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This page lists Home Screen wallpapers and backgrounds that are available to unlock in Majolish.

For all location backgrounds — including those not available in Majolish — see the Location Galleries. For available Home Pictures, see the Home Pictures Gallery.

From Events[edit source]

Name Image Obtain
Maximum Gratitude upload "Maximum Gratitude.png" Everlasting Happiness Mini.pngEverlasting Happiness Mini.png
Everlasting Happiness
Floating Feelings! upload "Floating Feelings!.png" Pop Quiz Valentine's Day Canceled?!
World of Stars upload "World of Stars.png" upload "Camping Under the Stars Mini.png"upload "Camping Under the Stars Mini.png"
Camping Under the Stars
Momentous Celebration upload "Momentous Celebration.png" Pop Quiz The Three Worlds Festival
Wild Devil's Coast upload "Wild Devil's Coast.png" Pop Quiz The Three Worlds Festival
Film Set upload "Film Set.png" Make Me Mad! Mini.pngMake Me Mad! Mini.png
Make Me Mad!
Halloween Party upload "Halloween Party.png" Pop Quiz Halloween Prank Problems
Western Sunset upload "Western Sunset.png" Saddle Up, Cowboy! Mini.pngSaddle Up, Cowboy! Mini.png
Saddle Up, Cowboy!
Exciting Holidays upload "Exciting Holidays.png" Pop Quiz All Aboard the S.S. Devildom!
Magnficent Meadows upload "Magnficent Meadows.png" upload "A Chill Furry Movie Date Mini.png"upload "A Chill Furry Movie Date Mini.png"
A Chill Furry Movie Date
Spirit's Parade upload "Spirit's Parade.png" Pop Quiz The Great Yokai Parade
Monster Street upload "Monster Street.png" upload "How to Break the Ice Mini.png"upload "How to Break the Ice Mini.png"
How to Break the Ice
Sail the Seas in Search of Treasure upload "Sail the Seas in Search of Treasure.png" Pop Quiz Pirates: The Legendary Treasure!
Rabbits on Stage upload "Rabbits on Stage.png" Pop Quiz Bunny Boys At Your Service
Ice Cave upload "Ice Cave.png" The Ice King Mini.pngThe Ice King Mini.png
The Ice King
A Surprise Party for You upload "A Surprise Party for You.png" Pop Quiz A Surprise for You
Train Window Vista upload "Train Window Vista.png" Pop Quiz A Surprise for You
Once Upon a Time (wallpaper) upload "Once Upon a Time (wallpaper).png" Mammon's Ears... Mini.pngMammon's Ears... Mini.png
Mammon's Ears...
Where Desire Sleeps upload "Where Desire Sleeps.png" Simeon's Challenge Mini.pngSimeon's Challenge Mini.png
Simeon's Challenge
Children's Room upload "Children's Room.png" Animal Tea Party Mini.pngAnimal Tea Party Mini.png
Animal Tea Party
The World From the Ocean Floor upload "The World From the Ocean Floor.png" A Private Beach for Two Mini.pngA Private Beach for Two Mini.png
A Private Beach for Two
Majestic Starry Sky upload "Majestic Starry Sky.png" I Want to Eat Star Candy! Mini.pngI Want to Eat Star Candy! Mini.png
I Want to Eat Star Candy!
Laundry Day upload "Laundry Day.png" Levi the Tailor! Mini.pngLevi the Tailor! Mini.png
Levi the Tailor!
Kid's Drawing upload "Kid's Drawing.png" Levi's Challenges Mini.pngLevi's Challenges Mini.png
Levi's Challenges
Where the Vicious Ones Live upload "Where the Vicious Ones Live.png" A Tiny Pup's Big Decision Mini.pngA Tiny Pup's Big Decision Mini.png
A Tiny Pup's Big Decision
Mysterious World upload "Mysterious World.png" Asmo Shoots a Music Video Mini.pngAsmo Shoots a Music Video Mini.png
Asmo Shoots a Music Video
Bunny Paradise upload "Bunny Paradise.png" The Clingy Bunny Boy Mini.pngThe Clingy Bunny Boy Mini.png
The Clingy Bunny Boy
New Year in the East upload "New Year in the East.png" The Best Accompaniment Mini.pngThe Best Accompaniment Mini.png
The Best Accompaniment
Celestial Bliss upload "Celestial Bliss.png" Return My Glow Mini.pngReturn My Glow Mini.png
Return My Glow
The Seven Lords' World upload "The Seven Lords' World.png" The Lord of Fools Mini.pngThe Lord of Fools Mini.png
The Lord of Fools
A Devildom Celebration upload "A Devildom Celebration.png" Halloween and Sick Mini.pngHalloween and Sick Mini.png
Halloween and Sick
Concerto of Desire upload "Concerto of Desire.png" Eat, Sleep, and Cuddle Mini.pngEat, Sleep, and Cuddle Mini.png
Eat, Sleep, and Cuddle
Diavolo's Beach upload "Diavolo's Beach.png" Under the Sea Mini.pngUnder the Sea Mini.png
Under the Sea
Devildom Summer Festival upload "Devildom Summer Festival.png" I Wish... Mini.pngI Wish... Mini.png
I Wish...
Fantasy Romance upload "Fantasy Romance.png" Once Upon a Time Mini.pngOnce Upon a Time Mini.png
Once Upon a Time
The Lair of the Beast upload "The Lair of the Beast.png" Animal Chaos Mini.pngAnimal Chaos Mini.png
Animal Chaos
The Royal Flower Garden upload "The Royal Flower Garden.png" The Secret Flower Mini.pngThe Secret Flower Mini.png
The Secret Flower
Treasure Cave upload "Treasure Cave.png" Three Wishes Mini.pngThree Wishes Mini.png
Three Wishes
Secret Tea Party upload "Secret Tea Party.png" Mammon the Butler Mini.pngMammon the Butler Mini.png
Mammon the Butler
Dark Holidays upload "Dark Holidays.png" All I Want for Christmas Is You Mini.pngAll I Want for Christmas Is You Mini.png
All I Want for Christmas Is You

