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Purgatory Hall is one of RAD's dormitories, and the place Luke, Simeon and Solomon are given to reside in during their time as exchange students living in the Devildom. Raphael also moved into these dorms in Lesson 65 (OM). The building was mentioned many times, but not visited by MC until Lesson 13-10 (OM).

Purgatory Hall and Luke's bedroom window can be seen from the second floor of the House of Lamentation.

Known Locations[edit]

  • Balcony(source?)
  • Emergency shelter
  • Kitchen(source?)
  • Living room(source?)
  • Luke's room
    • As Luke mentioned in Lesson 5 (OM), the window in his room is located near a spire.
  • Raphael's room(source?)
    • Before Raphael moved in, this bedroom was a guest room.
  • Simeon's room(source?)
  • Solomon's room(source?)


Note: this section may include spoilers.

Before Purgatory Hall was built, another building named Cocytus Hall stood in its place. After this building was found to be destroyed in Lesson 38-14 (NB), Diavolo began plans to erect a new building that eventually became known as Purgatory Hall.

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