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Makeup Transformation! Devilgram.png
Makeup Transformation!
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 7
Card: Makeup Transformation!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"I want my fav's eyeshadow."

Asmodeus approaches MC after class and asks them to accompany him. He wants to go shopping and purchase some freshly released limited edition cosmetics. In the shop, he checks out perfume with MC first, and recommends some fragrances to them. As soon as they both arrive to where the limited edition cosmetics are, there's a huge crowd, so he dives into it to get his hands on the cosmetics before everything's sold out. In the end, Asmo gets everything he wanted. He is pleased with the shopping trip, and can't wait to try the cosmetics.

"If you use the makeup stuff..."

Thrilled to check the cosmetics out, Asmodeus starts unboxing, and explains to MC that the limited edition is so special because the cosmetics are magical. He presents a transparent lipstick that gains color once applied, and changes according to the wearer's mood. He also bought an eyeshadow that starts glittering, a mascara that makes your eyelashes grow, and an eyeliner that creates patterns on its own. Such eccentric makeup is currently very popular, according to Asmo.

"Ya gonna make some cas..."

As their makeup session starts, Asmodeus wants to do MC's makeup first. He lets MC pick an eyeshadow and applies it. Rouge, contouring, and highlights follow. He also asks MC what lipstick they want, and once the makeup is done, MC looks at themself in a mirror, stunned or in awe, depending on choice. Asmo then asks MC to do his makeup.

"Incredibly skillful."

MC starts working on Asmodeus's makeup. He instructs them and reacts to their color choices by either approving of the choice, or picking another color. Once the makeup is almost done, it's time for finishing touch: MC can choose to kiss Asmo's neck. If so, Asmo keeps the lipstick mark along with the rest of the makeup, though he's disappointed that his clothes will hide it. He's pleased with the makeup, and claims that MC has a talent for makeup. He then wants a picture with MC. He uploads a selfie to Devilgram, even if MC agreed to taking the photo, as he prefers to keep the photo of himself with MC private. He expresses that when he puts on makeup, he finds new ways to appreciate himself, and considers it very good for lifting one's spirits. If MC understands the feeling, he asks them for a kiss, which they can accept or reject.

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