Abstract Wallpapers[edit source]

Name Image Obtain
Default1 upload "Default1.png" Unlocked by default
Default2 upload "Default2.png" Unlocked by default
Geometric Pattern upload "Geometric Pattern.png" upload "Love, Friendship, and Justice Mini.png"upload "Love, Friendship, and Justice Mini.png"
Love, Friendship, and Justice

The Devildom[edit source]

Devildom Businesses/Retail[edit source]

Name Image Obtain
Club VIP Room upload "Club VIP Room.png" upload "In Sync Mini.png"upload "In Sync Mini.png"
In Sync
Devildom Outskirts upload "Devildom Outskirts.png" upload "A Stranger in the Mirror Mini.png"upload "A Stranger in the Mirror Mini.png"
A Stranger in the Mirror
Inside Undersea Castle upload "Inside Undersea Castle.png" upload "Beloved Reunion Mini.png"upload "Beloved Reunion Mini.png"
Beloved Reunion
Ballroom upload "Ballroom.png" upload "Learning Is Fun! Mini.png"upload "Learning Is Fun! Mini.png"
Learning Is Fun!
Jackpot Time upload "Jackpot Time.png" upload "Let's Hit the Casino! Mini.png"upload "Let's Hit the Casino! Mini.png"
Let's Hit the Casino!
Glitzy Stage upload "Glitzy Stage.png" upload "Return of Beauty Tag Mini.png"upload "Return of Beauty Tag Mini.png"
Return of Beauty Tag
Unusual Flower Shop upload "Unusual Flower Shop.png" upload "Heartbeat✩Creation Time Mini.png"upload "Heartbeat✩Creation Time Mini.png"
Heartbeat✩ Creation Time
Unique Sliding Doors upload "Unique Sliding Doors.png" upload "A Snow Rabbit and a Wish Mini.png"upload "A Snow Rabbit and a Wish Mini.png"
A Snow Rabbit and a Wish
Restaurant Service upload "Restaurant Service.png" upload "Simeon's Surprise Mini.png"upload "Simeon's Surprise Mini.png"
Simeon's Surprise
Devildom Cruise upload "Devildom Cruise.png" upload "Special Demonus Mini.png"upload "Special Demonus Mini.png"
Special Demonus
Shopping Paradise upload "Shopping Paradise.png" upload "Demons Catch Colds?! Mini.png"upload "Demons Catch Colds?! Mini.png"
Demons Catch Colds?!
Café Lament upload "Café Lament.png" upload "Too Sweet to Be True Mini.png"upload "Too Sweet to Be True Mini.png"
Too Sweet to Be True
Traditional Room upload "Traditional Room.png" upload "Solomon's Box Mini.png"upload "Solomon's Box Mini.png"
Solomon's Box
Traditional Town upload "Traditional Town.png" upload "The Threads of Fate Mini.png"upload "The Threads of Fate Mini.png"
The Threads of Fate
Hot Spring Bath upload "Hot Spring Bath.png" upload "Angel's First Horror Game Mini.png"upload "Angel's First Horror Game Mini.png"
Angel's First Horror Game
Devildom Café upload "Devildom Café.png" upload "Enchanted Pudding Mini.png"upload "Enchanted Pudding Mini.png"
