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This page lists voice clips for Lucifer that are available to unlock in Majolish.

Lucifer[[ edit ]]

Voice Dialogue Card
"I can't take my eyes off you. I'll stay by your side, so don't change and keep being you." The Night of the Party Mini.png
The Night of the Party
Skill 1
upload "Lucifer Skill 1.ogg"
please add upload "An Adorable Hound Mini.png"
An Adorable Hound
Skill 2
upload "Lucifer Skill 2.ogg"
please add File:Lucifer's Film Mini.png
Lucifer's Film
Skill 3
"Entertain me." Lucifer's Private Life Mini.png
Lucifer's Private Life
Skill 4
upload "Lucifer Skill 4.ogg"
please add File:Hope in the Wasteland Mini.png
Hope in the Wasteland
Skill 5
"Take this!" Full of Surprises Mini.png
Full of Surprises
Skill 6
"Now it's our turn..." A Brief Respite Mini.png
A Brief Respite
Skill 7
"Hey, wait for us!" Colorful Panic Mini.png
Colorful Panic
Skill 8
"It's my turn now, right?" A Night to Remember Mini.png
A Night to Remember
Skill 9
"Getting tired already?" Our Secret Time Mini.png
Our Secret Time
Skill 10
"You're out of luck now." Beloved Reunion Mini.png
Beloved Reunion
Skill 11
"So you saved me for last." Spray Paint! Mini.png
Spray Paint!
Skill 12
"Any last words?" Emergency Date Mission Mini.png
Emergency Date Mission
Login 1
"Ah, you're here." Seven Rulers of Hell (Lucifer) Mini.png
Seven Rulers of Hell (Lucifer)
Login 2
"So, what's the plan for today?" Lucifer's Melancholy Mini.png
Lucifer's Melancholy
Login 3
"Hey there. I was hoping you'd drop in." Presents for Lucifer Mini.png
Presents for Lucifer
Login 4
"Heheh, I always feel a little antsy until you show up." Before the Big Day Mini.png
Before the Big Day
"Good morning. *yawn* Excuse me. I'm afraid I'm not a morning demon." A Flower in Your Hair Mini.png
A Flower in Your Hair
"Hello. Beel should be getting hungry right about now..." Lucifer's Rough Day Mini.png
Lucifer's Rough Day
"Good evening. It's another nice night here in the Devildom." The Merciless Pillow War Mini.png
The Merciless Pillow War
"Still up, are you? How very naughty of you." Lucifer's Color Night Mini.png
Lucifer's Color Night
You're back 1
"Well, hello. How are things?" Secret Password for Two Mini.png
Secret Password for Two
You're back 2
"Welcome back. It was lonely without you around." Lucifer's Lover Mini.png
Lucifer's Lover
You're back 3
"Ah, you're back. Maybe I should accompany you next time." Being the Oldest Mini.png
Being the Oldest
You're back 4
"Welcome back. I wanted to see you so badly that I almost went looking for you." Piano Timbre for You Mini.png
Piano Timbre for You
You're back 5
"You've got some nerve keeping me waiting. Well now, what are you going to do about it?" A Private Celebration Mini.png
A Private Celebration
I'm back 1
"Hello! I'm back." Lucifer's Gift Mini.png
Lucifer's Gift
I'm back 2
"I'm back. Hm? ...Did you miss me?" Lucifer and Mr. Rabbit Mini.png
Lucifer and Mr. Rabbit
I'm back 3
"Sorry, I had some business to take care of. Well, well, you certainly seem happy to see me." Quality Time for Two Mini.png
Quality Time for Two
I'm back 4
"*sigh* I've had a long day. But seeing you has a way of making me feel better." Full Moon Mini.png
Full Moon
Touch 1
"...Hm?" Date on the Range Mini.png
Date on the Range
Touch 2
"Pff...if you think that tickles, you're wrong." A Misty Town Mini.png
A Misty Town
Touch 3
"Are you really trying to tickle me? Heheheh, you'll have to do much better than that." Idol Lucifer Mini.png
Idol Lucifer
Touch 4
"Hey, now you're taking things too far." The Odd Detective Mini.png
The Odd Detective
Touch 5
"Well, if you insist on touching me, then be my guest." The Best Accompaniment Mini.png
The Best Accompaniment
Intro 1
"I don't believe Mammon. Where did he run off to?" Greed and Pride Mini.png
Greed and Pride
Intro 3
upload "Lucifer Intro 3.ogg"
please add upload "A Roll of the Dice Mini.png"
A Roll of the Dice
Intro 4
"Try not to accept quite so many offerings from witches, Asmo." Braids and Purple Flowers Mini.png
Braids and Purple Flowers
Intro 8
please add A Prideful Partnership Mini.png
A Prideful Partnership
Intro 9
upload "Lucifer Intro 9.ogg"
please add upload "Night Pool Party! Mini.png"
Night Pool Party!
