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You may be looking for the "Nightbringer" chatroom, see The Fantastic Three(3) (Nightbringer)

Members: Lucifer, Diavolo, Barbatos PurpleTOCCircle.png


Story Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Thank You for Today Lesson 26-15
I'm Sorry Lesson 28-11
How Would You Like to Have Tea? Lesson 34-3
Untitled Lesson 36-18
Making Progress With Your Work? Lesson 42-19
We Should Talk About... Lesson 56-7
Urgent Lesson 60-22
Coincidence and Inevitability Lesson 63-17
Is Everything Ready? Lesson 65-6
A Request From Satan Lesson 69-17
Violation of School Rules Lesson 72-19
Urgent Lesson 73-19
That Sinking Feeling Lesson 76-9
A Flurry of Vampiric Activity 2 The Vampire Special 1-15

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title Media Day Number
Welcome to the Gun Show 2CG 1 Day 3
The Popularity Contest (Royals) Day 4
Even the Strong Get Sick Sometimes 2 Day 8
The Amused Duo Day 49
Change of Plans Day 78
Dream Interpretation 7 Day 120
The Butler's Dream Day 121
I Believe You Dropped Something Day 135
EvidenceCG 1 Day 145
Prize 2 Day 162
The Owner's Feelings? Day 252
The Brothers' Latest Obsession Day 263
How to Eat Pickles Day 273
A Star is Born Day 327
Selfie Tips 1-2CG 1 Day 352
Where the Treasure Goes 2 Day 354
My Lord Today Day 355
A Photo of Our Youth 2CG 1 Day 387
The Mysterious Plot of Land 2 Day 406
Thoughtful Day 410
Behavior in Love Day 432
Why My Head Aches Day 460
An Old Picture Day 476
What's Going On? 2 Day 505
Solving the Rat Problem Day 509
Let's Go Exploring Day 528
Suspicious Clubs Day 546
Open Up 2 Day 586
After the PartyCG 1 Day 595
Festival Memories 1 Day 600
Missing Collection 2 Day 616
Mystery Hour Day 626
A Source of Headaches 1 Day 630
Livening Things Up 2 Day 636
Spirit Week 1 Day 656
A Wet Kitten Day 680
Mind-Reading Magic 2 Day 686
Prize at the End of the Line 1CG 1 Day 716
One Hell of a Butler 1 Day 739
Business Matters Day 764
Living in the Countryside Day 787
Attempting Trick Photography 3CG 1 Day 828
Punishment Game? Day 866
Beel's Problematic Behavior Day 875
You've Got Mail! Day 883
Free Keychain Day 931
A New Trend? 2 Day 971
Lucky Stick Day 983
Slumber Exchange (Castle Edition) 1 Day 1,001
To Mt. Imminent Death 6 Day 1,019
To Mt. Imminent Death 10 Day 1,021
A Group Meeting Day 1,050
The Paper Plane Tournament 2 Day 1,085
Cheer Screening 3 Day 1,097
What's in the box?! 2 Day 1,098
Cursed Record 2 Day 1,115
Reading Habits 11 Day 1,123
Mary's Plaza 2 Day 1,126
Room Switch 9 Day 1,132
Kids' Meals 7 Day 1,154
Sheeptchi 2 Day 1,174
Stop and Smell the Roses Day 1,202
Diavolo the Plant 4 Day 1,224
Leisure for Two 3CG 1 Day 1,227
Wakeup Shakeup Again 3 Day 1,232

Card Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Double Trouble He's the Thief!
How Are Things at the Academy? Color Trouble
What If... Once Upon a Time
A Group Invitation Golden Drop
Lucifer's Feelings Party Night Miracle
Getting Ruri-Chan! About the Human World
A Cherished Photograph Beach Flag Race!
Surprising Taste A Song From the Heart
Don't Forget Your Sense of Childlike Wonder More Important Than Candy
A Funny Show Wedding Craze
Cuteness is Justice What Makes Him Smile
The Truth Behind the Lovey-Dovey Candy Flea Market Love Stories
Everyone's Motivated Singing With the Lords
What Happened to the Fir Tree? Christmas Tree
An Angel's Good Intentions Are a Demon's Hardship How to Rejuvenate Mammon
Bring Out Your Inner Children Hippity-Hoppity
A New Rival in Love Skating and Sentiments
Predictable Reactions Concealed in Color
Brotherly Love Twin Birthday Bash
Diavolo's Face Paint Face Paint Charm
A Furious Barbatos Let's Have a Picnic!
A Golden Opportunity Easter Egg Panic!
I Refuse! Just Be Yourself!
Are the Rumors True? A Pro Gamer Is Born!
From Spy-Secretary to Secretary-Spy?! Special Agent Diavolo
Who Could It Be? Memorable Photos
Diavolo's Gratitude Firefighters in Training
Way to Go, Asmo! The Annoying Influencer
A Model Host A Royal Pajama Party
Diavolo's Determination Barbatos the Mechanic
Who Drew Who? Emotions to Canvas
Who Needs Time Off? Let's Go on Vacation!
It's a Free-for-All The Chaotic Overtime!
Fed Up Diavolo's Bratty Day
A New Favorite Tea Night Lantern Halloween
Thinking About Our Trip Special Demonus
The Animal Café Plan My Best Self
Next Year's Celebration Lucifer's Gift
Crocodile and Pudding Island of Dreams
Bragging Wrongs Bragging Rights
Countering With a Sticker Spam A Party Just for Two
The Quintessential Butler The Night of the Party
Rigged Fortune New Year's With You
The Meaning Behind the Cold Cold Snap Record
Adults Prefer Someplace Quieter Photogenic Asmo
A New Service Lovely Lucifer?
Reason to Be Happy New Special Memories
Lucifer's Thoughtfulness The Highlight of the Trip
What's in a Name? Mind the Wanted Posters
A Finely Crafted Script Damaging Dark Delusions
Scary Good Luck The Perfect Poker Face
Brotherly Love The Dancing Creature
A Gentleman's Hobby To the Aquarium World!
A Lovely Time Under the Cyber Rain!
Diavolo's Company A New Contract
A Change of Heart Diavolo the Otaku
Diavolo's Wish A Unique Gift
Santa's Successor A New Santa Is Born!
Levi's Current Location RAD-ception
Casino Prize Best Seat in the House
A Picture's Worth a Lucky Laugh New Year's Revels
Desire Sensor Special Star Candies
The Truth Behind the Tea Set Sweet Valentine Honesty
Castle of Caramel Comforting Caramel
A Role for Beelzebub Beachfront Taste Testing
For the Safety of RAD Picture-Perfect Animals
Barbatos's Present Dream Dalliance
Whispering Demons Grown-Up Affairs
Diavolo's Lineup The Brothers' Hobbies
Date Advice Post-Date Party
The Management Side The Stream of Bubbles
Endless Compliments Shout Your Heart Out
Preventative Measures Uncontrollable Feelings

Other Chats[edit]

Title Media Requirements
Let's Go to NAMJATOWN! Promotion
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