Enchanted Pudding
Hell's Kitchen upload "Hell's Kitchen.png" upload "Unspoken Affection Mini.png"upload "Unspoken Affection Mini.png"
Unspoken Affection
Ristorante Six upload "Ristorante Six.png" upload "Hatred Mini.png"upload "Hatred Mini.png"
The Fall upload "The Fall.png" upload "Proud Brothers Mini.png"upload "Proud Brothers Mini.png"
Proud Brothers

Public Devildom Locations[edit source]

Name Image Obtain
Magical Garden upload "Magical Garden.png" upload "A Procession for Two Mini.png"upload "A Procession for Two Mini.png"
A Procession for Two
Peaceful Riverbank upload "Peaceful Riverbank.png" upload "Asmo the Alluring Hero Mini.png"upload "Asmo the Alluring Hero Mini.png"
Asmo the Alluring Hero
Circus Ring upload "Circus Ring.png" upload "Beel the Knight Mini.png"upload "Beel the Knight Mini.png"
Beel the Knight
Devildom Garden upload "Devildom Garden.png" upload "Solomon's Little Helper Mini.png"upload "Solomon's Little Helper Mini.png"
Solomon's Little Helper
By the Lake upload "By the Lake.png" upload "My Wish Mini.png"upload "My Wish Mini.png"
My Wish
Candy House upload "Candy House.png" upload "What Luke Really Wants Mini.png"upload "What Luke Really Wants Mini.png"
What Luke Really Wants
Starry Sky upload "Starry Sky.png" upload "The Fruits of Inquiry Mini.png"upload "The Fruits of Inquiry Mini.png"
The Fruits of Inquiry
World of Picture Frames upload "World of Picture Frames.png" upload "One-Day Exchange! Mini.png"upload "One-Day Exchange! Mini.png"
One-Day Exchange!
Snowy Forest upload "Snowy Forest.png" upload "A Perfect Winter Romance Mini.png"upload "A Perfect Winter Romance Mini.png"
A Perfect Winter Romance
Summer Festival (wallpaper) upload "Summer Festival (wallpaper).png" upload "A Job From Michael Mini.png"upload "A Job From Michael Mini.png"
A Job From Michael
Devil's Coast upload "Devil's Coast.png" upload "A Fellow Tea Enthusiast Mini.png"upload "A Fellow Tea Enthusiast Mini.png"
A Fellow Tea Enthusiast
Suspicious Corridor upload "Suspicious Corridor.png" upload "A Costume Party Mini.png"upload "A Costume Party Mini.png"
A Costume Party
Ferris Wheel upload "Ferris Wheel.png" upload "A Very Catty Birthday Mini.png"upload "A Very Catty Birthday Mini.png"
A Very Catty Birthday
Devildom Night View upload "Devildom Night View.png" upload "Something to Tell You Mini.png"upload "Something to Tell You Mini.png"
Something to Tell You
Devildom Street 1 upload "Devildom Street 1.png" upload "Join Me for a Cup of Tea Mini.png"upload "Join Me for a Cup of Tea Mini.png"
Join Me for a Cup of Tea

