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This page lists voice clips for Leviathan in Obey Me! that are available to unlock in Majolish. For voice clips from Leviathan in Nightbringer, see Leviathan's Voice Clips (Nightbringer).


Voice Dialogue Card
"You make little old otaku me even just a little bit braver and brighter. I stan you so much, I swear!" The Life of the Party! Mini.png
The Life of the Party!
Skill 1
"Let's do this!" Catch Your Heart! Mini.png
Catch Your Heart!
Skill 2
"Leave this to Levi!" Seven Rulers of Hell (Leviathan) Mini.png
Seven Rulers of Hell (Leviathan)
Skill 3
"Take my power puff burst❤︎" The Ice King Mini.png
The Ice King
Skill 4
"Don't underestimate an otaku!" It's the Phantom Thief! Mini.png
It's the Phantom Thief!
Skill 5
"You've made me MAD!" The World's Meekest Hero Mini.png
The World's Meekest Hero
Skill 6
"Die, normies!" Vampire Partners in Crime Mini.png
Vampire Partners in Crime
Skill 7
"C-C-COUNTERPUNCH!" Levi Dreams of Sleep Mini.png
Levi Dreams of Sleep
Skill 8
"Woot! I'm second!" The Magic Lamp Mini.png
The Magic Lamp
Skill 9
"Ooh, my tuuurn!" Chronicles of an Otaku Mini.png
Chronicles of an Otaku
Skill 10
"Burn in the blazing inferno!" Show Me Your Frames! Mini.png
Show Me Your Frames!
Skill 11
"Time for the final move!" Eyes on Me! Mini.png
Eyes on Me!
Skill 12
A Virtual Drive
Login 1
"Hm? It's you." Handmade Present! Mini.png
Handmade Present!
Login 2
"Do you actually like m... You know what? Never mind." Series End, Love Does Not Mini.png
Series End, Love Does Not
Login 3
"I've been waiting for you to show up. There's this really good manga I thought I'd lend you!" Offline Ruri-Chan Meetup! Mini.png
Offline Ruri-Chan Meetup!
Login 4
"So, do you actually like hanging around me? How about we play some games?" Pieces of a Puzzle Mini.png
Pieces of a Puzzle
"*yawn* You know it's still morning, right?" Ninja Fandom Mini.png
Ninja Fandom
upload "Leviathan Afternoon.ogg"
please add No Love Like Sibling Love Mini.png
No Love Like Sibling Love
"I figured you'd show up about now. Since it's evening and all." Devildom's Next Top Otaku Mini.png
Devildom's Next Top Otaku
"There's something about being up late. It's exciting, you know?" Trick Quest Mini.png
Trick Quest
You're back 1
"Ah, you're back." A Seaside Stroll for Two Mini.png
A Seaside Stroll for Two
You're back 2
"Finally, you're back! Took you long enough!" The Battle Between Demons Mini.png
The Battle Between Demons
You're back 3
"Welcome back. ...It's not what it looks like. I wasn't waiting for you!" You, Me, and Ruri-chan Mini.png
You, Me, and Ruri-chan
You're back 4
"Hey, you're back! You know I get lonely when you're not around..." A Pic With Just Us Two Mini.png
A Pic With Just Us Two
You're back 5
"You're finally back! I wanna go to Anidaemon so hurry up and get ready." Levi the Superstar! Mini.png
Levi the Superstar!
I'm back 1
"Well, I'm back. ...Don't ask me where I was." Levi's Challenges Mini.png
Levi's Challenges
I'm back 2
"I came back early so I could watch this anime that's about to start!" Levi the Maestro Mini.png
Levi the Maestro
I'm back 3
"Hey, I bought a new game! Let's check it out!" Listen to Me Mini.png
Listen to Me
I'm back 4
"I'm back! Were you actually waiting for me?" A Jealous Christmas Mini.png
A Jealous Christmas
Touch 1
"Whoa...! D-Don't touch me!" Skiing for Two Mini.png
Skiing for Two
Touch 2
"H-Hey, quit it! I'm not used to people touching me, unless they're 2-dimensional!" Living the Dream Mini.png
Living the Dream
Touch 3
"What the...hey! You wanna fight? Is that it?" Gotta Get That Plushie! Mini.png
Gotta Get That Plushie!
