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This page lists BGM tracks in Obey Me! that are available to unlock in Majolish. For Nightbringer BGM tracks, see Majolish - Background Music (Nightbringer).

Audio Card Source
Pomade (Inst)
A Gift for a Special Day Mini.png
A Gift for a Special Day
Looking Up
File:Our Fantasy Dance Floor Mini.png
Our Fantasy Dance Floor
Pursuing the Truth
File:The Hero Descends Mini.png
The Hero Descends
Moving Forward
File:Hope in the Wasteland Mini.png
Hope in the Wasteland
The Devil's in the Details
The Barber of Horroville Mini.png
The Barber of Horroville
A Rest for Demons
File:Lucifer's Film Mini.png
Lucifer's Film
The Moment of Truth 2
The Gourmand's Main Dish Mini.png
The Gourmand's Main Dish
Happy Birthday!
Fandom Ambassador Mini.png
Fandom Ambassador
An Exciting Afternoon
Honey's Sweet Allure Mini.png
Honey's Sweet Allure
Holding Hands
Money Honey Mini.png
Money Honey
Love Battle Start
A Sweet Promise of Love Mini.png
A Sweet Promise of Love
A Sweet Adventure for Two Mini.png
A Sweet Adventure for Two
A Distant Memory
The Phantom's Return Mini.png
The Phantom's Return
An Unknown Warmth
Sweet Dreams Mini.png
Sweet Dreams
A Glamorous Gathering
Fashion Hot Shot Mini.png
Fashion Hot Shot
Nonstop Excitement
Choco-Full of Memories Mini.png
Choco-Full of Memories
Tomorrow Comes Again
The Secret Morning Mini.png
The Secret Morning
Prank Escape
Our Private Wonderland Mini.png
Our Private Wonderland
A Vow to Protect
The Effects of a Toast Mini.png
The Effects of a Toast
The Place We Love
Levi the Superstar! Mini.png
Levi the Superstar!
Special Moment With You
Whispered Sweet Nothings Mini.png
Whispered Sweet Nothings
Don't Forget to Tip!
I Give Myself to You Mini.png
I Give Myself to You
Ships Gather in the Harbor
Ruri and the Dream Team Mini.png
Ruri and the Dream Team
The Cursed Weeping Mural
The Ultimate Duo Mini.png
The Ultimate Duo
Tidings from Serun
A Unique Gift Mini.png
A Unique Gift
Swirling Sands of a Far-off Land
Wish Upon a Candle Mini.png
Wish Upon a Candle
In the Darkest Depths the Forest Stirs
Skull Swap Mini.png
Skull Swap
The End of Eternity
Wish Upon a Soul Flower Mini.png
Wish Upon a Soul Flower
Keep 'Er Steady!
Levi's Villain Struggles Mini.png
Levi's Villain Struggles
Beware of Hushed Tones
Picture Book Celebration Mini.png
Picture Book Celebration
A New Contract Mini.png
A New Contract
Howl, Devil Chord!
A Riotous Anniversary Mini.png
A Riotous Anniversary
On the Path to Truth
We Still Got a Ways to Go Mini.png
We Still Got a Ways to Go
As the Tree Withers
The Swordsman Mini.png
The Swordsman
Happy Town
Ninja Fandom Mini.png
Ninja Fandom
Danger and Malice Crawl
File:The Tale of Ninja Satan Mini.png
The Tale of Ninja Satan
Sorcerer's Tears
To the Exhibition Mini.png
To the Exhibition
The Calm Veil of Night
My Master Mini.png
My Master
Luke's All Grown Up Mini.png
Luke's All Grown Up
From Wizardess Heart
Where You Have Gone
Left 4 Cyber Mini.png
Left 4 Cyber
Magic of Oblivion
Void Fish Photography Mini.png
Void Fish Photography
Relaxed Heart
To the Aquarium World! Mini.png
To the Aquarium World!
That Day's Promise
Soaring Fish Mini.png
Soaring Fish
Wake Up
The Furry-Eared Butler Mini.png
The Furry-Eared Butler
From Guard Me, Sherlock
File:With You, Always Mini.png
With You, Always
Whimsy Spectacles
Part-Time Job Plan Mini.png
Part-Time Job Plan
Café Lament After School
File:Looking at Someone Mini.png
Looking at Someone
Fighting Spirit
Night of the Ghost Bros Mini.png
Night of the Ghost Bros
His Fault
Wish-Granting Charm Mini.png
Wish-Granting Charm
A Day Off
To Dreamland Mini.png
To Dreamland
Glimpse of the Scheme
Get That Devildom Merch Mini.png
Get That Devildom Merch
Definite Victory
File:The Forbidden Door Mini.png
The Forbidden Door
Happy Family
Birthday Promises Mini.png
Birthday Promises
Flowers in Bloom
Asmo Gives Back ♡ Mini.png
Asmo Gives Back ♡
Ruler's Dignity
A Chaotic Refrain Mini.png
A Chaotic Refrain
In Slumber
Newbie Navigator Mini.png
Newbie Navigator
Final Battle
File:An Adorable Hound Mini.png
An Adorable Hound
From Lost Alice
Curious Temptation
File:The Perfect Date Mini.png
The Perfect Date
From Lost Alice
Nowhere to Turn
New Special Memories Mini.png
New Special Memories
From Ninja Shadow
Cheerful Love Day
Asmos and the Fox Mask - Mini.png
Asmos and the Fox Mask?