Diavolo's Castle[edit source]

Name Image Obtain
Diavolo's Room upload "Diavolo's Room.png" upload "Hands Full of Happiness! Mini.png"upload "Hands Full of Happiness! Mini.png"
Hands Full of Happiness!
Secret Flower Garden upload "Secret Flower Garden.png" upload "Barbatos the Chef Mini.png"upload "Barbatos the Chef Mini.png"
Barbatos the Chef
Barbatos's Room upload "Barbatos's Room.png" upload "Cooking on a Rainy Day Mini.png"upload "Cooking on a Rainy Day Mini.png"
Cooking on a Rainy Day
Castle Gazebo by Night upload "Castle Gazebo by Night.png" upload "May My Baton Reach You Mini.png"upload "May My Baton Reach You Mini.png"
May My Baton Reach You
Castle Hallway 2 upload "Castle Hallway 2.png" upload "Idol Lucifer Mini.png"upload "Idol Lucifer Mini.png"
Idol Lucifer
Castle Hallway upload "Castle Hallway.png" upload "Where Did the Rabbit Go? Mini.png"upload "Where Did the Rabbit Go? Mini.png"
Where Did the Rabbit Go?
Castle Guest Room upload "Castle Guest Room.png" upload "The Odd Detective Mini.png"upload "The Odd Detective Mini.png"
The Odd Detective

Diavolo's Private Beach[edit source]

Name Image Obtain
Coast upload "Coast.png" upload "Baking With a Bang! Mini.png"upload "Baking With a Bang! Mini.png"
Baking With a Bang!
Sandy Beach upload "Sandy Beach.png" upload "Time to Paint Mini.png"upload "Time to Paint Mini.png"
Time to Paint
Sunset Beach upload "Sunset Beach.png" upload "A Teasing Gesture Mini.png"upload "A Teasing Gesture Mini.png"
A Teasing Gesture
Moonlit Beach upload "Moonlit Beach.png" upload "Too Good to Be True Mini.png"upload "Too Good to Be True Mini.png"
Too Good to Be True

RAD[edit source]

Name Image Obtain
RAD Greenhouse upload "RAD Greenhouse.png" upload "Breaking Curses Mini.png"upload "Breaking Curses Mini.png"
Breaking Curses
RAD Cafeteria upload "RAD Cafeteria.png" upload "A Present Made to Order Mini.png"upload "A Present Made to Order Mini.png"
A Present Made to Order
RAD Newspaper Club upload "RAD Newspaper Club.png" upload "The Detective's Assistant Mini.png"upload "The Detective's Assistant Mini.png"
The Detective's Assistant
Dance Hall upload "Dance Hall.png" upload "The Annoying Influencer Mini.png"upload "The Annoying Influencer Mini.png"
The Annoying Influencer
Castle of Knowledge upload "Castle of Knowledge.png" upload "The Angelic Employee Mini.png"upload "The Angelic Employee Mini.png"
The Angelic Employee
RAD Common Room upload "RAD Common Room.png" upload "Memorable Photos Mini.png"upload "Memorable Photos Mini.png"
Memorable Photos
RAD Colosseum upload "RAD Colosseum.png" upload "Presents for Lucifer Mini.png"upload "Presents for Lucifer Mini.png"
Presents for Lucifer
RAD Classroom upload "RAD Classroom.png" upload "Meet Me After School Mini.png"upload "Meet Me After School Mini.png"
Meet Me After School
RAD Garden upload "RAD Garden.png" upload "Insomnious Lucifer Mini.png"upload "Insomnious Lucifer Mini.png"
Insomnious Lucifer
RAD Council Room upload "RAD Council Room.png" upload "Shall We Play a Game? Mini.png"upload "Shall We Play a Game? Mini.png"
Shall We Play a Game?
RAD Hallway upload "RAD Hallway.png" upload "Searching for Jack Mini.png"upload "Searching for Jack Mini.png"
Searching for Jack