Touch 4
"If you keep doing that, you're're making me blush!" Resentment Runs Deep Mini.png
Resentment Runs Deep
Touch 5
"Hm, that was a new sensation to me. Do it one more time?" Under the Sea Mini.png
Under the Sea
Intro 1
upload "Leviathan Intro 1.ogg"
please add Battle of the Bubbles Mini.png
Battle of the Bubbles
Intro 2
upload "Leviathan Intro 2.ogg"
please add Run! Santa Race of Love Mini.png
Run! Santa Race of Love
Intro 3
"Satan's appearance makes him seem like Mr. Perfect." Hidden Feelings Mini.png
Hidden Feelings
Intro 4
"Asmo and I are brothers, so who decided that HE should get all the good parts of the gene pool?" Tokimeki ♡ Leviathan Mini.png
Tokimeki ♡ Leviathan
Intro 5
upload "Leviathan Intro 5.ogg"
please add File:Memories We Hold Dear Mini.png
Memories We Hold Dear
Intro 6
"Don't you think Belphie and I are a LITTLE too similar?" The Joker's Curse Mini.png
The Joker's Curse
Intro 7
"I know Lord Diavolo thinks I'm just some worthless otaku." Photo Shoot for Two Mini.png
Photo Shoot for Two
Intro 8
"Barbatos seems like he's always plotting and scheming. I don't like it..." Ruri and the Dream Team Mini.png
Ruri and the Dream Team
Intro 9
upload "Leviathan Intro 9.ogg"
please add File:The Butterflies' Banquet Mini.png
The Butterflies' Banquet
Intro 11
"I like Solomon! We totally bonded over TSL!" The Lord of Shadow Mini.png
The Lord of Shadow
On the Clouds
"Come on, hang around a little longer. You don't mind, right?" My Cursed Friend Mini.png
My Cursed Friend
AM Talk
"I was up all night last night gaming. So tired..." The Game of 100 Poems Mini.png
The Game of 100 Poems
Daytime Talk
"If you've got enough money to buy lunch, spend it on fan merchandise instead, am I right?" Get That Devildom Merch Mini.png
Get That Devildom Merch
PM Talk
"Whoa. I spent the whole day watching anime... Scary..." A Pro Gamer Is Born! Mini.png
A Pro Gamer Is Born!
Night Talk
"Ooh, this season's best late-night anime is about to start!" Love, Friendship, and Justice Mini.png
Love, Friendship, and Justice
"You probably don't care, but today's my birthday." Heartbeat✩Creation Time Mini.png
Heartbeat✩ Creation Time
App 1
"Hey, you've got something in Mail. You should go check it." The Detective's Assistant Mini.png
The Detective's Assistant
App 3
"You'd better be going to this event thing. I mean, you totally are, right? Right?!" Levi's Villain Struggles Mini.png
Levi's Villain Struggles
App 5
"Why aren't you reading the new posts on Devilgram?" A Wholesome First Meetup Mini.png
A Wholesome First Meetup
App 7
upload "Leviathan App 7.ogg"
please add Magical✩Birthday Mini.png
App 9
"Using Nightmare is likely to make thee more powerful..." Codes & Checkups Mini.png
Codes & Checkups
App 10
"There's something I really want at Akuzon. C'mon, let's go." To Fetch a Forgotten Item Mini.png
To Fetch a Forgotten Item
App 11
upload "Leviathan App 11.ogg"
please add Struggle With Words Mini.png
Struggle With Words
App 12
"Majolish... Do you think they'd let someone like me in?" Operation Makeover Mini.png
Operation Makeover
Inactive 1
"Eh? Are you ignoring me so I'll like you more?" RAD-ception Mini.png
Inactive 3
"What was so important that you had to be away for so long?" My Secret Valentine ♡ Mini.png
My Secret Valentine ♡
Inactive 4
"Hey, give me some attention..." Fandom Ambassador Mini.png
Fandom Ambassador
"Is this okay?" Master the Grin! Mini.png
Master the Grin!
"This makes me feel like a character out of a game. Good job!" A Little Mermaid-Ish Mini.png
A Little Mermaid-Ish
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