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Members: Luke, Simeon, Solomon PurpleTOCCircle.png


Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Help! Lesson 10-C
Hello from the Celestial Realm (Continued) 1 Lesson 22-16 Hard
We've Got Exams Coming up Soon Lesson 29-5
FYI Lesson 35-8
That Was Delicious Lesson 37-20
Looking for Asmodeus Lesson 47-11
How's It Going? Lesson 50-10
No Need to Help Lesson 55-3
Quick Update for Luke Lesson 57-9
Sorry Lesson 57-19
Strange Rumors Lesson 58-10
More About Those Rumors Lesson 58-19
Help Me, Solomon! Lesson 59-9
I'm Sorry Lesson 66-19

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
The Popularity Contest (Angels) Day 4
An Unusual Friendship Day 40
The Mushroom Day 57
Bon Appédevil! Day 102
Dinner Day 113
The Sorcerer's Dream Day 122
Sharing 1 Day 146
Pillow Fight 2CG 1 Day 152
Shopping Duty Day 211
The 666 Mysteries of RAD 2 Day 215
Luke's Singing Voice Day 225
Let's Play Mononoke Land! 1 Day 246
Another Slumber Party 2 Day 261
The Next Step Day 278
How to Eat Cup Noodles 1 Day 297
Do It for the Devilgram 1 Day 299
An Angel's Extra Income Day 312
Lucifer's Posture Day 353
Tonight's Dinner Day 388
Magic Soap Day 405
Purgatory Hall Dogi✩Maji 2 Day 431
Stormy Night Day 433
Stuffed Toy 1 Day 444
When the Moment Comes Day 460
Where's My Bowl? Day 477
Handstand Day 483
I Did It All by Myself! Day 487
Hoop Snake Search 1 Day 492
The Hoop Snake? Day 496
It Might Make You Taller Day 512
Show Us How It's Done Day 518
A Thirst for Adventure Day 527
The Angels' Plans Day 532
A Promising Future Day 545
I Can't Take It Anymore! Day 579
Why My Stomach Hurts 1 Day 589
Angels on the Hunt Day 608
Asmo's Request Day 624
New and Improved Baking Day 674
First Step: Winking? Day 680
The Beauty of Glasses 3 Day 683
The Lost Sock 6 Day 703
Mystery Lost and Found 1 Day 724
What's up With the TV? 1 Day 738
Canned Food Party 2 Day 749
Luke's Challenge 3 Day 758
About Mammon Day 772
Luke's Taste Buds' Day Off Day 787
Secret Code Day 812
Drool-Worthy Pics Day 816
Rabbit, Bear, Cat, or Dog? Day 835

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
The Devil's Run Colorful Panic
Rainy Days in the Devildom Shelter From the Rain
Strange Happenings Through the Camera Lens
That Song... Your Song
Test of Courage? Test of Courage
I Want to Go to the Beach Too! Rescue!
I'm Taking Requests! The Voice of an Angel
The Purgatory Hall Members Plan a Trip? Devil Kart, Game On!
Beauty Standards I Want to Hug You
Do Angels Wear Costumes? Party Hopping
Luke's Report A Job From Michael
The Assignment Time to Paint
Angels and Pillow Fights Pillows Galore!
A Stupendous Surprise Soda Coupon Bubbly Blue Soda, Oh My!
A Tea Party in Paradise Secret Paradise
Spartan Training? The Game of 100 Poems
Christmas and Angels A Jealous Christmas
An Unexpected Visitor Return My Glow
Appearances Can Be Deceiving Rain, a Fire and Simeon
A Hairy Experience Styling Hair
Purgatory Hall's Bunny Boys Cats and Rabbits
The Best Cake Peugeot's Birthday
Take a Hint Candy and a Circus Date
A Bond Between Twins One-Day Exchange!
Hand Cream Kindness Hanging Out at Home
The Celestial Realm Next? Flower Viewing
The Truth Behind the Golden Egg Race for the Golden Egg!
Perfect for the Role A Tiny Pup's Big Decision
Who's That Letter For? Letter From the Devildom
Simeon and Solomon's Treasure Secret Password for Two
Here's Another Fan Our Hero!
The Party Never Stops The Future and Memories
Listen Before You Leap Something Worth Saving
What People Can Get Used To Aspiring Manga Artist?!
What Love Does to Us The Legend of the Stars
Solomon's Going to C.S.?! Belphie Goes to C.S.!
The Next Beach Project Luke's Dream Sandcastle!
Let's Go Together! My Wish
Life After a Broken Heart Devil Crossing Rare Item
That's Luke's Charm Animal Tea Party
At Home With Horror Simeon's Challenge
Whose Game? Princely Struggle
Two Princesses? Who Will They Choose?
Angel and Sorcerer at a Concert An Amicable Distance
In The Wrong Hands Our Secret Time Together
The Look in Luke's Eyes Lucifer, the Pâtissier
Fashion Show? Dressing for the Occasion
Mystery Hot Pot Again?! A Snow Rabbit and a Wish
The Art of Attracting Customers Diavolo's Diner Dash
Their Kind of Place Part-Time Struggles
A Kind, but Unwanted Gesture Pop-Up Cards
All Set Make It Flip!
Hooked on Pole Dancing? Up on the Pole!
The Blond-Haired Boy An Angel's Smile
Enjoyable Errands Errands for Michael
Just Like Solomon! Newbie Navigator
Reliable Friends Free Our Friends
Musical Specialties Simeon Cantabile
Practical Applications for Curses The Return of Chaos
Capture Request Looking at Someone
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