Purgatory Hall[edit source]

Name Image Obtain
Solomon's Room upload "Solomon's Room.png" upload "Sorcerer's Day Off Mini.png"upload "Sorcerer's Day Off Mini.png"
Sorcerer's Day Off
Luke's Room upload "Luke's Room.png" upload "Uses for Gemstones Mini.png"upload "Uses for Gemstones Mini.png"
Uses for Gemstones
Purgatory Hall Balcony upload "Purgatory Hall Balcony.png" upload "Let's Write a Novel! Mini.png"upload "Let's Write a Novel! Mini.png"
Let's Write a Novel!
Purgatory Hall upload "Purgatory Hall.png" upload "Face Paint Charm Mini.png"upload "Face Paint Charm Mini.png"
Face Paint Charm
Simeon's Room upload "Simeon's Room.png" upload "Peugeot's Birthday Mini.png"upload "Peugeot's Birthday Mini.png"
Peugeot's Birthday

The House of Lamentation[edit source]

Name Image Obtain
Underground Tomb upload "Underground Tomb.png" upload "Chronicles of an Otaku Mini.png"upload "Chronicles of an Otaku Mini.png"
Chronicles of an Otaku
Attic upload "Attic.png" upload "It's the Phantom Thief! Mini.png"upload "It's the Phantom Thief! Mini.png"
It's the Phantom Thief!
Your Room upload "Your Room.png" upload "For You... Mini.png"upload "For You... Mini.png"
For You...
Hallway upload "Hallway.png" upload "A Sacrifice for Mammon Mini.png"upload "A Sacrifice for Mammon Mini.png"
A Sacrifice for Mammon
Asmodeus's Bathroom upload "Asmodeus's Bathroom.png" upload "Asmo's Acrobatics Mini.png"upload "Asmo's Acrobatics Mini.png"
Asmo's Acrobatics
Stairway to the Attic upload "Stairway to the Attic.png" upload "Lucifer's Melancholy Mini.png"upload "Lucifer's Melancholy Mini.png"
Lucifer's Melancholy
The Twins' Room upload "The Twins' Room.png" upload "Beel's Morning Mini.png"upload "Beel's Morning Mini.png"
Beel's Morning
Asmodeus's Room upload "Asmodeus's Room.png" upload "Guided by Desire Mini.png"upload "Guided by Desire Mini.png"
Guided by Desire
Satan's Room upload "Satan's Room.png" upload "Be You Mini.png"upload "Be You Mini.png"
Be You
Leviathan's Room upload "Leviathan's Room.png" upload "Living the Dream Mini.png"upload "Living the Dream Mini.png"
Living the Dream
Mammon's Room upload "Mammon's Room.png" upload "One Too Many Insults Mini.png"upload "One Too Many Insults Mini.png"
One Too Many Insults
Lucifer's Room upload "Lucifer's Room.png" upload "Lucifer's Private Life Mini.png"upload "Lucifer's Private Life Mini.png"
Lucifer's Private Life
Bathroom upload "Bathroom.png" upload "Why Do People Love Cats Mini.png"upload "Why Do People Love Cats Mini.png"
Why Do People Love Cats
Kitchen upload "Kitchen.png" upload "Seven Rulers of Hell (Beelzebub) Mini.png"upload "Seven Rulers of Hell (Beelzebub) Mini.png"
Seven Rulers of Hell (Beelzebub)
Common Room upload "Common Room.png" upload "The Mammon Way Mini.png"upload "The Mammon Way Mini.png"
The Mammon Way
Planetarium upload "Planetarium.png" upload "Resentment Runs Deep Mini.png"upload "Resentment Runs Deep Mini.png"
Resentment Runs Deep
Study upload "Study.png" upload "Being the Oldest Mini.png"upload "Being the Oldest Mini.png"
Being the Oldest
Music Room upload "Music Room.png" upload "Seven Rulers of Hell (Belphegor) Mini.png"upload "Seven Rulers of Hell (Belphegor) Mini.png"
Seven Rulers of Hell (Belphegor)
Library upload "Library.png" upload "Seven Rulers of Hell (Asmodeus) Mini.png"upload "Seven Rulers of Hell (Asmodeus) Mini.png"
Seven Rulers of Hell (Asmodeus)
Living Room upload "Living Room.png" upload "Seven Rulers of Hell (Satan) Mini.png"upload "Seven Rulers of Hell (Satan) Mini.png"
Seven Rulers of Hell (Satan)
Dining Room upload "Dining Room.png" upload "Seven Rulers of Hell (Leviathan) Mini.png"upload "Seven Rulers of Hell (Leviathan) Mini.png"
Seven Rulers of Hell (Leviathan)
Entrance Hall upload "Entrance Hall.png" upload "Seven Rulers of Hell (Lucifer) Mini.png"upload "Seven Rulers of Hell (Lucifer) Mini.png"
Seven Rulers of Hell (Lucifer)
Staircase upload "Staircase.png" upload "In Search of a Smile Mini.png"upload "In Search of a Smile Mini.png"
In Search of a Smile
House of Lamentation upload "House of Lamentation.png" upload "Seven Rulers of Hell (Mammon) Mini.png"upload "Seven Rulers of Hell (Mammon) Mini.png"
Seven Rulers of Hell (Mammon)

