Go
"Happy birthday to ME!" A New Contract Mini.png
A New Contract
App 1
please add File:Maze Treasure Hunt Mini.png
Maze Treasure Hunt
App 2
"Hey, did ya know you can get rewards from To Do?" Money Honey Mini.png
Money Honey
App 3
"There's an event goin' on! You're goin', right? You'd better be!" Happiest Demon Around Mini.png
Happiest Demon Around
App 4
"Whoa, if you don't work a few shifts, you're seriously gonna run outta cash!" Mammon's Shades Mini.png
Mammon's Shades
App 6
"Yo, check your voicemail..." Even If You're Far Away Mini.png
Even If You're Far Away
App 7
please add Slay the Dragon Mini.png
Slay the Dragon
App 8
upload "Mammon App 8.ogg"
please add Trying On Yokai Mini.png
Trying On Yokai
App 10
"I sure wanna visit Akuzon right now. There's some stuff I really want!" A Maskless Masquerade - Mini.png
A Maskless Masquerade?
App 12
"I'll let you pick out some clothes for me at Majolish!" In Sync Mini.png
In Sync
Inactive 1
upload "Mammon Inactive 1.ogg"
please add Presents from Mammon Mini.png
Presents from Mammon
Inactive 2
"Hmhmhmm, hm hmm♪" Mammon's Fortune Mini.png
Mammon's Fortune
Inactive 4
"*sigh* Wish it'd start rainin' money..." The Mammon Way Mini.png
The Mammon Way
Inactive 5
"Hey... Oi... All right, already! Pay attention to me!" Best Seat in the House Mini.png
Best Seat in the House
upload "Mammon MAJOLISH 1.ogg"
please add upload "With You, Always Mini.png"
With You, Always
"Hmhm... How do I look?" Fashion Hot Shot Mini.png
Fashion Hot Shot
"Oh! Yeah, good choice!" Mammon's Ears... Mini.png
Mammon's Ears...
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