Intro 11
"*sigh* Solomon can be quite devious, so don't let your guard down. ...Hm? what do you mean 'just like me'?" Skeleton Ship Skirmish! Mini.png
Skeleton Ship Skirmish!
On the Clouds
"Today is the rare day when my brothers aren't causing trouble. Wonderful." The Glory Days Mini.png
The Glory Days
AM Talk
"Do you think it's true what they say? That the morning hours are the most productive?" Lucifer, the Pâtissier Mini.png
Lucifer, the Pâtissier
Daytime Talk
"What do you say we have lunch at the café at RAD?" Lucifer the Butler Mini.png
Lucifer the Butler
PM Talk
"Nights in the Devildom are so peaceful, don't you think?" Insomnious Lucifer Mini.png
Insomnious Lucifer
Night Talk
"If you're not going to go to bed, then spend time with me." The Devil Wears Makeup Mini.png
The Devil Wears Makeup
"Today's my birthday. Apparently my brothers are planning some sort of celebration." Learning Is Fun! Mini.png
Learning Is Fun!
App 1
"It seems something has arrived in Mail." Birthday Promises Mini.png
Birthday Promises
App 2
"Have you checked To Do? You haven't received all of your rewards yet." To the Exhibition Mini.png
To the Exhibition
App 3
"It seems there's an event going on. How about we go have a look?" Lucifer the Demon of Rock Mini.png
Lucifer the Demon of Rock
App 4
"Isn't it about time you worked a few shifts?" A Riotous Anniversary Mini.png
A Riotous Anniversary
App 5
please add File:A Wish to Transcend Time Mini.png
A Wish to Transcend Time
App 6
"It seems you've got a voicemail. You'd best see what it is." A Trip to Remember Mini.png
A Trip to Remember
App 7
"It appears you have a message. Why don't you go reply to it?" In Pursuit of Happiness Mini.png
In Pursuit of Happiness
App 10
"Akuzon is so convenient to use. It's easy to buy too much." Soaring Fish Mini.png
Soaring Fish
Inactive 1
"I don't like to be ignored." Wish Upon a Soul Flower Mini.png
Wish Upon a Soul Flower
Inactive 2
"Are you neglecting me on purpose so I'll pine for you?" You, Me and Devil's Coast Mini.png
You, Me and Devil's Coast
Inactive 3
"Hey! Are you there?" A Gift From Diavolo Mini.png
A Gift From Diavolo
Inactive 4
"I'd really like to talk with you more. Is that selfish of me?" Big Brother Santa Claus Mini.png
Big Brother Santa Claus
App Unlocked
please add The Stream of Bubbles Mini.png
The Stream of Bubbles
App Deleted 2
please add Panda-Monium! Mini.png
upload "Lucifer MAJOLISH 1.ogg"
please add The Forbidden Door Mini.png
The Forbidden Door
"What do you think?" Happy Haunted Houses - Mini.png
Happy Haunted Houses?
"Not bad. I like it." Sweet Valentine Honesty Mini.png
Sweet Valentine Honesty
"I have to say, I'm a fan." Surprise Birthday Magic Mini.png
Surprise Birthday Magic
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