Reaper's Cave[edit source]

Name Image Obtain
Grassy Plains upload "Grassy Plains.png" upload "Long Hu Love Mini.png"upload "Long Hu Love Mini.png"
Long Hu Love
Light of Life upload "Light of Life.png" upload "Sleeping Beauties Mini.png"upload "Sleeping Beauties Mini.png"
Sleeping Beauties

The Human World[edit source]

Human World Businesses/Retail[edit source]

Name Image Obtain
Equestrian Club upload "Equestrian Club.png" upload "How to Tame a Beast Mini.png"upload "How to Tame a Beast Mini.png"
How to Tame a Beast
Lounge Car upload "Lounge Car.png" upload "Satan Versus Sandwich! Mini.png"upload "Satan Versus Sandwich! Mini.png"
Satan Versus Sandwich!
Bakery upload "Bakery.png" upload "Worrisome Beel Mini.png"upload "Worrisome Beel Mini.png"
Worrisome Beel
Club upload "Club.png" upload "Your Personal Venus Mini.png"upload "Your Personal Venus Mini.png"
Your Personal Venus
Cruise Ship Cabin upload "Cruise Ship Cabin.png" upload "No Chocolate for Beel Mini.png"upload "No Chocolate for Beel Mini.png"
No Chocolate for Beel
Office upload "Office.png" upload "Special Star Candies Mini.png"upload "Special Star Candies Mini.png"
Special Star Candies
Japanese Garden upload "Japanese Garden.png" upload "Umbrella-Twirling Mammon Mini.png"upload "Umbrella-Twirling Mammon Mini.png"
Umbrella-Twirling Mammon
Old Book Store upload "Old Book Store.png" upload "Mammon Becomes King Mini.png"upload "Mammon Becomes King Mini.png"
Mammon Becomes King
Diner upload "Diner.png" upload "Beel's Answer Mini.png"upload "Beel's Answer Mini.png"
Beel's Answer
Karaoke Room upload "Karaoke Room.png" upload "Lucifer's Rough Day Mini.png"upload "Lucifer's Rough Day Mini.png"
Lucifer's Rough Day
Source of Knowledge upload "Source of Knowledge.png" upload "Forbidden Magic Mini.png"upload "Forbidden Magic Mini.png"
Forbidden Magic
Black Horse Shop upload "Black Horse Shop.png" upload "VR Spy Games Mini.png"upload "VR Spy Games Mini.png"
VR Spy Games
Sunny Day Market upload "Sunny Day Market.png" upload "Wish for Adventure Mini.png"upload "Wish for Adventure Mini.png"
Wish for Adventure
Market upload "Market.png" upload "Dust-Fighting Demon Mini.png"upload "Dust-Fighting Demon Mini.png"
Dust-Fighting Demon
Book Café upload "Book Café.png" upload "Romance for You! Mini.png"upload "Romance for You! Mini.png"
Romance for You!
Shopping Mall upload "Shopping Mall.png" upload "I Want to Hug You Mini.png"upload "I Want to Hug You Mini.png"
I Want to Hug You

