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The Demon Brothers(6)[edit]

Members: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub PurpleTOCCircle.png


Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
The Song Lesson 2-2
Why Is It that People Love Cats? Why Do People Love Cats Devilgram
In Search of a Smile In Search of a Smile Devilgram
Focus on Me Focus on Me Devilgram

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Requirements
A Dog's Life 1-6 Day 2, 4
Even the Strong Get Sick Sometimes 1 Day 8
Let's Form a Band 1-8 Day 17-18
SNS Ban Day 32
Dear Lucifer Day 42
The Condition Day 52

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Would You Knock That Off?! 1-3 The Rulebook / A True Gentleman / Strongest of Them All
The Advent of Adolescence? 1-2CG 1
CG 2
A Cup of Red Coffee
Marry Me! The Search for Self
The Point Card Hide and Seek
The Roach That Special Someone
Attention: Laundry Facilities Unavailable My Cursed Friend
Emergency Meeting Horror Night
Recommended Manga Horror Night
Concerning Souvenirs Let Your Hair Down
Exchanging Duties Let Your Hair Down
Personality Test 1-2 Asmo Night
Mammon's Weakness Devil's Destruction
Casting Devil's Destruction
If You Had 10 Billion Grimm... 2 What Sort of Cake?
I Want to Learn How to Do That 1-2 Like Two Peas in a Pod / Focus on Me
Let's Do This Again May My Baton Reach You

The Demon Brothers (New)(7)[edit]

Members: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor

Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
What That Syrup Actually Does Lesson 21-14
What's With You Guys? Lesson 27-4
Time For a Break! Lesson 30-9
Please Be Advised Lesson 40-18
FYI Lesson 41-4
Explain, Now Lesson 42-10
I'm Only Gonna Ask This Once Lesson 43-5
Get Back Here ASAP Lesson 43-10
It Doesn't Make Sense Lesson 43-15
Get Over Here Right Now Lesson 52-C
It Didn't Have to Be This Way Lesson 55-12
Your First Lesson 59-19
Nice Idea Lesson 60-7
The Mission Is a Go Lesson 61-7
Lucifer's Feeling Grumpy Lesson 63-16 Hard
Where Did Everyone Go? Lesson 68-7
So Jealous I Could Die! Lesson 71-7
Attention Satan and Asmo Lesson 74-17

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Brothers Day 53
Listen Up Day 55
Where's Levi? Day 71
Where's Mammon?CG 1 Day 73
Objection! Day 80
The Lid Day 89
TakoyakiCG 1 Day 92
GigCG 1 Day 103
Who Dropped It? Day 139
No Way! Day 146
Sharing 2 Day 147
Yes Way! Day 148
Psychological Test 1 Day 151
Devixion 2 Day 152
Help Me Day 165
Where's the Necklace? 1CG 1 Day 184
Caring for Cerberus 1-2CG 1 Day 186
Beel's D.D.D. Day 189
Food Theft Prevention 3 Day 197
Curry Seasoning Day 218
Hypnosis Time 1 Day 218
RAD Newspaper Club Visit 1 Day 229
Drunk in the Cafeteria Day 229
A Generous Punishment Day 234
The Cans 2 Day 237
Mixing Drinks Day 242
The Brothers' Mother? Day 244
Movie Night 1 Day 252
Who Drew the Couple? Day 254
The Big Surprise 1 Day 257
An Unexpected Approach 1 Day 276
Let's Take a Pop Quiz 1-4 Day 281-283
Is Otaku Contagious? Day 289
Camping Day 290
Unexpected Uses Day 310
The Battle for the Remote Concludes Day 318
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall 1-2 Day 326
Freshly BakedCG 1 Day 328
Switching House Chores 1-2 Day 345-346
Sticker Rally 1-2 Day 371, 375
A Handy Fragrance Diffuser 1-2 Day 398-399
World-Ending Device 2 Day 409
The Culprit Day 411
Hostile Response 1 Day 420
Bunny BoyCG 1 Day 438
Movies with Beel Day 443
The Sauce Incident 1-2 Day 445
Portrait Day 452
Just Woke UpCG 1 Day 453
The Blunder Years Day 459
Scandalous! Day 467
Tip Chart Day 469
Why Oh Why? Day 487
The Missing Makeup Pouch Day 490
No Rest for the Otaku Day 491
Taking Responsibility Day 506
You'll Be My Associate Day 513
A Package From Diavolo Day 534
A Request Day 562
An Unexpected Sight Day 581
Show Off That MuscleCG 1 Day 583
Time Tickets for Sale! Day 588
Mammon Appreciation Day Day 608
Belphie's Wake-Up Call Day 628
Foodie Face Off 1 Day 637
No Room for Arguments Day 644
Guess Who? 1CG 1 Day 666
Super Rare Limited-Edition Item Day 675
Delivery Day Day 691
The Lost Sock 5 Day 700
The RAD Cleanup Plan 3 Day 720
Asmo and the Beauty Pageant Day 743
Mystery Package 1 Day 750
Lump in the Throat Day 753
Took a Little Trip to Devil's CoastCG 1 Day 757
Who Wants Coffee? Day 769
Battle for the Banana Muffin Day 776
Of Course It Would Be You... Day 783
A Carbuncle's Charm 2 Day 786
Back to Square One 3 Day 804
A Foam Party 2 Day 809
A Wet Accident 1CG 1 Day 817
Apprenticeship? 2 Day 832
Solomon the Medic? Day 833
Assignment 2 Day 840
Easy to Get Into, Hard to Get Out 2 Day 858
Beel's Worries Day 861
Disaster Alert!CG 1 Day 888
Catastrophic Day 912
Where's Mammon? Day 915
Hand Me the Book Day 930
Missing Glasses 1 Day 936
A Ghostly Image Day 978
Cravings Day 980
To Mt. Imminent Death 3 Day 1,018
To Mt. Imminent Death 5 Day 1,019
To Mt. Imminent Death 7 Day 1,020
To Mt. Imminent Death 9 Day 1,021
To Mt. Imminent Death 11CG 1 Day 1,022
To Mt. Imminent Death 13 Day 1,023
The Errand Boy Day 1,024
Mammon's Dog Days Day 1,029
Tiny Devil Sighting 2 Day 1,042
Watch Out for the Fizz Day 1,080
Custom Cake 1 Day 1,091
Learning Through Comics 2 Day 1,160
Hellmouth 1 Day 1,172
Hellmouth 3 Day 1,173
Sheeptchi 12-13 Day 1,192

