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Part-Time Struggles
Intimacy: Solomon Lv. 7
Card: Part-Time Struggles
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10
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Story Summary

"I can't imagine Solomon..."

Solomon is looking for a part-time job to earn enough money to buy an expensive magical item. With MC's help, they find a retro-style restaurant that's open for applicants. Since it meets his criteria, Solomon goes to apply there, with MC tagging along.

"This whole thing is very st..."

The restaurant hires MC and Solomon, but requires them to go through a week of training first. They practice serving customers, while wearing roller skates. Solomon struggles at first, but gets the hang of it. When asked if they've used roller skates before, MC can say either yes or no. If they choose yes, MC will skate like a pro. If they choose no, they will trip, before Solomon catches them. Solomon will then ask MC if they would like him to hold their hand for balance, which MC could either accept or decline.

"You really got me!"

MC and Solomon learn how to wait tables. The employee manual they're using instructs them to be "full of energy, friendly, and extra cute" when greeting the customers. Solomon is confused on how people are going to like that, but practices the initial greeting regardless. It comes off as very awkward, and while the second attempt is more preppy, Solomon still reels from embarrassment. The third try has Solomon — now changed into the restaurant's uniform — greeting MC like they're the customer. Afterwards, he tells MC not to say anything.

"Quitting was for the best."

While practicing greeting the customers, MC can tell Solomon what type of fan service he should do. They could tell him to point his finger at the customer and pose, or make a heart shape with his hands. After they finish practicing, Solomon decides that since he isn't cut out for this type of job, he's going to quit. After telling the owner that he's leaving for good, MC and Solomon rest at a park. Solomon confesses that he won't do fan service again unless it was in front of someone he loves, and that the uniform looked good on MC.

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