Hotel Corvo[edit source]

Public Human World Locations[edit source]

Name Image Obtain
Aquarium upload "Aquarium.png" upload "A Journey to Save You Mini.png"upload "A Journey to Save You Mini.png"
A Journey to Save You
Park upload "Park.png" upload "Newspaper Birthday Scoop Mini.png"upload "Newspaper Birthday Scoop Mini.png"
Newspaper Birthday Scoop
Forest at Dusk upload "Forest at Dusk.png" upload "We Still Got a Ways to Go Mini.png"upload "We Still Got a Ways to Go Mini.png"
We Still Got a Ways to Go
Camp Site upload "Camp Site.png" upload "Happiest Demon Around Mini.png"upload "Happiest Demon Around Mini.png"
Happiest Demon Around
Sleeper Train upload "Sleeper Train.png" upload "Flowers and Muscles Mini.png"upload "Flowers and Muscles Mini.png"
Flowers and Muscles
Dining Car upload "Dining Car.png" upload "A Slice of Paradise Mini.png"upload "A Slice of Paradise Mini.png"
A Slice of Paradise
Fountain Meeting Spot upload "Fountain Meeting Spot.png" upload "Beware the Cursed Bass! Mini.png"upload "Beware the Cursed Bass! Mini.png"
Beware the Cursed Bass!
Snowscape upload "Snowscape.png" upload "Belphie's Results Mini.png"upload "Belphie's Results Mini.png"
Belphie's Results
Theater Audience upload "Theater Audience.png" upload "I Send My Love to You Mini.png"upload "I Send My Love to You Mini.png"
I Send My Love to You
Enjoying the Park upload "Enjoying the Park.png" upload "Simeon's Hidden Side Mini.png"upload "Simeon's Hidden Side Mini.png"
Simeon's Hidden Side
City at Dusk upload "City at Dusk.png" upload "Bread Party Mini.png"upload "Bread Party Mini.png"
Bread Party
Lovely Walk upload "Lovely Walk.png" upload "Let's Go on Vacation! Mini.png"upload "Let's Go on Vacation! Mini.png"
Let's Go on Vacation!
Forest Path upload "Forest Path.png" upload "Woes of a Master Artist Mini.png"upload "Woes of a Master Artist Mini.png"
Woes of a Master Artist
Station at Night upload "Station at Night.png" upload "Immortalized on Canvas Mini.png"upload "Immortalized on Canvas Mini.png"
Immortalized on Canvas
Library of Knowledge upload "Library of Knowledge.png" upload "Buffing Up Belphie Mini.png"upload "Buffing Up Belphie Mini.png"
Buffing Up Belphie
Evening Outside the Station upload "Evening Outside the Station.png" upload "Mammon at the Office Mini.png"upload "Mammon at the Office Mini.png"
Mammon at the Office
Afternoon Outside the Station upload "Afternoon Outside the Station.png" upload "Offline Ruri-Chan Meetup! Mini.png"upload "Offline Ruri-Chan Meetup! Mini.png"
Offline Ruri-Chan Meetup!
Sunlit Forest Path upload "Sunlit Forest Path.png" upload "A Flower in Your Hair Mini.png"upload "A Flower in Your Hair Mini.png"
A Flower in Your Hair
Station at Noon upload "Station at Noon.png" upload "The Power of Song Mini.png"upload "The Power of Song Mini.png"
The Power of Song