From Wizardess Heart
Starting Line
Our Own Little World Mini.png
Our Own Little World
From Wizardess Heart
Stand Up!
Skating and Sentiments Mini.png
Skating and Sentiments
From Lost Alice
The Majestic One
The Devil Wears Makeup Mini.png
The Devil Wears Makeup
From Wizardess Heart
An Evil Blunder
Race for the Golden Egg! Mini.png
Race for the Golden Egg!
From Wizardess Heart
Day Off
Chocolate for You Mini.png
Chocolate for You
From Wizardess Heart
Bathing in Light
Star-Crossed Lovers Mini.png
Star-Crossed Lovers
From Wizardess Heart
Demon's Ball
The Game of 100 Poems Mini.png
The Game of 100 Poems
From Guard Me, Sherlock
My Time With You
Snowy Bliss Mini.png
Snowy Bliss
From Blood in Roses
A Quiet End
Secret Password for Two Mini.png
Secret Password for Two
From Blood in Roses
To Greater Heights
Skiing for Two Mini.png
Skiing for Two
From Ninja Shadow
Jazz Club
Emergency Date Mission Mini.png
Emergency Date Mission
From Love Tangle
A New Beginning
Candy and a Circus Date Mini.png
Candy and a Circus Date
From Love Tangle
Quiz Time
Let's Decorate Eggs! Mini.png
Let's Decorate Eggs!
From Love Tangle
After the Rain
Spray Paint! Mini.png
Spray Paint!
From Love Tangle
Catch Your Heart! Mini.png
Catch Your Heart!
From Love Tangle
A Comedy Begins
A Pro Gamer Is Born! Mini.png
A Pro Gamer Is Born!
From Love Tangle
Behind the Glitter
Graceful Transformation -! Mini.png
Graceful Transformation?!
From Love Tangle
Wheat and Sky
You, Me, and Ruri-chan Mini.png
You, Me, and Ruri-chan
From Love Tangle
Tranquil Monologue
The Legend of the Stars Mini.png
The Legend of the Stars
From Love Tangle
City Afternoon
Purgatory Hall Sleepover! Mini.png
Purgatory Hall Sleepover!
From Love Tangle
City Morning
The Gluttonous Builder Mini.png
The Gluttonous Builder
From Love Tangle
Dark Santa
Here Comes Santa Beel Mini.png
Here Comes Santa Beel
Leisure Time
All Because of That Mini.png
All Because of That
From Ninja Shadow
Let's Dance
Luke's New Hobby Mini.png
Luke's New Hobby
From Ninja Shadow
Brothers Panic!
Devil Crossing Rare Item Mini.png
Devil Crossing Rare Item
From Lost Alice
Nostalgic Lullaby
The Night Before Mini.png
The Night Before
From Lost Alice
Time to Decide
Beelzebub's Battle Mini.png
Beelzebub's Battle
From Lost Alice
Once Upon a Blue Sky
A Gift From the Cold Snap Mini.png
A Gift From the Cold Snap
From Lost Alice
Guilty or Not?
Braids and Purple Flowers Mini.png
Braids and Purple Flowers
From Ninja Shadow
Eternal Melancholy
Let's Play Dolls! Mini.png
Let's Play Dolls!
From Blood in Roses
The Taboo Show
A Little Mermaid-Ish Mini.png
A Little Mermaid-Ish
From Blood in Roses
The Trial
Panda-Monium! Mini.png
From Blood in Roses
Cherished Feelings
Seek a Melody Mini.png
Seek a Melody
From Love Tangle
Love's Orbit
The Best Present Ever Mini.png
The Best Present Ever
From Lost Alice
Beyond the Rainbow
Lucifer, the Pâtissier Mini.png
Lucifer, the Pâtissier
From Wizardess Heart
Chain of Sorrow
The Highlight of the Trip Mini.png
The Highlight of the Trip
Trembling in Thought
Asmo in the Magic Land Mini.png
Asmo in the Magic Land
From Wizardess Heart
Declaration of War
A Maskless Masquerade - Mini.png
A Maskless Masquerade?