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
What's Up With That? For You...
Excuse Me?! Vampire Partners in Crime
To Mammon Vampire Partners in Crime
A Question for Satan The Magic Lamp
Untitled No Latecomers Committee
How Sneaky The Odd Detective
Big News The Yakisoba Bread
Where Did You Get That? Lucifer and Mr. Rabbit
Oh No! Lucifer and Mr. Rabbit
The Ultimate Werewolf Full Moon
We've Got An Emergency! Animal Chaos
Dancing With the Demons The Award Goes to...?
Before and After Time for the Main Event!
Preparation Mayhem Battle of the Dancers
Pester Wars Let's Go on a Date!
Who's Up Next? Listen to Me
Plans for Next Year Goldfish and Sparklers
Make a Splash! The Devildom's Mermaid
An Impending Surfing Craze? Catch a Wave!
Which Do You Like? A Steamy Stroll
Glad It Was Me Group Hug!
Have You Seen the Replica? The Treasure Chest
Quest Failed Trick Quest
Prank Was a Success? Haunted
A Popular Grouping Caring for Lucifer's Dog
Santa? Big Brother Santa Claus
Next Year's Present I Present to You...Me
Kotatsu Craze Temptation of the Kotatsu
Diable Laurent, a Huge Success? I'm a Business, Man!
Who Let the Bunnies Out? Catch the Lost Bunnies!
Levi Unlocked a New Skill Skiing for Two
Lucifer's Betrayal A Flower in Your Hair
The Great Prank Plan Levi's Challenges
A New Photo-Op?! Spray Paint!
Who's Along for the Ride? You Always Ride Shotgun
How Was Stargazing? Let's Go Stargazing!
Levi Takes It All Beelzebub's Battle
Bonuses for the Brothers Hands Full of Happiness!
In Another Hundred Years The Splendid Garden
The Start of It All Asmo in the Magic Land
Compensation of Great Proportions Unlikely Teamwork?!
Open With Caution After-Party
You Didn't Notice?! A Taste of New Year's
To All Those Affected Panda-Monium!
Frozen (Mostly) Solid The Ice King
Thank You Our Own Little World
Not All Are Welcome Heartbeat✩Creation Time
To the Winners Go the Spoils Skeleton Ship Skirmish!
Another Victim A Chaotic Refrain
What Can Your Costumes Do? Cherry Blossoms at Night
A Kind Demon Soaring Fish
Stipulations I've Got Your Back
Joint Responsibility To the Exhibition
Secretly Hooked Ninja Fandom
Results May Vary Mammon's Fortune
Post Publication Newspaper Birthday Scoop
Script Reading Party Ruri and the Dream Team
Mammon's Rep Improves Presents from Mammon
The Brothers' Envy A Princely Escort
Mammonderella the Greedy Whispered Sweet Nothings
Room of Repentance Secret Dream Study Sesh
TTWF Thank-You Party A Heartfelt Invitation
After the Festival Umbrella-Twirling Mammon
Who Will Face the Hero? To Protect You
Spill it! My Secret Valentine ♡
Ulterior Motive A Private Consultation
How'd the Video Turn Out? I Think I'm Lovesick, Doc
Cutie Lucy ♡ Everlasting Happiness
Movie Recommendations? The Gourmand's Main Dish
A Perplexing Gift A Trip to Remember

Other Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Expectations Promotion
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