Serenity Manor[edit source]

Name Image Obtain
Manor Living Room upload "Manor Living Room.png" upload "Rainy Day Pair Mini.png"upload "Rainy Day Pair Mini.png"
Rainy Day Pair
Manor Kitchen upload "Manor Kitchen.png" upload "A Riotous Anniversary Mini.png"upload "A Riotous Anniversary Mini.png"
A Riotous Anniversary
Manor House Music Room upload "Manor House Music Room.png" upload "Devildom's Next Top Otaku Mini.png"upload "Devildom's Next Top Otaku Mini.png"
Devildom's Next Top Otaku
Manor House Balcony upload "Manor House Balcony.png" upload "Lucifer's Gift Mini.png"upload "Lucifer's Gift Mini.png"
Lucifer's Gift
Manor House Poolside upload "Manor House Poolside.png" upload "Together Forever Mini.png"upload "Together Forever Mini.png"
Together Forever
Serenity Manor upload "Serenity Manor.png" upload "A Gift From Diavolo Mini.png"upload "A Gift From Diavolo Mini.png"
A Gift From Diavolo

Sorcerers' Society Headquarters[edit source]

Name Image Obtain
Sorcerers' Society HQ upload "Sorcerers' Society HQ.png" upload "Eyes on Me! Mini.png"upload "Eyes on Me! Mini.png"
Eyes on Me!
Sorcerers' Society Headquarters upload "Sorcerers' Society Headquarters.png" upload "The Dame Challenge Mini.png"upload "The Dame Challenge Mini.png"
The Dame Challenge

The Celestial Realm[edit source]

Name Image Obtain
Celestial Palace Hallway upload "Celestial Palace Hallway.png" upload "Satan the Otaku? Mini.png"upload "Satan the Otaku? Mini.png"
Satan the Otaku?
Celestial Plains upload "Celestial Plains.png" upload "His Highness Unwinds Mini.png"upload "His Highness Unwinds Mini.png"
His Highness Unwinds

Alternate Universes[edit source]

Name Image Obtain
Palace Hallway upload "Palace Hallway.png" upload "To Fetch a Forgotten Item Mini.png"upload "To Fetch a Forgotten Item Mini.png"
To Fetch a Forgotten Item
School Quad upload "School Quad.png" upload "Codes & Checkups Mini.png"upload "Codes & Checkups Mini.png"
Codes & Checkups
Palace Grand Hall upload "Palace Grand Hall.png" upload "Tea Set for Two Mini.png"upload "Tea Set for Two Mini.png"
Tea Set for Two
Town With Fountain upload "Town With Fountain.png" upload "What Motivates Belphie? Mini.png"upload "What Motivates Belphie? Mini.png"
What Motivates Belphie?
Tearoom upload "Tearoom.png" upload "Capturing the Moment Mini.png"upload "Capturing the Moment Mini.png"
Capturing the Moment
Sleepy Streets upload "Sleepy Streets.png" upload "Date on the Range Mini.png"upload "Date on the Range Mini.png"
Date on the Range
War Room upload "War Room.png" upload "Super Cyber Spies! Mini.png"upload "Super Cyber Spies! Mini.png"
Super Cyber Spies!
The Rooftop upload "The Rooftop.png" upload "Together Into the Abyss Mini.png"upload "Together Into the Abyss Mini.png"
Together Into the Abyss
Castle Town upload "Castle Town.png" upload "A Stroll Around Town Mini.png"upload "A Stroll Around Town Mini.png"
A Stroll Around Town
School Life upload "School Life.png" upload "Puppet Show Mini.png"upload "Puppet Show Mini.png"
Puppet Show
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