From Wizardess Heart
Youth, or Is It?
After-Party Mini.png
From Wizardess Heart
Wish Upon the Moon
A Masquerade Ball for Two Mini.png
A Masquerade Ball for Two
From Wizardess Heart
Mocking the Prophecy
Solomon the Researcher Mini.png
Solomon the Researcher
From Blood in Roses
Tales of Joy
Abundant Accessories Mini.png
Abundant Accessories
From Ninja Shadow
It's Lonely Being Me Mini.png
It's Lonely Being Me
A Butler's Private Lesson Mini.png
A Butler's Private Lesson
Dancing Dolls
Caring for Lucifer's Dog Mini.png
Caring for Lucifer's Dog
From Lost Alice
Music Box
Nectar of the Gods Mini.png
Nectar of the Gods
From Lost Alice
Spread Our Wings and Fly Mini.png
Spread Our Wings and Fly
From Lost Alice
Default BGM
Fired-Up Fashion Battle! Mini.png
Fired-Up Fashion Battle!
From Lost Alice
Special Day Mini.png
Special Day
From Lost Alice
A Bustling Town
You Make Me Dizzy Mini.png
You Make Me Dizzy
From Lost Alice
In the Forest
Party Hopping Mini.png
Party Hopping
Pieces of a Puzzle Mini.png
Pieces of a Puzzle
From Guard Me, Sherlock
A Romantic Evening
A Steamy Stroll Mini.png
A Steamy Stroll
From Ninja Shadow
The Sorcerer
Lucifer the Demon of Rock Mini.png
Lucifer the Demon of Rock
From Blood in Roses
A Tranquil Melody
Group Hug! Mini.png
Group Hug!
From Wizardess Heart
Finding Out the Truth
Before the Big Day Mini.png
Before the Big Day
From Guard Me, Sherlock
Adult Tactics
A Song From the Heart Mini.png
A Song From the Heart
From Guard Me, Sherlock
On a Quiet Day
Belphie's Fashion Show Mini.png
Belphie's Fashion Show
From Guard Me, Sherlock
Afternoon Tea
The Mysterious Box Mini.png
The Mysterious Box
From Guard Me, Sherlock
Obey Me!
Mysterious Phenomena Mini.png
Mysterious Phenomena
Vampire Partners in Crime Mini.png
Vampire Partners in Crime
:D Jobs
Caves Require Caution Mini.png
Caves Require Caution
Beach Flag Race! Mini.png
Beach Flag Race!
Belphie in Wonderland Mini.png
Belphie in Wonderland
Surprise Guest
Levi Dreams of Sleep Mini.png
Levi Dreams of Sleep
Your Task 1
Pandas Mean Profit! Mini.png
Pandas Mean Profit!
Your Task 2
Survival Picnic Mini.png
Survival Picnic
Even If You're Far Away Mini.png
Even If You're Far Away
Stage Pride
Through the Camera Lens Mini.png
Through the Camera Lens
Stage Greed
Mammon the Bunny Mini.png
Mammon the Bunny
Stage Envy
The Joker's Curse Mini.png
The Joker's Curse
Stage Wrath
Beel's Interests Mini.png
Beel's Interests
Stage Lust
The Devildom's Mermaid Mini.png
The Devildom's Mermaid
Stage Gluttony
Valentine Party for Two Mini.png
Valentine Party for Two
Stage Sloth
You Make Me Warm All Over Mini.png
You Make Me Warm All Over
All Night Long
Idol Mammon Mini.png
Idol Mammon
Like a Student
Lucifer's Lover Mini.png
Lucifer's Lover
Let's Go on a Date! Mini.png
Let's Go on a Date!
Thief vs. Detective Mini.png
Thief vs. Detective
Queen of Jealousy Mini.png
Queen of Jealousy
The Most Beloved
The Flower of Love Mini.png
The Flower of Love
Comedian Devil
Shelter From the Rain Mini.png
Shelter From the Rain
Lucifer and Mr. Rabbit Mini.png
Lucifer and Mr. Rabbit
The Devildom
A Misty Town Mini.png
A Misty Town
Scatting Demons
Test of Endurance Mini.png
Test of Endurance
The House of Lamentation
The Battle Between Demons Mini.png
The Battle Between Demons
The Demon Lord's Castle
Time for the Main Event! Mini.png
Time for the Main Event!
The Sleepy Detective Mini.png
The Sleepy Detective
Royal Academy of Diavolo
You, Me and Devil's Coast Mini.png
You, Me and Devil's Coast
The Student Council
Quality Time for Two Mini.png
Quality Time for Two
The Last Dance
Idol Beel Mini.png
Idol Beel
Thinking World
You Are Evil Mini.png
You Are Evil
From Blood in Roses
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